22 Chapter 22

The time was rolled back several minutes before Leo's arrival.

The appearance of the abomination had struck deep terror in the small child; it had awoken a fear that she had somehow previously known. Something in her body instinctively told Mindy to run away as far as she could, overriding her will to stay at her mother's side to the last moment.

Mindy was on the run with all her strength, with tears of regret in her eyes. Her heart was in immense pain, her mind was filled with hatred and madness, and her body was being repulsive of herself. But all these feelings felt oddly familiar. Where in her short life… experienced this before?

"Ah… that's right," Mindy slowly stopped and looked at the rain above the sky. "... it was snowing that day"

Flashbacks began to appear within her mind. There was the day her mother sold her body for a meager amount of food to feed her child. Then there was the time when she dug the trash and ate the dirt. A time when her mother was beaten and abused by a man in their shelter. A day when her withered mother showed her genuine smile at her daughter's awakening. And lastly, it was the night when she helplessly left the bedridden woman behind to be eaten by the masses of horror.

"How odd…," her childish feeble eyes had turned sharp, and her demeanor turned solemn. She still remembered it all… but how? "I am back… in time… and mommy!"

She ran back to the warehouse with full force and her action had alerted the certain presence. This time, there will be no regret. The strings of fate had once again begun to weave, but the patterns shall no longer be the same. Mindy made it back to the warehouse and was then facing the abomination head on with its aggro drawn to her.

Fear was overwhelming her, but she remained motionless. The creature liked to play with its prey, and the best way to let its guard down was to feign weakness. It will take its time to study and savor its prey before taking the meal. The child let the snake-like tongue sweep over her skin as she held back her disgust.

Mindy and her mother's chance of survival was narrow, but she was willing to take the bet and witness another miracle. Her memories and soul had traveled back ten years in time from the future, was that not a miracle in itself?

The present situation was not in any of her memories, it appeared to her that this was a different timeline, but such a fact did not weaken her resolve on what she must do now. The figure of a man emerged from the shadow and interrupted Mindy's decisive moment with the creature. Seeing the figure, she was extremely astounded at the young man before her.

'Is that… that's him!? Why is he here?!' Mindy yelled in her mind, but quickly recollected her memories from this world. 'That's right… he is Leo, he saved mommy and me in this world.'

The time fast-forwarded by several minutes. Mindy was quickly dumbfounded that the legendary figure ten years in the future just collapsed on the ground like an idiot after feeding himself random stuff he picked up into his mouth.


Cindy and Mindy brought the unconscious boy into a dorm near the warehouse. All they wanted to do was to fall asleep; however, the two females could not bear to sleep while being sticky and wet and quickly undressed themselves into the shower. Within the fog of the water vapor, Mindy watched her mother's ample body reveal itself as Cindy unclipped her bra.

The daughter had always known her mother had a top-notch figure, but the pair of melons in front of her now was at least two cups larger in size from what she remembered in her timeline. Then, she peeked at her own sprouting orange, twitched her mouth and could not believe she already had a bra worthy bounty at her current age.

Mindy recollected the memory of her happily ingesting the thick ooze, her mouth twitched again in greater depth and had an idea what her and her mother had been eating that caused this growth. The daughter could only let out a sigh inside for the unfairness of her family's fate in the previous timeline compared to the present.

"Mommy! Let me scrub your back."

"Oh, thank you, sweetheart!" Cindy was delighted at her daughter.

Mindy had a mischievous smile as she put her hands on Cindy's back. From the waist, the daughter's hands reached underneath the bountiful melons and caught Cindy by surprise.

"Mommy, did you get bigger?"

Cindy's face turned slightly red and nodded her head, but it was hardly noticeable within the fog of the shower. She was surprised at her own growth spurt at her age, in her late twenties. But speaking of which, similar to Catherine and Sharon, her appearance had been returning to her teenage years. She attributed this to the effect of her awakening thanks to the thick ooze.

"You will be as big as mommy too one day." Cindy flicked her naughty daughter in the forehead.



After putting Mindy to bed, Cindy went to Leo's room with a towel and hot water. Cindy walked in on the same sight his mother had walked into almost every night since the black mist. Leo's raging dragon was trying to tear through the fabric of his pants, which were painfully stretched.

"This size…," she blushed. It seemed to be beyond her expectation even though she knew ahead of time.

Cindy began to remove Leo's stained clothing in order to wipe him down with the towel. It was the least she could do after he rushed to their rescue. Leo's body was extremely ripped and looked uncharacteristic from his youthful appearance. Cindy could not help but to be attracted by its glamour as her hand swept down the pack of abs on his stomach. Seeing him like this gave her the feeling of security she never received from her husband.

She finally moved on to his lower body and the towering rod that had been asserting its presence since the very beginning. Cindy could not take her eyes off the behemoth as she lowered Leo's pants. The strong male musk of his manhood was already turning her on.

Cindy stared at the colossal tower in astonishment, then finally brought her hands to feel the length and manly girth. She had wanted a chance for something to happen between her and Leo, it would have been preferable if Leo was awake, but now was also a good time. She could take her time now to mentally and physically prepare for the oversize endowment. Then,when the time is right, she will try to captivate him with her charm and form a relationship that will protect her and her daughter.


Mindy was never really asleep, she got up and peeked at her mother through the crack in the door. She had a hunch of what her mother had been planning to do. She was feeling perplexed as she was reminded of the times when her mother had to make the same sacrifices for their survival. Memories of Cindy being abused by men on her bed were still quite vivid in Mindy's mind. On those same nights, her withered mother would hug her on the bed and cry until both fell asleep.

Yet, Cindy's determination to live on had never faltered as it passed on to Mindy even after her death, for the memories of Cindy's struggle and pain was what kept Mindy moving forward in the blighted subsequent years.

The moment she finished processing her memories of this world, she already knew it was only a matter of time for both of them to become Leo's women. That man, no, the monster named Leo was revered as a harem king in the future. The kingdom of women under his command was one of the strongest factions in the nation. Officially, he was known as a demi-god due to his prowess, but few ever saw him in action.

Even though Leo denied himself to be called the harem king as he thought he only maintained one relationship and treated all other women with respect, his sister Sarah had sent thousands of women onto his bed during his sleep and his monster had thoroughly dominated every single one of them. Naturally, his presence alone attracted females. Mindy only knew of this secret as she once had a friend that proudly proclaimed herself as Leo's loyal sex slave.

As Mindy finished recollecting her thoughts, Cindy had also finished massaging the majestic tower and positioned her body. She slipped down her drenched panties and brushed her flower on the thickened glans to prepare her opening for the oversized load.

"Is mommy going to do it? There is no turning back after," she had heard enough about the legend of Leo to know that if his massive manhood penetrated the women's body, they were as good as submissive sex toys for him if he ever had such of intention.

This phenomenon was not simply due to lust; researchers in her timeline had theorized that humans or almost any creature, after being exposed to the black mist, had a bodily tendency to crave for higher tiers of evolution. There were many other cases of humans becoming fanatics, worshipping and addicted to the sources that can propel them into a higher form of existence. Leo was simply an extremely amplified version of that kind of source and did not take advantage of his power.

Her mother was finally ready to let the monster inside her. Cindy slowly lowered her body and let the fist-sized tip stretch her front entrance. Judging from the expression, mommy had an orgasm with just the tip inside. Cindy's tunnel was rather short and Leo's massive manhood was almost touching the entrance of the womb after sliding a few inches.

Cindy took the rod deeper and bent down to give Leo another round of deep, hot French kisses. She had hoped that Leo would wake up from the stimulation, surprised by her gift, for that was the plan all along. Unfortunately, her plan and endurance were to no avail as Leo continued to remain like a log, an extra thick one at that.

However, just as Cindy was about to lift herself up, Mindy watched as Leo's waist thrust upward as he pulled her mother down with his hands. A loud and wet squelching sound reverberated throughout the room; her entrance was thoroughly stretched wide and an obscene bulge in the shape of Leo's manhood was formed deep inside Cindy's belly.

Cindy's eye rolled back and fainted for a brief moment; her legs were left without strength and she rested her weight on Leo's crotch. Pleasure triumphed over pain as the stimulation hitting the brain had caused her to have a black out.

Leo was still asleep! His murmuring movement on the mouth with his eye closed showed that he was having a dream. His "bad sleeping habits" caused him to thrust Cindy in full force and insert the entirety of his monster inside of her.

"Mommy!" Mindy instinctively shouted out. She wanted to rush to her mother's side, but Cindy returned to consciousness as Leo started to thrust his oversized manhood in a rhythm.

Cindy let out moans of ecstasy that even made her daughter jealous and the cheeks flushed red. She did not realize her daughter was peeking. Her mind had already been seized by pleasure as she stuck her tongue out and her eyes wandered into the void.

She could not fathom what she was experiencing, she felt like a virgin that had never known sex. Yet, she truly had never known sex until she had Leo's unparalleled size into her sanctuary. This was the moment when she chose to completely forget about her husband and had every desire to be dominated by the sleeping boy until her mind was broken.

Mindy watched all this and worried for her mother's mental strength. She knew Leo from his reputation, that he would not treat women like objects that only served to quench his sexual urges; but that would not stop her mother from willingly becoming a submissive onahole and his personal cum dumpster. Cindy's expression was telling Mindy that her mother was already close to losing it.

However, Mindy did not want to interrupt her mother, as it was also a trial for Cindy to overcome. For any human being on the path of evolution, they must first learn to control their desires and urges. Because everyone will face similar situations of losing oneself at some point in time regardless of the path they were taking.

Leo was ruthless with every thrust. If not for Cindy's enhanced body, he would have been pounding on dead meat. Under Mindy's watchful gazes, Leo finally reached climax and Cindy's belly expanded in front of her daughter's eyes.

Having reached orgasm once again herself, Cindy finally regained her consciousness. Realizing he had ejaculated, she was horrified for a moment by the huge amount inside of her. Familiar feelings were beginning to flow through her body. Thick ooze flowed out from their intersection and she glanced at the white yogurt in suspicion.

Her mind was still fuzzy, but she took a scoop and brought it to her nose. 'This thickness… this smell…,' Then she finally took a lick at her finger and her eyes widened. 'And this taste!' She had finally found out that the yogurt she AND her daughter had been eating for weeks were all Leo's thick ooze. The realization got her completely awake.

"Oh, my goodness!"

Her brain had temporarily stopped working to process the information. So... the boy's thick ooze was able to get her in heat every time; it also awakened and strengthened her and her daughter. Needless to say, the amount of thick ooze Leo had to produce to keep up the constant supply was enormous. She looked at her inflated belly and was overcome with awe at Leo for being such a monster.

However, before the young mother could calm down from her discovery and rest her tired body, Leo's towering rod was still restless and started another round of thrusting.

"Wait!" Cindy was not ready.

However, Leo was still asleep and ignored Cindy's plight. With every thrust, the rod stirred the volume of thick ooze inside of her womb and the sensation she felt was inexplicable. Cindy was once again lost in pleasure and eventually fainted on top of the boy.

For Mindy, she was rather glad that their fate in this world would be under Leo's future banner. She was rather repulsed by the idea in her previous timeline, but since her mother was still alive now, Mindy would make the best of the situation and was assured her mother would have a bright future ahead.

"As expected of mommy, the best time to form a relationship with the future demi-god is now!"

Even Mindy knew it is a great idea to hug a thick leg if you got the chance, just that she planned to hug Leo's third leg with her mommy. The girl watched her mommy get cream pied once again as Cindy's already inflated womb expanded.

Leo's monster was still tireless and energetic, but the boy had finished his dream and his manhood still stood proud and quietly rested inside the warmth of Cindy's womb.

Mindy approached her unconscious mother. She took a close look at Cindy's over-stretched flower that was still impaled by Leo's overwhelming girth, thick ooze was flowing out from the perimeter of their intersection.

"This was the giant meat rod that she kept talking about. It's already so big now, I wonder what it will be like in ten years." Mindy then stepped her small bare foot on one of Leo's twin orbs, which almost covered the whole sole of her foot. "And this is where all the magic is stored… It feels goddamn stuffed and hard. I will probably hurt my foot instead if I kick it."

Then Mindy's gaze finally returned to her unconscious mother, "I should probably pull mommy out now; it will be bad if Leo does it again."

She struggled to lift and pull her mother, while stepping on Leo's orbs, which accidentally let the monster inside Cindy discharge a couple more shots. The result was Cindy's gaping flower remained overstretched with thick ooze gushing out from the entrance.

"Can't let this go to waste." she said as she looked at Cindy's inflated belly and placed her mouth to cover her mother's gaping flower.

Mindy had even sampled Leo's thick ooze in her other timeline. It was a high value commodity among the females at that time. She would not have eaten it, were it not for her desperation to increase her strength and her friend kindly provided her the solution. It was the first time she reached orgasm in her life and she understood how powerful the effect of the semen could be.

At the dark corner of the room, there was another pair of eyes that watched from the start to end within the shadows. A grin appeared on her mouth as she quietly exited the dorm, then held up her phone.

"Mom, Leo is asleep, he is with Cindy and Mindy… Yes, they are all fine and no one was severely injured… Alright, I will come back now and pick them up tomorrow… Ok, we will talk when I am back home."

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