About Feelings (2)

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Combined with the physiological reaction that Chang Yu had mentioned, Lu Ang finally understood what kind of movie Ai Wu was referring to.

If it was said that many sports students had excessive desires, Lu Ang was the kind of person who would completely eliminate physiological reactions. This made him different from many others.

A handsome man full of hormones could easily make one think of romantic things, but the truth was that Lu Ang was like a pile of frost in a fire. His former teammates and the outside world's understanding of him were not comprehensive, and even misunderstood.

Lu Ang did not know much about relationships, but he felt that there was only one person who made him feel differently.

Lu Ang said, "There's someone like that. I like hearing her speak."

Ai Wu looked at him suspiciously. "Boy or girl?"

Lu Ang said, "Girl."

Chang Yu clapped. "It seems like you really are different from the people I've interacted with."

Lu Ang asked, "Me?"

Chang Yu replied, "That's right, but you have to know whether you really like her. If you meet someone you like, don't hide it, because if you confess, she won't either. In the end, you'll understand."

Lu Ang wanted to say that he didn't understand, but he still said, "Then, how do I know if this person likes me too?"

Chang Yu explained, "Well, if a girl is interested in you, she will definitely ask you for help or ask you out. However, there's also the possibility of using you as a ladies' man. Unless you're just happy to help others, like Wu Youming, liking someone is a feeling. You will feel protective towards this girl, and you will also feel that she treats you differently."

Ladies' man? Lu Ang knew this term, but he definitely wasn't one. After all, he had never really interacted with girls before. However, when it came to helping, did Xia Mengyin's request to borrow sports glasses from him count? The other day, he had replied to her that he would give her an answer on Saturday. As for feeling protective? He was not sure.

Wu Youming said, "I'm not a ladies' man."

Chang Yu replied, "Hurry up and confess your love to Xia Mengyin. Wu Youming, you're perfect for this kind of girl."

Lu Ang thought to himself.

What? Wu Youming likes Xia Mengyin?

He suddenly felt anxious.

Wu Youming said, "It's a critical period. I don't want other things to disturb me."

Lu Ang heaved a sigh of relief. He actually agreed with his captain. After all, he did not have any other activities or thoughts when he played soccer previously. He had always felt that if he fell in love, it would affect his training and soccer. "Captain, you're right."

Chang Yu said, "Don't you all think with your brain? We are all people who watch the Premier League and Bundesliga. There are a lot of players who get married early in the year or have children. What does this mean? Your soccer skills are great, and your girlfriend and family are not a problem at all. But if you play badly, all of these are problems. Whether they affect you or not depends on you."

Lu Ang suddenly realized something. "You're right."

Although Lu Ang really didn't agree with Chang Yu's views on love and even felt that there was something wrong with his values, he suddenly agreed with him.

Chang Yu said, "When it comes to relationships, as long as it happens naturally, I don't think there will be any problems. Like me, I can satisfy all the girls' needs."

Ai Wu said, "Look at this scumbag. Chang Yu, I realized that you're really a smooth talker. You're suitable to be a debater. You really are."

Lu Ang was deep in thought. He partially agreed with Chang Yu's words. The former felt that if it wasn't a two-way relationship, he definitely wouldn't accept it. Also, since he liked someone, he had to be responsible for her. Lu Ang couldn't accept Chang Yu's playful attitude.

Lu Ang always felt like he was born alone, but that didn't mean he wouldn't think about certain things. He did agree with what Chang Yu had said. Ball techniques had nothing to do with feelings.

If an athlete's competitiveness was affected by his emotions, it could only mean that he was not determined.

Chang Yu patted Lu Ang's shoulder and said, "I can tell that you're not an impulsive person. So, if you really like her, don't hesitate."

Chang Yu thought that Lu Ang was indeed different from the others. Although the latter wore glasses and had the aura of a scholar, he had put in so much effort on the field. In addition, he could tell that Lu Ang did not know much. However, he felt that there was something hidden under his gaze.

Chang Yu said, "In short, if you have any relationship problems, you can come and consult me. After all, I've interacted with more girls than you."

When the lights went off and Lu Ang went to bed, he finally had the time to look at his phone. Wei Xinheng had already sent a message. How is it? Getting used to your collective-living lifestyle?

Lu Ang: Not bad, it opened the door to a new world.

Wei Xinheng: Oh, my. That's good.

Lu Ang: I think they are quite trustworthy too.

Wei Xinheng: Not bad, coming from someone like you who doesn't trust anyone.