97 Playing games

"Is that why you were pushing yourself so hard all this time?" Nadia asked as her lips trembled and formed a small smirk.

"Amongst other things, yeah," Mathew replied and nodded his head, painfully aware of how Nadia's small smirk grew into a wide grin.

"Oh, you little," Nadia muttered in a flirty tone as she pushed her boobs out and pressed them against Mathew's chest. "If you wanted to have some fun with me, you only needed to say a word, you know?" she added with a smile brighter than the sun itself.

"No can do." Mathew shook his head. "Sure, I would love to just sleep with you until the judgment day comes... But how could we enjoy ourselves without making sure we are safe first?"

This was the truth behind Mathew's determination to establish the fortress.


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