362 Fishing out the cores

"Finally home," Daria muttered, holding her hands as far away as she could from her body.

She was still covered in the lobster's guts, trying her hardest with every step to ignore the disgusting matter all over her clothes.

"Go get yourself cleaned up," Mathew muttered, before reaching out and patting Daria's shoulder. "You did well," he added before gently pushing the girl forward, through the current entrance to the school's base.

"You don't need to wait for the next step," Daria said as she went on ahead, raising her hand as she left, "I'm going to take a long while to clean it all off."

"Sure thing," Mathew replied, waving his hand at the girl before proceeding into the school.

'I'm not clean myself,' he thought, looking down at the state of his clothes, 'but I should manage, for now at least," he thought.


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