162 First step of the exploit

"So it's something like that," Mathew's junior muttered while leaning over a piece of paper marked with several numbers.

"Any ideas?" Mathew asked, a hint of impatience flashing in his eyes.

Just explaining the problem without revealing its exact details took a while. Covering the paper with numbers and graphs took another moment.

"It would be far easier with a computer, to be honest," Mathew's junior sighed.

He appeared to be around sixteen years of age. He had short, brown hair and eyes of a color hanging between deep brown and dark green. He wore a set of thick glasses that accented the hint of intelligence hidden within his expression.

A type of silent honor student.

And this young man now raised his gaze from the papers and turned into Mathew's face.

"I think I can get the gist of it," he said, straightening his back formerly bent over the piece of paper with all the data.


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