Life As Hikigaya Hachiman

In this captivating tale, a young boy wakes up to discover that he has become Hachiman Hikigaya, a character renowned for his cynical perspective on life at Soubu High School. Feeling taken aback by his new reality and the distinct lifeless expression that defines Hachiman, the boy makes a resolute decision to prove his value to those who have mocked him. With a strong determination to change their perceptions, he sets out to make them unknowingly admit, "See, that person looks like they've got their life together." Navigating his unfamiliar life as Hachiman, the transmigrated boy finds himself surrounded by a group of girls, each wielding various intimidating objects. When faced with their questioning, he experiences a rush of anxiety, realizing that he's confronting a complex situation for which he may not be fully prepared. The story blends elements of comedy, self-discovery, and managing relationships, as the boy-turned-Hachiman grapples with his new identity, unexpected challenges, and embarks on a journey towards personal growth. **************************************** "English isn't my native language, so please make it easy to understand and free of errors." You can check the link below if you wish to access advanced chapters: www.patrèon.com/Flaptzy

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[89] The Indomitable Busujima Saeko

"Um," Shizuka responded with a small sigh upon hearing their words. Her initial inclination was to push back, but she had to remind herself that she was a teacher and couldn't set a poor example in front of her students.

Although she didn't always conform to conventional standards, overall, she was a responsible and caring teacher.

"Well then, I'll take a taxi back, and you can return the key to me," she suggested, extending her graceful hand toward Hachiman.

It was undeniable that Shizuka's hands were quite lovely, with slender fingers and wrists reminiscent of white lotus roots. She could easily pass as a hand model.

However, Hachiman simply slipped the key into the inner pocket of his jacket.

"To eliminate any temptation for you to sneakily take the car, I'll hold onto the key for today. I'll return it to you on Monday when we head to school."

"Nani!…" Shizuka shot him a mildly exasperated look, but she couldn't exactly strip Hachiman of his clothes in public. That would undoubtedly attract attention from passersby.

With no other feasible option, she reluctantly agreed.

"Take good care of that key. If it goes missing, there will be no mercy," Shizuka warned sternly, then hailed a taxi and soon disappeared from view.

With Shizuka gone, Hachiman turned to the girl beside him.

"Shall we, Utaha-senpai? I'll accompany you home, marking the completion of today's final duty."

"Mm, you've been quite the diligent Hachiman," Utaha remarked, flashing a charming smile.

It was now past seven o'clock, and the sky had fully transitioned into night. However, this city showed no signs of winding down with the arrival of darkness.

The streets remained alive with people, and the vibrant neon lights made the night even more vibrant than the day.

Hand in hand, they navigated through the bustling commercial streets and arrived at a relatively tranquil residential area.

A gentle breeze rustled the branches, creating a soothing rustling sound, and the silvery moonlight cast delicate shadows on the ground.

Despite Hachiman holding her hand, Utaha didn't feel particularly bashful at this moment. After all, they had already hugged and even shared intimate moments earlier. Holding hands seemed almost insignificant, especially given today's events.

Her personality leaned more towards rationality compared to younger girls, making her less susceptible to embarrassment in situations like these.

As she gazed at Hachiman's profile beside her, Utaha narrowed her eyes slightly.

Having already acknowledged her feelings, she was determined to plan and take the initiative as soon as possible. She understood that in matters of love, the difference between being proactive and passive was significant.

Love is war.

Furthermore, she seemed to have several competitors. Hachiman had mentioned Yuigahama earlier, and she suspected that she might be one of the two girls who had previously delivered lunch to him.

As thoughts quietly swirled in the young girl's mind, the atmosphere between them grew somewhat tranquil.

Before long, they arrived at a rather elegant two-story standalone house, with the name "Kasumigaoka" displayed on the doorplate.

It appeared to be Utaha's home.

Standing at the doorstep, she reached up to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear, her face radiant with a warm smile.

"You've gone to the trouble of escorting me back, Hachiman-kun. Would you like to come in for a while?"

"Today, my mom and dad aren't home," the young girl's tone carried a hint of temptation.

Hachiman couldn't help but be cautious upon hearing her words. After all, their relationship wasn't that familiar yet, and Utaha wasn't the type to be casual about such matters.

So, there had to be some kind of ulterior motive here.

What if her father is overly protective of his daughter and, upon seeing his precious girl bringing a guy home, can't resist rushing in with a knife?

As a precaution, Hachiman decided it was best to tactfully excuse himself.

Even though this was his thought process, he wore a regretful expression.

"Today's not a good day, and Komachi is home alone. I'm a bit concerned, so I should head back."

"Komachi, my little sister."

Hearing his words, Utaha also recalled the Komachi she had met on the day of their contract signing. Since he had put it this way, she couldn't insist on keeping him there.

"If that's the case, I won't detain you any longer. Take care on your way back, Hachiman."

"Alright, Utaha-senpai. Goodbye." He nodded at the young girl and began to walk away.

Observing his figure slowly receding, Utaha also returned to her senses and entered her home.


The sound of the door closing reverberated, and the street returned to its quiet state. Only the gentle rustling of leaves in the breeze interrupted the serenity, creating a feeling of peaceful calm.



In a spacious dojo, two figures moved gracefully, their wooden swords clashing repeatedly, creating a rhythmic symphony of impacts.

It was Hachiman and Saeko.

Due to the field trip with Utaha the previous day, Hachiman had postponed his kendo practice. With a free weekend ahead, he had decided to come in today, and Saeko, as always, didn't decline the opportunity to spar.


Once more, Hachiman skillfully blocked the girl's attack and took a step forward, delivering a horizontal swing with his wooden sword.

Saeko responded with agility, raising her wooden sword to intercept the strike. However, the tremendous force behind Hachiman's blow pushed her back by a couple of steps, almost causing her to lose her grip on her wooden sword.

Concerned, Hachiman quickly closed the distance and addressed her.

"Are you alright, Saeko? My apologies for using too much force."

"I'm fine, Hachiman. But your talent is truly exceptional. It's only been a week, and you've already mastered our Busujima style of swordsmanship with such proficiency," Saeko remarked, her eyes reflecting a sense of admiration.

You see, initially, she had practiced diligently for a whole month just to grasp their family's swordsmanship. The rest came from honing her proficiency through relentless practice.

And now, here was Hachiman, who had only been exposed to the Busujima style of swordsmanship for a week, managing to best her, someone who had dedicated many years to mastering it—this talent of his...

"It's primarily because of your excellent teaching, Saeko," Hachiman chuckled when he heard her praise, fully aware of what she was about to say.

Deep down, he understood that he didn't truly possess any inherent talent in swordsmanship. He had simply taken advantage of his "cheat code."

"Let's take a brief break and then resume our practice later."


Saeko agreed and gracefully knelt down.

Hachiman, on the other hand, sat beside her, his posture not as polished as hers.

"Hachiman, are you absolutely certain you won't consider following the path of kendo? Your talent suggests you have a genuine opportunity to aim for the realm of a sword saint, something that hasn't been attained in centuries."

As she gazed at the young man beside her, Saeko hadn't abandoned her hope, her determination evident in her eyes.

"If you're willing, I can..."