Levi and Charlotte

Author: Adira_Hikari
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  • 117 Chs
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What is Levi and Charlotte

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"In a world where stereotypes reign, can Levi and Charlotte overcome their differences and show everyone that love knows no boundaries?" Levi and Charlotte is a captivating high school romance novel that follows the tumultuous love story between Charlotte Melbourne, an introverted student, and Levi Wright, the notorious bad boy with a hidden heart of gold. Charlotte Melbourne lives in London with her family. She admires the quiet life and avoids trouble unlike her younger brother who is the direct opposite of her. Almost abruptly, her meticulously structured life takes an unexpected turn as her family emigrates to the U. S. Coincidentally, she transfers to Levi's school. Levi Wright is the classic definition of a bad boy with his irresistible charisma and rebellious nature. His parents aren't happy with his rambunctious antics even his twin brother, Jacob. Deep beneath the surface, Levi hides the scars of a painful childhood, seeking solace in bullying, smoking and motorcycle rides. When these two completely opposite worlds collide, it sets off sparks that neither of them can ignore. Initially, Charlotte is determined to steer clear of Levi, knowing that he can only lead to trouble and heartache. However, a twist of fate lands them as seat mates in school, forcing them into each other's lives.

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good novel author. highschool romance is always something dramatic yet lovely. Also r u a new writer. if so then welcome to the writer community


The story caught my attention from the beginning. it is one of the best romance I have indulged in on this platform.


I love the entire book. The author should please update more.


Teenage issues are tricky, but sweet. I like this kind of novel. Keep writing


A wholesome story with a intriguing plot, love it author! Please keep it up!


The story is quite nice and it is well written enough to portray the emotions of the characters. It's no wonder it got contracted immediately... Keep working on it and focus on promoting your novel to gather more views...


I honestly think that Webnovel should put a spotlight on this novel. it's fun to read and trust me, you won't get bored while reading . Kudos to the author . I highly recommend this novel .


Reveal spoiler


it is done, I'm officially hooked by this book the synopsis alone is gold 🤧🤧


I love the way the author describes the Female lead. She has her weaknesses being shy and an introvert and also she is fierce especially around her brother lol. I await future works


Your grammar is superb and there are hardly any grammatical errors. Although i'm not a fan of high school romance I choose to place in my library so I can look forward to your future chapters, Keep it up, Author. [img=recommend]


The novel is pretty good. I like how the author has given a clear explanation of everything. Waiting for more chapters to come! Good luck


The novel is slow burn but I love it.The way the characters are portrayed, their flaws and even the plot arrangement is fire. Give it up for Adira


Wow, this is an interesting book. The book is captivating. Keep it up dear author.


This is the most amazing highschool romance with a hint of thriller. The way hide and seek is introduced will help character development of all the characters. The love story also goes a long way. kudos.


Synopsis quite catchy and intriguing I'm honestly impressed by this work from the author.Kudos to the author and keep up the good work


Its been a while since I read a high school romance story but loving it. Especially dt JK stan🤣🤣🤣🤣 its gonna be refreshing. keep up d good wek☺️🤗


hahahaha.. i give it a perfect grade.. this is really fun to read honestly . so refreshing especially you have a different writing style.. so I'm enjoying and invested to your story ❤️❤️❤️. I just put a review going to read more of your chapters now. ❤️


Interesting opening to a high school romance flick. Seeing it from the perspective of a teenage girl gives an interesting insight into the feelings on the other side of the gender discourse. The pace is not bad either. I would advise you take time to proof read your work though. Otherwise not a bad job at all.


It's amazing how the characters really blend in with the story. I love my book 😍


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