77 [77] Saeko's Relaxing Service

Carrying his own clothes, Hachiman entered the bathroom. He paused to take in the spaciousness of the room, which easily dwarfed his modest bathroom at home. It was precisely what one would expect in a household of affluence.

Upon reaching the designated changing area, Hachiman began to unfasten his kendo uniform. Yet, his attention was abruptly drawn to a piece of purple fabric lying there. He unfurled it gently, recognizing it as the same purple bra Saeko had worn earlier.

Had she left it behind after her shower?

Hachiman, however, was not one to entertain inappropriate thoughts concerning a girl's undergarments. He merely cast a fleeting glance before redirecting his focus.

Gradually, he shed his kendo attire, revealing a well-defined yet not excessively muscular physique.

Stepping through the inner door of the bathroom, Hachiman was greeted by an even more expansive space, resembling a small public bath.

Could this, he pondered for a moment, be regarded as trespassing into the women's bath?

Then again, who would mind? There was no one around presently.

After a brief rinse, Hachiman eased himself into the bath.

"Ah," he sighed contentedly.

With that contented sigh, Hachiman immersed his entire body into the delightfully warm water. Bathing post-exercise was always a revitalizing experience, as if every pore on his body had been invigorated.

As he luxuriated in the comforting embrace of the bath, the bathroom door suddenly swung open once more, leaving him bewildered.


Weren't there just two occupants in this dojo at present—himself and Saeko? His mind raced with possibilities.

Could it be...?

His eyes darted towards the door, revealing Saeko's vivacious presence. She was clad in a form-fitting black one-piece swimsuit that accentuated her enchanting, curvaceous silhouette.

"Saeko, why are you entering..." Hachiman began, his voice faltering at the sight before him.

Naturally, curiosity coursed through him, but he couldn't fathom her intentions.

"Of course, I've come to commend you on your rigorous training today. I'm here to give you a back massage," Saeko purred, her alluring smile never wavering as she inched closer.

Massaging her husband's back after a hard day was a customary gesture of care for a young bride. While Hachiman wasn't her spouse, Saeko didn't seem to mind.

"No need for a massage; I can handle it myself," he hastily replied, his nerves prickling at her approach.

As the girl continued her advance, Hachiman was taken aback.

"There's no need to be so formal. Let me assist you."

With her words, Saeko stood at the bath's edge, peering down at him from her elevated position.

Fortuitously, Hachiman had draped a towel around his waist before entering the bath, averting potential exposure.

Observing the towel's presence, Saeko visibly sighed in relief. Apparently, their rapport hadn't reached the stage of complete openness yet.

Dumbfounded by the girl's assertive demeanor, Hachiman appeared momentarily dazed. After some contemplation, he relented.

"Well, if you insist, Saeko."

Ultimately, it was merely a back massage, and he harbored no apprehensions. He reckoned he wouldn't lose out in this situation.

He rose from the bath, procured a small stool, and sat, his back turned to her.

Seeing that he was ready, Saeko didn't hesitate. She neatly folded a long towel and approached him from behind.

Kneeling gracefully on both knees, Saeko pressed the towel against Hachiman's back and began the rhythmic motion of rubbing up and down.

"Is this pressure satisfactory, Hachiman?" Saeko inquired softly as her hands worked their magic.

Despite the barrier of the towel, Hachiman could still discern the gentle touch of her hands. The moderate pressure she applied momentarily diverted his attention.

"Yes, the pressure is just right."

Hachiman rarely received assistance with a back rub, and the memory of such an occurrence took him back to his childhood, when he used to bathe with Komachi. However, they had long ceased this practice as Komachi had grown older.

Listening to his response, a contented smile graced Saeko's lips as she continued her gentle ministrations.

Hachiman, surrendering to the pleasure, closed his eyes and allowed himself to indulge in the girl's service. But as her hands kept moving, he sensed a shift in the texture of the towel. It transformed from rough to smooth, and he felt Saeko's hands subtly cross and embrace his chest, their movements sensuous as they moved up and down.

Perceiving their current actions and experiencing the delicate touch upon his back, Hachiman couldn't help but muster an awkward question.

"Sa... Saeko, what exactly are you doing?"

In response to Hachiman's inquiry, Saeko didn't cease her actions. Instead, she continued, her tempting crimson lips drawing close to his ear as she exhaled gently.

"Why, I'm giving you a back rub, of course."

This was far from a back rub; it was evident that she was pushing her bosom against him.

Glancing backward, Hachiman noticed that she was still clad in that alluring one-piece swimsuit, a relief in its own right. However, her previously conspicuous curves were now making firm contact with his back, forming a conspicuous cleft.

A pronounced cleft indeed.

Despite Hachiman's lingering doubts, he couldn't fathom why Saeko was taking things to such an extent. Was it all a way to express her gratitude for him agreeing to participate in the Kendo Inter-High School Championship? It seemed a bit excessive for such a reason.

"Saeko, why are you..."

Before he could complete his question, Saeko intervened once more.

"Don't overthink it, Hachiman. Just savor the moment."


How can I savor it when you're doing this? Though it does feel oddly comfortable.

However, Saeko seemed disinclined to provide any clarification, continuing her sinuous motions on his back.

Well, if she won't explain herself, then I suppose I should heed her advice and try to enjoy it. After all, they say life is like... um, that thing. If you can't resist, you might as well relish it.

Thus, Hachiman found himself in this peculiar situation.

So, remember, gentlemen, always look after yourselves when faced with such moments.

With Saeko remaining silent, he had little choice but to shelve his doubts, shut his eyes, and immerse himself in the sensation.

In the entire bathroom, the only sounds were the rhythmic rise and fall of their breathing.

Time drifted away, minute by minute.

Gradually, Hachiman detected something awry. Saeko's breath against his ear grew heavier, her body temperature elevated, and her previously measured movements on his back turned erratic, tracing irregular circles.

Moreover, her initially relaxed arms, loosely crossed behind him, now tightened their embrace.

He subtly shifted his gaze to Saeko behind him, and his suspicions solidified. The girl's eyes bore a glazed look, her cheeks painted in a beguiling blush.

Sensing her escalating warmth, Hachiman couldn't help but think, "This is taking an unexpected turn."

If this continued, he might find it increasingly challenging to control himself.

While he didn't mind a touch of intimacy, the current situation felt somewhat inappropriate.

Most significantly, Hachiman remained uncertain about the true nature of Saeko's feelings toward him.

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