1 Part 1 - The Day We Met

From the horizon, the sun sets down and the stars started to fill up the night sky. A cold breeze slowly blowing down to the streets. Lights start to shine the buildings in the city of Tokyo like the fake stars mimicking the beautiful night skies.

A young man came out from a restaurant smiling while waving at his friends as he walks closer towards his motorbike. He heard his friends shouted at him from the distance,

"Thanks for today and be careful on your way back home!"

He just smiles and put on his helmet after sitting onto his motorbike. He begins to start the engine and slowly come out from the parking lot. He looked over to the side mirror and watches his friends getting further and further as he road down to the streets. The moment that he has no longer have a sight of his friends,

*sigh* "what a stressful day.." He said. His expression changes to a cold hard stare instantly while he is riding his bike.

"Let's not meet anyone anymore and quickly reaches home shall we." He talks to himself.

As time passed by, he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He reaches out for his phone quickly and looks at the screen. It's written 'Isabella calling'.

"Shit, what does she want right now." He said as he presses the 'accept call' button. He slides the phone into his helmet and places it right beside his ears and said,

"Hello Bella, what's up?"

Isabella replied, "Bless where are you. Don't you remember you should be giving me a ride home?! I've been waiting here for ages!"

"Ugh, I totally forgot about her." He said to himself.

"Ahh yeah! I'm on my way right now. I was stuck in busy traffic just now and just got through it. I'll be the-" as he about to finish his word. Isabelle shouted at him,

"Stop bullshitting me Bless! You riding a bike! How can you get stuck in a traffic jam!"

"Oof, wrong turn. I shouldn't have said that." He said to himself again.

"Okay okay I'm sorry I was meeting an old friend at some restaurant and I totally forgot about giving you a ride" he finally said the truth.

"Bless you! Ugh! I don't want any more excuses from you! Just come and get me right now! You know how tired I am right now.. I was-"

"Ah, this girl. She won't stop killing my ears till I get her to her house. What a mess right now. I wish this day ends as quickly as possible." As he said that. He didn't realize that he didn't stop at the traffic light and a speeding truck came from the junction and rammed him from the side. He was thrown away from his bike and at that moment,

"Wait.. what just..happened.." He felt like time slows down as he was thrown 20 meters away from his bike. The bike smashes onto the lamp post and broke into a thousand pieces before catching into flames. Shrapnel from the bike flew all over the place and few pieces of it smashes against his helmet, penetrating it instantly. His right leg were also getting hit by those debris as he was thrown away.

"Ah, it hurts so much." The time starts moving as it should be as his head hit the ground. His helmet cracked and he rolls on the ground for another 5 meters and comes to a stop. He faced towards the sky not moving an inch of his body. Blood slowly running down from his head and from his nose. His eyes slowly closed and his breath began to slow down.

"I'm going to die.. Huh, that's funny. I don't want to die yet.. Not now.. Not.. Now.." His tears roll down onto his cheek and people started to crowd him.

"Call the ambulance! Anyone!"

"His vital is slowing down. Get the defibrillator now!"

"His head is bleeding a lot! Where's the damn doctor!"

"He's wounded very bad. I don't think he can-"

"Don't say that! Just give it a try!"

All those conversations that Bless heard slowly faded away minutes by minutes. In the end, complete silence filled his ears. He thought this would be the end for him.

"HAAA!" Bless wakes up all of sudden. Realizing that he is lying on the hospital bed. Panic and scared he tried to move around but can't. He looks at his leg and saw it was wrapped with plaster and hanging up onto structural support.

He tries to breathe slowly and lay back down on the bed. He felt a slight headache as his head touches the pillow. He realizes his head also badly injured and wrapped with bandages. Looking straight to the ceiling he began to talks to himself.

"I thought I was dead back then. Or am I already dead right now? Am I in heaven hospital? Pft what am I talking about." He closes his eyes and tries to get himself back to sleep until,

"Mhm you're not dead yet I can assure you that. And this is no Heaven's hospital. You are at IUHW Mita Hospital." A soothing voice of a young lady replied to Bless question.

Bless turn his head towards the voice and saw a young girl, perhaps around his age looking through the window smiling faintly. The warm air of summer blows her silky blonde hair smoothly and the bright sun from the window shines through the girl as she turns around towards Bless. She smiles upon gazing him gently and at that moment, time stood still for Bless. He never saw such a beautiful girl in his life. He goes speechless and just looks at her silently. Is this love at first sight? His face slightly turns red. Slowly he opened his mouth and said.

"So this is what you call love at first sight huh.."

"What..." The girl was shocked as she heard Bless said such things but she just pretends like she didn't care what Bless said.


"Ah wait that just came out of nowhere, sorry. I think I hit my head too hard till it breaks at that time and so I started to mumble some random stuff!" Bless tried to turn the subject around to make it less awkward between him and her.

She just stares at Bless without saying a word but her facial expression written on her face that she is worried about something. Quickly she tried to get closer to Bless but she fell down from her bed. Bless feels a bit weird about what just happened and randomly asked the girl,

"Uh hey, what are you doing?"

"Come close to me! Now!" Her face shows that she's in pain after fell down from the bed but Bless realizes that he really does need to come to her for some reason. Without asking why didn't she just stands up. Bless detaches his leg from the structure support and slowly goes down to the floor with her.

She holds his head gently while tearing up a bit.

"Uh is every-" just about to finish his sentence the girl replied to him with a broken voice,

"Your head starts to bleed again! Stay still!"

She reaches a box of tissue on top of the table and quickly wipes off the blood that runs down through Bless's head. He didn't say a thing. He was just mesmerized of how innocent this girl can be. Gently the girl wipes the blood away and said,

"You shouldn't play around with your word! If your head hurts, don't act like it's not!"

Bless quietly nod and said "sorry I didn't know I was bleeding."

After finishing cleaning the blood from Bless's head, she wipes her tears and looks away from him. She pouts at what just happened but Bless couldn't say a word but only can react with a smile.

All of sudden, a nurse came into the room and saw both of them sitting under the floor with tissues soaked with blood lying everywhere.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING!" she grabs Bless and help him back up onto his bed and then repeat the same thing towards the girl.

"Emilia, you know you shouldn't move that much! you can get yourself hurt!" Said the nurse while lifting Emilia up to her bed. Emilia just stays quiet and nod when she gets scolded by the nurse.

"Emilia.." Bless whispered.

Innocent name for an innocent girl. Bless just quietly stare at Emilia. After the nurse left the room, Emilia quickly look at Bless and said,

"This is your fault I get scolded by Aunt Maria! Hmph!"

She throws her pillow to Bless face and quickly lay down on her bed while looking at the other way as she sulking about what just happened. Bless was speechless about her change in personality.

"Cute.." Bless whispered.

She turns around towards Bless again and shouted to him,

"Give back my pillow you idiot!"

Bless was speechless and started having an idea about playing around with her for a bit.

"Pft. Once given shall not be taken back!" Bless huggles onto the pillow and make a funny face at Emilia.

"Ah extra pillow for tonight it seems," said Bless as he keeps hugging the pillow.

"KYA! My pillow! you devil stop hugging my pillow!" Replied Emilia as she tries to reach for Bless without leaving her bed. As soon as Bless saw that opportunity he throws the pillow back onto Emilia's face and as the pillow dropdown, he was surprised that Emilia gave him the death glare.

"You touch this again and I will make sure you never ever see the day like EVER again" and she lay back down on the bed and turn the other way around.

Bless just smile and chuckles for a while then said,

"Emilia huh. What a nice name"

Bless rest his head onto his pillow and tries to sleep. Meanwhile, Emilia's face turns red when she realized that he knows her name before she can even introduce herself. The day ends in a blink of an eye as both of them suddenly fell asleep.

A few hours later after midnight, Bless awakes and looks towards Emilia. In his opinion, it appears that she.. Emilia, is just another patient here in the hospital. He wonders what got her in the hospital in the first place. Deep in his mind thinking that he shouldn't be asking that kind of question to her yet. But after watching the nurse seems edgy seeing her out of her bed. All kind of question pops up in his mind. Did she get into an accident just like he did? Or is it something else? Did she know the nurse that well until she calls her Aunt? He got lost in his thought just a second and sooner he fell asleep once again.

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