Life As Hikigaya Hachiman

In this captivating tale, a young boy wakes up to discover that he has become Hachiman Hikigaya, a character renowned for his cynical perspective on life at Soubu High School. Feeling taken aback by his new reality and the distinct lifeless expression that defines Hachiman, the boy makes a resolute decision to prove his value to those who have mocked him. With a strong determination to change their perceptions, he sets out to make them unknowingly admit, "See, that person looks like they've got their life together." Navigating his unfamiliar life as Hachiman, the transmigrated boy finds himself surrounded by a group of girls, each wielding various intimidating objects. When faced with their questioning, he experiences a rush of anxiety, realizing that he's confronting a complex situation for which he may not be fully prepared. The story blends elements of comedy, self-discovery, and managing relationships, as the boy-turned-Hachiman grapples with his new identity, unexpected challenges, and embarks on a journey towards personal growth. **************************************** "English isn't my native language, so please make it easy to understand and free of errors." You can check the link below if you wish to access advanced chapters: www.patrèon.com/Flaptzy

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[370] Strive to Leave Behind Descendants

Chapter 370: Strive to Leave Behind Descendants

"Dong, dong, dong."

As the wooden sword fell to the ground, the crisp impact reverberated throughout the spacious dojo.

Masao Busujima's wooden sword went flying, evidently the same one that had just dropped to the floor, while Hachiman's wooden sword was now held against his neck.

The showdown between the Swordmaster and the Sword Saint had only lasted for five minutes.

During these five minutes, Masao's every move was effortlessly countered by Hachiman, while any casual strike from Hachiman required Masao's full attention.

The disparity between a Swordmaster and a Sword Saint was evident.

In truth, if Hachiman truly wanted to win, a few moves would have sufficed.

Although being a Swordmaster was considered quite formidable by others, it was insufficient when facing Hachiman, who had multiple maxed-out modules.

With maxed-out Physique, Hachiman not only possessed enhanced physical strength, endurance, and explosiveness but also greatly heightened senses. His vision, smell, taste, hearing, and touch were far superior to those of ordinary people.

And with maxed-out Kendo, he had an unparalleled understanding of swordsmanship.

Despite Masao Busujima being a Swordmaster, in Hachiman's eyes, enhanced by two maxed-out modules, there were still numerous vulnerabilities.

Often, even a casual strike from Hachiman posed considerable danger to Masao.

Thus, if Hachiman truly wished to win, only a few moves would have sufficed.

However, out of consideration for Masao's dignity, Hachiman opted for a defensive strategy, minimizing his attacks and prolonging the battle for five minutes before cleanly ending it.

"It's over, Uncle."

Hachiman sheathed his wooden sword and nodded apologetically to Masao.

"Forgive my presumption just now."

Upon hearing Hachiman's words, Masao remained unresponsive, merely staring blankly at his own hands.

Just as Saeko prepared to offer comforting words, Masao suddenly burst into laughter.

"Hahaha, yes, it's over."

"Indeed, you truly live up to the legendary realm of the Sword Saint. I still have a long way to go. It seems I've been too narrow-minded before and forgot the principle of endless learning."

"Many thanks to you, Hikigaya-kun, for your guidance today."

After saying that, Masao Busujima gave a slight bow to Hachiman and then turned to leave.

However, as he passed by Saeko, he seemed to remember something, stopped in his tracks, and turned back to Hachiman.

"Hikigaya-kun, I've heard everything from Saeko about you and her. I have no objections whatsoever. She's my only daughter, and I hope you'll cherish her."

Upon hearing this, Hachiman nodded without hesitation.

"Don't worry, Uncle. I'll love Saeko with all my heart for the rest of my life."

"Haha, that's good, that's good."

Masao laughed again, then looked at his daughter.

"Since Hikigaya-kun likes you so much, Saeko, you should also strive hard. Try to leave behind the bloodline of Hikigaya-kun, the contemporary Sword Saint, as soon as possible."

Hearing her father's words, Saeko, despite her typically calm demeanor, blushed slightly. However, she didn't refuse; instead, she nodded.

"Alright, Father, I will do my best."


Hearing the words of the father and daughter, Hachiman couldn't help but smirk.

Are you two really saying this in front of me?

But leaving behind his own bloodline...

With that thought, a faint sense of anticipation arose in Hachiman's heart.

As a male, the consciousness of procreation was ingrained in his DNA. And he had never used any precautions during certain intimate activities with the girls before. Unfortunately, none of them showed any signs of pregnancy.

Perhaps the timing wasn't right, or maybe, as mentioned in some novels, the more powerful individuals were, the less likely they were to leave behind descendants.

Although Hachiman's current abilities might only be considered average in a world of high martial prowess anime, they still far exceeded those of ordinary people.

Well, these things had to take their natural course.

Even for races as powerful as dragons, while reproducing offspring might be challenging, it wasn't impossible.

So, Hachiman wasn't worried at all about issues regarding descendants. If one attempt didn't work, he'd try again. If two attempts failed, he'd try three times...

As long as he increased the frequency, he didn't believe he couldn't have a child.

But at that moment, the father and daughter finished their conversation.

After giving some instructions to his daughter, Masao patted her shoulder and left with a hearty laugh.

"Hahaha, I'll leave you two alone now. Enjoy your time together."

As Masao departed, the spacious dojo was once again left with only Saeko and Hachiman.

Seeing the girl standing not far away, Hachiman didn't hesitate. He walked a few steps forward and embraced her.

"Saeko, now that your father has agreed, from this moment on, you will always be mine."

As Hachiman held her in his arms, Saeko wrapped her arms around his back and smiled happily.

"Yes, from now on, I will always be yours, Hachiman."

Their eyes met, and they could see each other's reflections in them.

The timing was perfect, and Hachiman didn't waste any time. He slowly lowered his head.

And Saeko showed no signs of avoidance. She let Hachiman's lips meet hers directly.

Sensing the familiar warmth of his lips, the girl slowly closed her eyes, leaving only her slender eyelashes trembling slightly.


It wasn't until Hachiman moved away from those enticing lips that Saeko's long-suppressed breath finally escaped, and at that moment, her face was flushed crimson, her azure eyes shimmering with moisture.

"Hachiman-kun, would you like us to..."

Recalling her father's advice just now, Saeko felt that she needed to put in more effort.

Feeling the gradually rising warmth of the girl in his arms, Hachiman also understood that she was already in the mood.

Although the timing was perfect, Hachiman couldn't help but hesitate, considering that Masao was still at home.

As if sensing his concern, a seductive smile curved on Saeko's lips, and she whispered softly in Hachiman's ear.

"Don't worry, Hachiman-kun. My father told me he's going out for a while and won't be back until dinner."

Hearing this, Hachiman hesitated no more and was about to proceed right there.

However, Saeko stopped him with her voice.

"Don't be in a hurry, Hachiman-kun. Today, let me serve you properly."

With that, the girl instructed him to lie down on the floor and they shed their clothes.

After some preparations, Saeko officially transformed into a female knight.

Before long, the spacious dojo echoed with the enchanting melodies of spring.