Life As Hikigaya Hachiman

In this captivating tale, a young boy wakes up to discover that he has become Hachiman Hikigaya, a character renowned for his cynical perspective on life at Soubu High School. Feeling taken aback by his new reality and the distinct lifeless expression that defines Hachiman, the boy makes a resolute decision to prove his value to those who have mocked him. With a strong determination to change their perceptions, he sets out to make them unknowingly admit, "See, that person looks like they've got their life together." Navigating his unfamiliar life as Hachiman, the transmigrated boy finds himself surrounded by a group of girls, each wielding various intimidating objects. When faced with their questioning, he experiences a rush of anxiety, realizing that he's confronting a complex situation for which he may not be fully prepared. The story blends elements of comedy, self-discovery, and managing relationships, as the boy-turned-Hachiman grapples with his new identity, unexpected challenges, and embarks on a journey towards personal growth. **************************************** "English isn't my native language, so please make it easy to understand and free of errors." You can check the link below if you wish to access advanced chapters: www.patrèon.com/Flaptzy

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[102] The Girls' Swimsuit Selection

Chapter 102: The Girls' Swimsuit Selection

"If you continue like this, Yui, this silly girl might actually buy that swimsuit," Yumiko remarked as she handed Yui a pink two-piece swimsuit with delicate lace detailing.

"I still think this one suits you better, Yui."

Yui blinked, momentarily distracted from the V-shaped swimsuit. She took the pink two-piece from Yumiko's hand.

"This one? Well, I'll go try it on."

With the swimsuit in hand, Yui made her way to the fitting room. After a short while, she emerged, a bit nervous, wearing the pink two-piece. Delicate lace adorned the swimsuit, and ribbons wrapped around her neck and back, accentuating her graceful figure. Below, the pink triangular bottom with a sheer veil revealed her slender thighs.

Upon seeing Yui in the new swimsuit, both Yumiko and Hina were pleased, and they exchanged approving glances.

Don't assume that only men enjoy admiring beautiful women; women do too.

"It looks pretty good, Yui. My taste is right on the mark; it suits you well."

"That's right! This swimsuit really complements your lovely figure, Yui."

"But seriously, Yui, you've got quite the bust. It's, like, at least a size bigger than mine."

"Yeah, and that slender waist too. Just thinking about having to compete with that Hikigaya guy for your attention makes me so jealous."

Yui blushed deeply, her friends' candid comments catching her off guard.

"Oh my, Yumiko, Hicchan, please don't tease me like this."

"But we're not teasing you, Yui. This swimsuit really suits you," Yumiko reassured, admiring Yui's figure enhanced by the swimsuit.

"And it's true, your bust is bigger than mine. I'm so envious."

As she spoke, Yumiko's expression turned slightly regretful. Despite her good figure, which she was proud of, every girl wished her bust was a bit bigger.

"Absolutely, let's go with this one. I'm sure Hikigaya will be smitten with you."


Hearing that she might attract Hachiman's attention, Yui's face lit up with joy.

For a young girl, as long as her crush might like it, that swimsuit was the best choice.

Ever since Kotonoha started making bento for Hachiman, Yui had been working hard to improve herself. Learning to cook and making bentos for Hachiman was her way of proving herself.

Even a silly girl could feel a sense of competition.

Now that she had picked her swimsuit, Yui looked at her two friends.

"By the way, Yumiko, Hicchan, why don't you both pick a swimsuit too?"

"That's a good idea. It's not just Yui; we need new swimsuits too."

Hearing her suggestion, Yumiko nodded in agreement.

"Even though we're not as well-endowed as Yui, we're still growing, and our old swimsuits probably won't fit anymore."

"Exactly, if we're going to the beach, it's best to get new swimsuits," added Hina.

"Do you want to try this one yourself, Hicchan?" Yumiko picked up the V-shaped swimsuit she had mentioned earlier and handed it to Hina.

Seeing this swimsuit with only two strings, even Hina, with her calm demeanor, blushed.

"I definitely don't want to wear something like this. Only fools would wear a swimsuit like this."

Hearing Hina's words, Yui suddenly looked displeased and stared at her with a pouting face.

"Hey, Hicchan, are you saying I'm a fool or something?"

She unintentionally blurted out what she was really thinking, and Hina quickly tried to remedy the situation.

She playfully tapped her own head with one hand, closed one eye, stuck out her tongue, and said, "I'm sorry, Yui. I misspoke. Only people with great figures would choose to wear this kind of swimsuit."

"Hicchan, don't treat me like a fool for real, okay? I heard you loud and clear just now."

Yui wasn't about to let her off the hook so easily and reached out with both hands to tickle the girl.

"Hahaha... Haha, spare me, Yui, I was wrong, hahaha..."

It seemed like Hina was extremely ticklish and quickly begged for mercy.

As Yumiko watched the playful tussling between Yui and Hicchan, she, the de facto leader of their trio, felt compelled to intervene.

"Alright, alright, Yui, Hicchan, cease your fooling around," she admonished.

"I'll go with this one," she declared, selecting a vibrant red swimsuit before disappearing into the fitting room.

Yumiko's words brought a halt to the jovial scuffle between the two. Wiping away the tears of laughter from the corners of her eyes, Hina also chose a light blue swimsuit and entered a fitting room.

Before long, the fitting room door swung open, and the first to emerge was Yumiko.

The bright red swimsuit harmonized perfectly with her regal aura. Its open-back design accentuated the flawless curves of her back, while slender red ribbons gracefully wrapped around her neck. Golden wavy curls cascaded over her shoulders, and her fair, graceful legs were revealed, adding an extra layer of allure to her already captivating beauty. It was a sight that turned every head in the room.

"What's your take on it, Yui?" Yumiko inquired, striking a few poses to accentuate her figure.

Yui's face lit up with admiration as she watched the exceptionally elegant girl. "Wow, Yumiko, you look absolutely stunning, and your aura is simply incredible."

It was evident that, compared to Yui's girl-next-door charm, Yumiko's queenly presence had a more captivating effect.

Yumiko twirled a strand of her wavy hair with her finger, wearing a confident smile. She had every reason to be confident in her own beauty.

Despite being just a freshman, Yumiko had already garnered a considerable number of admirers, including some older male students.

The door to the other fitting room also swung open, revealing Hina in her light blue swimsuit.

Hina's swimsuit had a relatively modest design, featuring delicate lace detailing on the upper body and a layered lace skirt on the lower half. While her figure may not have been as perfect as Yumiko's and Yui's, the swimsuit added a lively touch to her appearance.

"Not bad, Hicchan," Yumiko complimented with a brightened expression upon seeing Hina in her swimsuit.

"But something's missing," she added.


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