26 Chapter 26

The summer storm had finally resumed in the afternoon, dimming the meager daylight from the sky. The city once again descended into greyness upon the sudden downpour of rain that obscured the quietness of the city.

Looking at the young man's pitiful state, they decided to let the man live. It was not like the college student could go back to the dormitory anyway if he wanted to live; he wouldn't be able to explain what happened to the squad that was wiped out because of him. Mr. Varos wasn't known for his understanding and mercy; rather, he had a merciless heart.

Now that they understood the nature of the gang at the dormitory, the siblings had no problem destroying them and helping Zomi along the way.

But before the siblings could make any concrete plan, they needed to know the actual strength of the thugs. It would be impossible to not alert the gang worshipping the tree once the battle started at the campus garden.

"I guess I will go, the job sounds like it's for me," Leo volunteered himself, he was the best candidate to scout the dormitory.

"Hmm, stay safe. Run from any engagement. No one should be able to stop you from escaping," Sarah was a little conflicted due to concern of risk.


Moments later, under the disguise of the rain and a hood, Leo treaded towards the enemy camp while Sarah and Zomi planned to scout the perimeter of the campus garden. They will use the rest of the day to gather information and plan for an attack tomorrow.

But after Leo left the party, the sister turned to the expressionless Zomi. They still needed to take care of the corpses.

"Zomi, are you hungry again?"

"..." the big girl looked down and touched her belly, even though she can't see her own stomach due to a pair of certain lumps of fat.

"Sorry, you will have to wait for the main dish tomorrow. Why don't you have some light snack now?" The sister pointed to the corpses of men on the ground.

Zomi shook her head, but the sister quickly added on.

"Don't worry about Leo, it will be a secret between us. Plus, I am his sister, you can listen to my orders too." Sarah smiled persuasively and had her index finger on her lips.

Something had been affecting Sarah since this morning. The effect was unnoticeable until the bloodshed she experienced. Whatever it was, it seemed to have imperceptibly changed her mind. She herself was largely unaware of her own change. If Sarah knew about it, she would have immediately recalled the black crystal she ate this morning. Not that she would know how to undo the effect regardless.

"Now, go ahead."

Zomi tilted her head in hesitation. The giantess then glanced at the corpses on the ground again and she could already feel her stomach grumbling. Finally, Zomi picked up the corpse of the leader on the ground; she looked at the gore of the decapitated neck, blood was still flowing out, which enticed her even more.

Blood tainted her innocent face. The first bite from the giantess sounded like crackers with the bones also being chewed out. Zomi's teeth didn't look particularly sharp, but the strength of every bite on the dead body was large and even. Almost the whole body disappeared into Zomi's mouth; yet her stomach remained flat and her waist thin. Unlike the thick ooze of a certain boy, it was much lighter for the big girl to digest.

Sarah watched the scene solemnly, her mind was still sane and her demeanor was calm. She had never forgotten that Zomi wasn't human to begin with. Being with the siblings also meant that Zomi had to keep her natural urges in check due to the order of her master. Sarah petted the giantess's head and stroked her silky hair as Zomi continued to feast onto the next corpse.

Her instinct told her to bet against the possibility of the big girl being able to hold back her urges indefinitely. She was afraid that one day Zomi would lose control because of this reason, and that would result in a difficult dilemma. Since she believed there should be no mercy towards their enemies anyway, letting Zomi feast on the corpse of their enemies was her bottom line.

It had been less than fifteen minutes and Zomi managed to consume the three bodies of the Awakened humans. Sarah wiped off the blood on Zomi's face with some spare clothes and the rain helped to wash off the rest of the blood.

Sarah also took the chance to fondle Zomi's enormous marshmallows while wiping the blood off the chest, and the big girl enjoyed the massage with a slight cute smile.


Hiding one's presence for a long duration is not something simple to do. It is the same feeling as holding back your number two for several hours and it feels terrible. That explanation perfectly describes how Leo is feeling right now.

Due to the heavy rain, most of the patrols went back inside to the dormitory. Leo was crouching beneath the tall grass next to the entrance. The boy did not plan to sneak inside the building, since all he needed to do was to walk around the building perimeter to get a more accurate read on the number of Awakened humans and their strengths.

Hiding from the occasional eyes from the windows, he silently made it to the back building. There was a room on the 2nd floor with lights turned on, where Leo could hear the faint sound of moaning and crying.

Out of curiosity, Leo climbed into a tree and watched the room through a window. What he then saw gave him a great surprise.

Three men were gangbanging a high school girl without mercy, and tears were flowing out of the girl's face. Behind them, was a timid small girl with braided hair that crouched in a corner.

"I think I know them… they are… "

Leo recognized both girl's faces. Shirley was a good friend of her sister; Sarah had brought her home a few times in the past. As for Lily, Leo had only met her once when he visited his sister's high school. From his impression, he recalled that his sister and Lily did not get along.

Leo was only a twelve-year-old boy. Seeing the injustice before him, he wanted to jump in right away and save the girl from being raped. But then he thought about what Sarah would say if she was here. How would you save her right now without alerting the entire dormitory? And how would you help the two normal girls escape from the enemy's pursuit on your own?

Right… Regrettably, saving Lily now would be easy, but the girl will suffer even more from the consequences. Fortunately, the three men had terrible stamina and were done with the girl before Leo made up his conflicted mind.

The three rowdy men left the room in satisfaction and Shirley left right after to fetch hot water. Leo took the chance to sneak inside the room through the window.

Lily lay motionless on the bed. She had already forgotten how many times it had been like this. Her tears had already dried up and all hope in life had been washed away along with the tears. She only wished she had the courage to end her life right now; but somewhere within her soul, a desire to live endured, and she needed something to cling onto.

Lily noticed the figure that broke into the room from the window, but chose to completely ignore the figure, not giving a care to anything. The blank lifeless eyes kept staring into the void.

Leo approached the girl on the bed. The stench on her body did not deter the boy from getting close to the girl. Taking off the hood from the raincoat, the boy showed his face.

"Are you Lily? Do you know my sister, Sarah?"

It was somewhat of a familiar voice. She took a side peek and glints of light returned to the girl's eye. She stared at Leo for a good few seconds before she completely recognized the boy.

"You are Leo, that woman's little brother…," countless thoughts crossed Lily's mind and she began to cry out and held onto Leo's arm with what little strength she had left.

"Take me away from this place… I beg you," she cried in a whisper.

"Wait. I will, but I need to find some information."

Banging sound on the door was heard. Leo quickly hid in the closet and watched a bald headed man barging into the room. The face somehow seemed familiar, but the boy couldn't recall where he had seen the bald man before.

"Heh! I heard you had a blast little girl. Are you ready for round two?"

Lily tried to hide herself in bed and weakly shook her head, she was already exhausted without a chance to rest. But deep down, fury and hatred were buried beneath the fearful expression of her eyes.

"Don't worry little girl, it will be just me this time."

The bald man boldly approached her unwarily and was ready to remove his pants. Lily lay her head back down on the pillow and gave up protesting.

Leo, on the other hand, wasn't going to let the same thing happen in front of him twice.

"Wait… why is the window open?" The bald man's senses tingled, and turned around to check his back.

A boy with a knife on one hand and a cloth in the other was already in front of him.

The bald man's pupil contracted as Leo stabbed him in the stomach while stuffing the cloth into the man's mouth. The blade of the hunting knife snapped and was stuck in the man's body; however, it soon fell onto the ground, leaving a small puncture on the man's body.

The cloth in the bald man's mouth was Lily's unwashed pantie. The pantie was drenched in sweat and cum and prevented the man from making loud noises to attract any reinforcements. The man was also caught with his pants down.

This was also the day when he learned that an adult's manhood could be so puny compared to his own.

"That was hard, is that his ability?" Leo glanced curiously at his broken knife.

The man's skin luster had changed into a grey color and with a craggy texture. He was able to react in time to use his ability before the knife plunged deeper into his organ. Muffled sound of anger could be heard as the bald man pointed at the boy who stabbed him with raging hostility.

The hardness of the bald man's stone skin was compensated by the lack of agility. Leo quickly caught on to that weakness from the man's stuttering movement. Within the moment of the bald man's confusion, Leo dashed forward and jumped up to the man's face and gave him a knee to his forehead.

Leo was several tiers above the bald man in terms of strength and power; the knee strike to the head was able to knock him unconscious even through the ability. The stone skin on the man reverted back to normal and his eyes rolled back as he collapsed on the ground.

"Pew…," a sigh of relief came from Leo; he was able to knock the man out without alerting anyone.

Leo switched back to his trusty axe and raised the axe into the air; but just as he was about to finish the deed, a voice stopped him.

"Wait… let me. Let me kill him," the girl struggled to get out of the bed and feebly walked towards him.

Her gaze was filled with madness and fervent hatred for the bald man. Her expression was resolute and harsh, cold as the Siberian winter. Those without the will power might avert their gaze and be frightened by her ominous appearance, but Leo met her eyes straight on.

Numerous feelings and will were transmitted within the few seconds of eye contact. Leo handed Lily his axe, which she struggled to even wield with her exhausted body.

Yet, Lily was able to summon all her strength to raise the axe and it landed on the man's chest. The pain brought a bit of consciousness back to the bald man; he opened his eyes to a devil executing his life.

She missed, she meant to sever the neck; but this time, Lily somehow raised the axe with even more strength and landed the mark precisely. Yet, she was not done. Lily continued to squeeze out every ounce of strength in her body to repeatedly chop the man's corpse.

Leo watched the deed solemnly.

Lily finally vented all her madness as she dropped the axe on the ground. She collapsed onto the boy's chest and burst out crying, muffling her sound with Leo's clothes.

Leo did not mind her blood stained body, but was unsure on what to do. He hesitated and raised his hands half way, but finally wrapped his arms around Lily to calm her down. He could feel the ample bosom pressing on his body, Lily had a voluptuous body after all.

Minutes passed, the door was cracked open and there was the sound of water spilling on the ground. It was Shirley that stood dumbfounded at the scenery before her.

"Eh… Hi Shirley, I am Leo, I hope you remembered me."


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