The night was pale, the stars were dull. In the middle of the crept forest that roam of evil was a house of haunted memories. In any direction there was no city/town for the next 20 miles. A local family moved there, without any information of what this house been through. The house was painted a harsh red, an unsettling smell lingered within it. They wonder what it was but did not put much thought into it. The walls weren't chipped and seem oddly new. The family had two kids, Mike, and Annie. They went to check out their rooms. Mike chose the room right next to the basement. Annie wanted a room that was far from her brother's because he would play loud music, even at night. On the other hand, their parents Aleah and James called them down to the living room where there was unusual texture and design of furniture. The family went around the house together. They went upstairs, to the attic, then finally to the basement. Nothing was creepy until they were halfway down the stairs when Mike saw a skull with an axe in it. At first, they thought it was a Halloween decoration until they saw 3 more sculls with kitchen knives in them. In the dim light that was down there they could see that there was a doll with Lexie carved into her arm. They all wonder who Lexie was. They were not scared at first but confuse. The confusion didn't last long, that was because Lexie the doll stood up and look at them with those eyes full of wrongdoing. A devil smiles. Clothes that seek of blood. They ran...but did they make it?

5 weeks later

The family surprisingly escaped the doll, they were lucky, if they would have gotten caught. She would had taken the two parents and slit their throats from ear to ear and watched the blood pour out into buckets, and make the children drink it, as if she is making a sacrifice. After she is done playing, she would claw their eyes out, and make them wish they had never even seen this house in the first place. When the family got out of the basement, they locked and secured the door. Then, acted like nothing happened, until they went to clean the walls, and the red paint came right off, Aleah went to smell the "paint" she smelt it a few times and said "It smelled like blood." that's when they started to panic. She gathered everyone up so they can go to the store and clear their mind. They were at the store for a while, that is when Lexie snuck out and roam the house until she hid somewhere to make her next move. They came back, and wanted to go to bed, but only to find bones flooding their mattress and onto the floor.

Later that night Aleah went online to try to figure out what was going on and she found this..."You are bigger and stronger than you are intimidating to smaller people well this is not the case; Lexie is a more intimidating thing that's on this earth. She was born a killer so was her brothers and sister. One of her two brothers lived in Virginia. The two of them were unstoppable together. Jack, one of the brothers, was the one you had to kill in order to wipe out the rest of them it's weird but that's what you have to do". Annie was conflicted at first and didn't want to believe if it was real. So, she drove to her friend's house to ask for help, to try to stop this unholy thing. No one answered the door, but Annie heard screaming, so she looked through a crack in the shades inside the window. digging into her friend's throat, was Lexie attempting to rip the bones out of the half dead body. Annie looked on the floor. Saw her friend's hands on the floor one looked like a chunk was bitten off. Annie looked up one last time, and witnessed the blood sprouting out at the window, and saw little piece of meat being shove inside of her best friends' body. While the organs are being shoved into her (Lexie's) mouth.

She ran inside without knowing how to kill her, but she just had to try. So, Annie had to, she didn't like the idea of killing but there is always a time in your life that you must do something you don't want to do, and this is that time for her. As Annie approached Jack, she saw Lexie, Annie knew that they were more powerful together, there is no possible way Annie could get to him, so she called her cousin to help luckily, he didn't live more than 3 miles away. When he got there his job was to distract Lexie so she could kill Jack. The plan worked out better than they hoped. Annie was able to kill Jack, the rest of them died along with him, well they thought they did. There is only one thing that Annie didn't know after the dolls are dead. The dolls live again if one is alive apparently Lexie had a curse put on her that wouldn't allow her to die so now the rest of them are alive. Annie's cousin was sent to the emergency room because of all the stab wounds, he was in a critical situation. Until, he died.

So, all the killer dolls live again. Humanity is in grave danger until we figure out another way to kill them. There was a new layer of blood on the wall inside that house. The family that lives in there went to the basement and saw there was a woman with a hatchet. There was skin hanging off her, blood stain going dry. The lower jaw on her was hanging off.

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