Life At Serena High

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What is Life At Serena High

Read Life At Serena High novel written by the author Milleran_Jackson on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Teen stories, covering comedy, sliceoflife, campus, teen, dramatic. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


What's it like to be a famous teen attending the same art boarding school as your similarly famous twin sister? Having roommates and getting to know folks from various countries? One is the introverted, reserved kind, and the other is the gregarious, crazy type. As their time at Serena High School begins, Kiara and Hiara Obi-Anderson are in for an exciting experience with the dramatic atmosphere of high school itself and a ton of friends, fans, and anti-fans. Cue the fangirl squeals when there are boys on the other side of the wall and the fanboy screams when the girls are just within reach. Could boarding school ever get any more interesting, amazing, traumatizing or crazy? The girls are in for a surprise.

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My gurl is back in business .. y'all 😌🤭💯🎉 if you are not reading this book I don't know what you are doing


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