92 [92] Saeko's Heartfelt Confession (+)

As Saeko knelt before him, she took his cock into her mouth and began suckling away at the tip.Her inexperience showed as she struggled to get the hang of it, her lips slipping off the head repeatedly.

But Hachiman didn't mind; he just enjoyed the sensation of having someone else take care of his needs for once. He let out a contented sigh as Saeko continued to suck his cock, her hands gently stroking his thighs from time to time.

Eventually, though, Saeko seemed to find her rhythm, taking more of him into her mouth each time while using her tongue to tease the sensitive underside of his cock.

Hachiman couldn't help but moan loudly as she worked him over, his hips bucking involuntarily against hers. "Oh god,"he mused inwardly, awash in desire and exquisite satisfaction."That feels so good."

With renewed energy, Saeko redoubled her efforts, taking him deeper still into her throat and swirling her tongue around the base of his cock. Hachiman could feel himself getting closer by the second, his balls tightening up in anticipation of release. And then finally, with one last deep thrust of her tongue, Saeko brought him crashing down over the edge, shooting load after load of hot cum down her throat.

Hachiman was utterly bewildered in this moment.

Initially, he had anticipated nothing more than a simple backrub.

However, he could never have foreseen that Saeko would willingly engage in something like this. Her inexperience was evident, with clumsy movements, and even her teeth accidentally grazed against him, sending shivers down his spine.

After what seemed like an eternity, an unexpected sensation coursed through Hachiman's body.

Gradually, he entered a serene state of mind where worldly matters seemed inconsequential. In that moment, he grasped the essence of something akin to "zen."

Saeko, spitting out the unpleasant liquid and rinsing her mouth with water, returned to her usual composed demeanor.

As Hachiman regained his composure, he regarded her with a mixture of emotions.

"Saeko, why did you go to such lengths?"

While a simple backrub might be acceptable among friends, this act clearly crossed the boundaries of ordinary relationships.

Could it be that Saeko harbored deeper feelings for him?

After rinsing her mouth, Saeko reassured him, saying, "Hachiman, you needn't carry any emotional burden for this. I did it willingly."

"Don't fret; I won't use this as leverage against you in any way."

"Our one-year bet remains in place, and if, by that time, you truly achieve the status of a Sword Master..."

"I'd be open to becoming your wife."

As she concluded, Saeko locked eyes with him, her gaze unwavering, devoid of any hesitation or regret.

Observing the determination in the girl's bright eyes, Hachiman took a deep breath and spoke deliberately.

"Saeko, you don't have to do this. Although kendo is merely a hobby for me, I won't abandon it so easily. I made a promise to you to reach the level of a kendo master, and I intend to fulfill it. Please have faith in me."

"Saeko, you're a person, not a bargaining chip. I don't want you to treat yourself as part of a transaction."

Upon hearing his words, Saeko beamed with a radiant smile and embraced him.

Caught off guard by her sudden hug, Hachiman felt the soft, gentle touch enveloping him, and his body tensed in response.

Just as he was about to respond, the girl in his embrace raised her head, smiling at him.

"I never saw myself as a bargaining chip in a deal."

"Ever since our last encounter, I've taken time to reflect, and I've come to realize that I genuinely care for you, Hachiman."

Growing up in a kendo clan, Saeko developed a profound interest in kendo from a young age.

As she matured, her passion for kendo evolved into something bordering on obsession.

During her junior high school days, she encountered a disturbing incident when she was accosted by a pervert on her way home from school.

However, due to carrying a wooden sword, she deliberately allowed the pervert to get close, then used the wooden sword to inflict severe injuries, breaking his leg and shoulder.

This incident forced Saeko to confront a troubling truth about herself: the act of striking the pervert had strangely filled her with a twisted sense of joy and excitement.

Whenever she wielded a wooden sword, it was as though she transformed into a bloodthirsty and unhinged person, a stark departure from her usual self.

Recognizing this issue, her late uncle, Busujima Takamasa, promptly put an end to her kendo practice.

Instead, he steered her toward what he termed "Bride Training," emphasizing grace and etiquette.

She was informed that she could only resume kendo after completing this training and becoming a suitable bride.

Busujima Takamasa had hoped that Bride Training, with its focus on grace and decorum, would help Saeko overcome her violent tendencies.

However, the girl who had been utterly captivated by Kendo managed to complete her Bride Training in under a year and resumed her practice with a wooden sword.

Reluctantly, her uncle cautioned her to keep her violent tendencies in check, as they could hinder her progress in Kendo.

Saeko skillfully concealed her violent side, portraying herself as the epitome of a Yamato Nadeshiko, the traditional Japanese ideal of a graceful and obedient woman.

Sadly, this tranquil period didn't last long. Two years ago, Takamasa succumbed to cancer, and the young girl finally achieved the status of a "Kendo Expert."

Within the Kendo dojo, she became unrivaled, with only her father and one other girl able to challenge her.

Upon entering high school, Saeko joined the Kendo club, effortlessly surpassing all competitors and assuming the role of its president. She even participated in the prestigious Kendo Inter-High School Championship, hoping to face a certain girl. However, that girl didn't compete, allowing Saeko to effortlessly secure the championship in the women's division.

With time, she refrained from sparring with others, yet her suppressed violent tendencies only grew stronger.

It wasn't until Hachiman's arrival that Saeko found an outlet for her pent-up combat desires. After engaging in several thrilling battles with him, she noticed the mental barriers that had hindered her progress for the past two years slowly crumbling.

Furthermore, her passion for the Bride Training she had diligently practiced for years, despite not having the right person to serve, was rekindled...

Listening to her heartfelt confession, Hachiman sighed and instinctively wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Don't worry, Saeko. I'll be there with you for our practice from now on."

"I won't stop at becoming a Sword Master myself; I'll continue training alongside you until you achieve the Sword Master."

"How does that sound?" He spoke with a natural softness in his tone.

Saeko's eyes sparkled, and she eagerly responded, "Yes!"

For Saeko, who had devoted her heart to Kendo, these words held the deepest expression of love. If both husband and wife could attain the rank of Sword Master, it would undoubtedly become a cherished legend in the world of Japanese Kendo.

In this moment, she held Hachiman tightly, aching to meld into his embrace.

However, while the girl was overjoyed, Hachiman began to feel overwhelmed.

It was because she was simply too close.

As her arms tightened around him, their bodies pressed intimately together. Saeko, in her skimpy bikini, left a significant portion of her skin exposed, and their contact was nearly skin-to-skin.

Hachiman could only sense the smooth, slippery sensation against his own skin. Her once-rounded breasts now lay flattened against him, resembling pancakes with a slight protrusion at the center.

This caused a dryness to form in his mouth, and his "anti-aircraft gun" had already begun its preparations, ready to enter combat mode once more.

Naturally, Saeko, nestled in Hachiman's embrace, detected his unusual reaction. Something hot and firm pressed against her lower abdomen.

The girl herself began to feel a rising heat, her gaze growing somewhat unfocused as she ventured, "Hachiman, should we...?"

However, Hachiman surprisingly remained composed and gently eased her away upon hearing Saeko's words.

While he had agreed to accompany her in kendo practice, he couldn't provide a definite answer when it came to matters of romance.

Moreover, this wasn't a scene from a hentai; the bathroom hardly constituted an ideal location for such activities.

"Let's put this on hold for now. It's getting late, and Komachi is home alone. I should head back."

"We have plenty of time in the future, don't we?" Hachiman touched Saeko's face before turning to exit the bathroom.

As she watched him depart with such determination, a trace of regret crept across Saeko's expression.

After a moment of hesitation, Saeko's right hand slowly moved downwards. Before long, the enchanting sounds of her voice filled the spacious bathroom, like the singing of a siren.



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