Life in Vain: Jobless Reincarnation (Mushoku Tensei)

It was a freak accident. Someone ran the light at an intersection and before I knew it... my world turned black. But I didn't die then. Instead, I was forced to lament and regret over all of my failures. Lament about how this so-called genius was lower than dirt even at the very end. And that should have been it. After my consciousness faded, I should have disappeared. But I woke up. A different world, another life. A fresh start. This time, for sure...!

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Child – Support Conversations

[author]Not edited, but short on time today. I'll go through this later. Pardon any glaring mistakes.[/author]

"Rui! Bubble?" Norn stared at me with wide green eyes, giving me a shy smile.

Aisha nodded her head next to Norn and grinned. "Big bro! Magic! Magic!"

I blinked and then looked over at the person who brought them over.

"What?" Dad crossed his arms, leaning against the door frame. "Too good to play with your baby sisters?"

"Of course not." I held out my hand and made a small water ball before handing it over to Norn.

She giggled and held it in her hands, easily manipulating the mana in it. "Pwetty!"

Aisha clapped her hands and said, "Big sis, cool!"


...I still had MANY questions about why Norn could handle mana so easily. But that was a later problem.

I glanced out the window.

It was dark now- No, not completely. There was a small fire glowing outside on the plains. Master Roxy with Sylphy and Eris. Ghyslaine was there too... and chopping up a giant pig?

That much time passed, huh?

"You're doing the thing again, Rudy."

I blinked and looked at Dad. "That's because I have to use a lot of brain power to try and figure out your problems, Dad."

Norn handed the water ball off to Aisha and then looked at me. "Rui pwobem?"

I ruffled her hair and said, "Don't worry, Norn. Big brother's just thinking."

Norn furrowed her brow, as if she was trying hard to figure out what I said. But then she slowly nodded and said, "...Kay."

She definitely didn't understand. But it was cute, so it didn't really matter.

I looked back at Dad and said, "What are you guys doing here anyway? Was Mom and Mama Lily worried about me or something?"

"Yes, and yes. Also Norn and Aisha missed their big brother so we came by to say hi."

I winced.

...Yeah. I had been kind of holing up in my room for a while now.

I sighed and then looked at Norn and Aisha playing catch. "...Maybe I do need a break."

Dad nodded. "Even geniuses like us need time off, you know?"

I rolled my eyes and said, "You take too much time off, Dad."

"Better that than not enough and missing out on my lovely kids growing up, right?"

I gave Dad a blank stare and then sighed. "You are raising so many death flags."

"Death-" Dad blinked and said, "What are those?"

"Don't worry about it." I stood up and did some stretching. After that, I looked outside and said, "I'm guessing they're doing a little barbecue or something?"

"Mmhm." Dad nodded and said, "Looks like Eris and Sylphy worked hard to get some meat to grill for our hardworking genius."

I watched Sylphy accidently turn a slab of meat into charcoal with a blast of fire and sighed.

"Well. I guess I've been working hard enough for the day."

And I was still stuck on trying to make some defense equipment for Dad.

It couldn't be too heavy since his main style was Sword God which relied on fast speeds. But if it was too light then it'd be pointless.

Unless it was made out of some mana mesh that would protect that?

Ooh, that was an idea. Maybe-

Before I could finish my thought, my world suddenly turned on its end.

Dad, lifting me up and tossing me over his shoulder.

"Hey!" I squirmed and said, "Let me down!"

"No can do." Dad turned back and said, "Right, girls? Your big brother's been working too hard, so we need to have some fun."

"Rui! Stwong! No scare, kay?"

"Big bro play! I wan see more magic!"

...It seemed like Norn got a misunderstanding and Aisha was way too focused on magic.

But whatever. I *could* use a rest.


"...Man." Dad started walking out of the room with me and said, "You're pretty heavy though, Rudy. What have you been eating?"


"...Don't tell me you've been skipping meals?"

"I-I eat lunch with the others every now and then. And I get some snacks too... I think."

Sylphy popped in every now and then with random treats when she was over. And Eris rambled on about random stuff before leaving bowls of food for me too when Sylphy didn't.

So I was fed properly.

...Was it a bad thing that I didn't remember what I ate though?

Dad sighed.


"Rudy!" Sylphy ran up and hugged my arm. Smiling, she said, "Did you come to eat with us?"

I scratched the back of my head and let out a wry smile. "I couldn't just leave you guys alone when you're doing such a good job cooking."

Eris walked over and crossed her arms, huffing. "About time you showed up. For someone who's supposed to be smart and good at fighting, you really don't know what's good for you."

We were outside. Or rather, my dad tossed me on the ground after we left the house and I booked it before he did anything more embarrassing.

Sylphy looked at Eris and giggled. "Rudy can be kind of dumb sometimes, right?"

Eris nodded. "Right! Aren't boys supposed to help girls out?"

I shrugged and said, "I believe in gender equality. It's not like you're any better than me."

Eris instantly glowered and pointed at me. "You're only better because you're faster! Your sword techniques suck!"

"I won't deny that. But who needs technique when you have raw ability?"

If I could see attacks coming and block them before they hit, it didn't really matter if I knew how to do it properly or not, right? It wasn't like I was trying to be a magic swordsman anyway. That was dad's thing.

"...I hate you." Eris glared at me.

I waved my hand and said, "You're not very endearing yourself, Princess. Fix that attitude of yours and we might get along."

Eris's eyes widened and she started tearing up.

Sylphy tugged my arm and said, "Be nice. Eris is trying hard too."

I sighed and ran my hand through my hair. "Right." I looked at Eris, put on my best puppy dog look, and said, "Sorry, Eris."

"A-Ah." Eris blinked a lot and then frowned. "I-I... This time." She averted her gaze and said, "Only because Sylphy asked you."

Huh. Needed to keep that tidbit in mind. Maybe my puppy dog face leveled up...

Master Roxy cleared her throat and said, "Are you three going to just keep talking over there?"

She looked up from the fire nearby.

Ghyslaine was sitting nearby too. "That's right. If we want to eat, we should all help in cooking this before it spoils."

Eris walked over and said, "How am I supposed to help anyway? I don't know how to cook."

Ghyslaine pointed to the boar carcass behind her and a giant ice platter with cuts of meat. "Practice your cutting technique."

"But Ghyslaine can do it really fast!"

"Which is why you should practice."

Eris sighed and walked over.

In the meantime, I walked over to Master Roxy and stared at her grilling the meat. Mostly at the slightly burnt and overcooked kebabs next to her.

She noticed me staring and her ears turned red. "W-What? It's edible!"

Sylphy nodded. "It's better than what I did..."

Master Roxy patted Sylphy's head and said, "It's fine, Sylphy. You didn't know that cooking takes time."

Sylphy pouted and said, "It doesn't make sense. Why can't it cook faster if we use hotter fire?"

I plopped down besides Sylphy and said, "Because cooking isn't about the fire or heat, but about the thing changing with the heat. And the change can only go so fast."

Cooking was just a complicated series of chemical reactions, after all. And those required certain parameters and time... along with certain energy levels. Adding too much energy would just trigger a different chemical reaction... a la charcoal.

Sylphy picked up a skewer of raw meat and looked thoughtful.

I got a sudden bad feeling and said, "Sylphy no."

She flinched and looked away, feigning innocence. "I wasn't going to try anything, Rudy."

"Trying to speed up cooking with magic is no good. You might create something the world isn't prepared to fight."

Master Roxy nodded and looked at Sylphy. "Rudy's right. There are instances where scraps of meat or bones left in dungeons have turned into monsters. If you make a mistake, you could create a terrifying monster, Sylphy."

"Hmph. Fine." Sylphy held her skewer out to the fire. "...This is annoying though."

At that time, Dad jogged onto the scene with Aisha clinging onto his head and Norn held in his arms.

Aisha let out a happy giggle, clearly excited by the speed.

While Norn was wide=eyed in terror.

I sighed.


After sorting out a bunch of things and scolding Dad for being reckless with my baby sisters again, we all huddled around the campfire and relaxed.

A few makeshift stone chairs, some soft woven grass mats for Aisha and Norn to play on, and we were good.

Eris sat next to Ghyslaine, both happily chewing on some kebabs.

Dad sat with a few kebabs of his own while Norn and Aisha sat on the mats beside him, blearily staring into the fire.

And then there was me, sitting next to Master Roxy and Sylphy.

I nibbled on my kebab and frowned.

...I still didn't get why we couldn't just stay like this. Or why Dad had to go out of his way to another country for some plan.

The pros just kept getting outweighed in my head the more I thought about it.

Ghyslaine glanced at Dad and said, "Paul. It seems like your kid's not enjoying the food. Are his tastebuds messed up or something?"

Dad laughed and said, "Nah. He's still just thinking about the trip."

I frowned and took a bite out of my kebab.

It was a bit dry, more like jerky than anything else. But it tasted pretty good.

I just couldn't really enjoy it because of what Dad said.

Eris finished her kebab and grabbed another. As she did though, she looked at Ghyslaine and said, "Why *do* you have to go, Ghyslaine? Did Grandpa and Dad really need you to go along too? Paul is just as strong as you, isn't he?"

Dad puffed out his chest and said, "I'm stronger!"

Ghyslaine chuckled and said, "For now. But we'll see later." She rolled her shoulders and said, "I've been considering revisiting North God techniques, so we'll see how you fare after I do a bit more training."

Dad's eyes lit up and he grinned, seeming eager.

And then a groggy Aisha smacked his leg. "Da. No play wolf lady."

Dad flinched and he let out a nervous laugh. "I-I wasn't thinking anything like that, Aisha."

"Tellin Mommy. Big sis tell too."

Norn blinked and looked over, confused. "Tell Mommy?"



Dad groaned.

Eris laughed and stuck her thumb up towards Norn and Aisha. "That's right! Go tell on your creepy dad!"

Aisha nodded and said, "Kay Auntie."

Eris froze.

"Pft." I bit back my laugh.

Sylphy didn't though. She giggled and then said, "I-I see what you mean, Eris."

Eris's face turned as red as her hair and she looked away, going back to eating.

Ghyslaine shook her head and spoke up again. "Anyway..." She looked at Eris and said, "I have to go to make sure this guy doesn't get wrapped up in anything too dangerous. It turns out that he's more of a muscle brain than I am."

"Hey!" Dad spoke up and said, "I'm not a muscle brain. I just don't like thinking."

I groaned and said, "Even as a joke, you shouldn't say that, Dad."

"Oh. Right." He rubbed the back of his head and said, "I'll be more careful, Rudy."

"*Please*. Especially if you're going to be dealing with nobles." I paused. "Unless you changed your mind about me helping with-"

"No means no, Rudy." Dad turned serious and he said, "Killing is no good."

Aisha blearily waved her hand in the air and said, "Yeah! Big bro no kill!"

Norn tilted her head and looked at Aisha. "Kill bad?"

Aisha's head bobbed up and down. "Yeah. Kill bad. Hurt bettah!"

I glared at Dad.

Sylphy did the same... Alone with Eris and Master Roxy.

Ghyslaine laughed.

Dad held up his hands. "T-That wasn't me! I didn't teach them that!"

Aisha nodded. "Mmhm! Mommy say."

...What in the world is Mama Lily teaching Aisha...?

Or has she been overhearing Mom talk to Mama Lily?

Since it was getting tense, I decided to change the subject.

"Anyway... I still think this is a terrible idea, but we've gotten most of the equipment finished for you and Mama Lily." I paused and then looked at Ghyslaine. "...I didn't really think about it until now, but did you need some too, Ghyslaine?"

Being W seemed to be targeting mostly my family, but considering how much time Ghyslaine had been spending here...

She waved her hand and said, "It's fine." She patted the sword at her side and said, "This will be more than enough." She glanced at Dad and said, "Unlike Paul, I have a keen sense for danger."

"...I can't deny that." Dad sighed and then shook his head. Turning towards me, he said, "I'm counting on you to keep everyone safe, Rudy. And you too, Roxy. Make sure Rudy doesn't go overboard."

Master Roxy nodded her head and said, "Leave it to me, Paul. I will ensure my disciple doesn't erase the Fedoa Region by the time you return."

I frowned and said, "I wouldn't do that. I like this place."

Master Roxy placed her hand on my head and said, "Then behave and don't go overboard. Or rely on your 'Super Human' transformation."

I felt my face heat up and said, "W-Who told you about that?!"

I could have sworn I didn't tell anyone about me calling that Demon God form 'Super Human'...

Sylphy giggled.

I stared at her in shock.

Sylphy shrugged. "It was cute! And you still talk in your sleep."

I groaned.

Laughter filled the air.

Well. I guess it was better than worrying all the time...


Time passed again. Since I was so busy researching how to keep Dad and Mama Lily safe, the days went by in a blur.

Miss Rose and Miss Rostelina practically moved in to play with Norn and Aisha and help Mom watch them. Also to keep an eye on Mom in case something happened with her pregnancy.

Apparently, she was already past the first trimester and well into the second, so Mama Lily was worried about that since she would be gone.

Miss Rostelina had a lot of experience though, and Miss Rose would be there to help out.

Sylphy and Eris were getting along well. It seemed like Sylphy's kindness won over even that bratty and arrogant girl.

...Well, it seemed like my first impression of Eris might have been a bit wrong too since she *did* seem to be nice and caring since Norn and Aisha liked her. That and she also barged in to check on me.

Still didn't really like her though.

...Though I guess I didn't really spend much time with her either, so I couldn't say that I knew her enough to judge her.

Not really important though.

All that did was that she was getting along with Sylphy. Well enough that Sylphy even started teaching Eris a bit of magic... although Eris didn't seem to have any talent at all except for a bit of fire magic.

Anyway, time passed and the preparations were finished.

And then it was time to see everyone off.

Early in the morning, me, Mom, and Master Roxy stood outside of the first house and faced the carriage waiting there.

Dad helped Mama Lily into the carriage where Ghyslaine was already waiting. After that, he hopped on the horse leading the carriage and turned back to wave at me. "You be good now, Rudy."

Mama Lily turned to look at me as well and let out a reassuring smile. "Worry not, Rudy. I will make sure that your father does nothing idiotic."

Beside me, my mom sighed and said, "Just come back safe, okay?" She looked up at everyone and said, "If things get even the slightest bit dangerous..." She looked at Ghyslaine and said, "I want you to get them out of there. Okay, Laney?"

Ghyslaine smiled and said, "Don't worry, Zenith. I'll bring them both back safe."

I nodded and said, "You'd better."

Master Roxy bopped my head.

"Ow!" I frowned. "What was that for?"

"Threats are bad."

"It wasn't a threat. It was a promise."

"...Hah." Master Roxy sighed and looked at my dad. "You know how to utilize the magic tools?"

Dad patted the dark red sword at his side and then showed off the silver ring on his left hand. "I got it, Roxy."

She looked to Mama Lily. "And you?"

Mama Lily nodded as well and said, "I have practiced. There will be no issues."


And then Dad nodded. "Alright. Then... we'll be off. At the latest, we'll get back by the start of fall."

Mom let out a joking smile and said, "You'd better hurry. It'd be embarrassing if our new child got here before you returned."

Dad smiled back. "That would be embarrassing. Guess I need to hurry then, huh?"

"...Be safe, Paul. And you too, Lily."

After that and another round of farewells, they were off.

And then it was just me, Mom, and Master Roxy.

Watching them shrink into the distance, I muttered, "I still think this is stupid."

Mom sighed and patted my head. "I know, Rudy. But there's no talking your dad out of something he's decided. And he's decided to do this."

"...Which I think is the dumbest thing in the world. Like, *why?*"

Master Roxy hummed. "...I don't agree with it, but I suppose I can see why."

"Huh?" I looked at Master Roxy and said, "Is there something I'm missing?"

Master Roxy nodded. "There is. And the answer to that question... is you."

"Me?" I blinked. "...What does this have to do with me? I mean, I get dad's moral point and concerns about us being trapped in Buina village out of fear, but we were going to do that anyway, right? And if there really *are* bad guys, why not just go murder them all and purge the corrupt nobles?"

I didn't get it. It was such an obvious solution. And if not that, then go team up with Orsted to do it. There were just so many more options...

Besides. Bad guys didn't respond to respect or kind words. Fear was the only language they understood, so we might as well make an example to set them straight.

Master Roxy and Mom shared a look.

I blinked and then frowned. "Hey! I thought we agreed to no silent conversations!"

Mom smiled and patted my head. "Sorry, Rudy. It's just... both your Master and I think you might be missing something important."

"And what's that? How all lives matter? That it's important to be a good person? To set an example for other people?" I frowned and said, "Why should I care about people I don't know?"

Mom let out an exasperated sigh. "This is what I get for not teaching Milis's words."


Mom gave me a stern look and grabbed my hand. "Come on, Rudy. It's about time your mother taught you some proper manners."

"I know manners!"

"Not enough if you're talking back to me, young man."