364 Alice's miscalculation

*Five minutes earlier*

"This doesn't make any real sense…" Alice muttered while furiously tapping her fingers against the floating hologram of a keyboard.

She had her eyes glued to the holoscreen floating roughly a meter away from her face and surrounding roughly eighty percent of her entire vision span.

Alice's fingers stopped. She locked a certain set of data on the screen before raising her thumb to her mouth and chewing on its fingernail.

'So cute,' Castor thought from the back of the ship.

Despite gaining the grace of the auditor, he decided against changing his sanctuary for a newer, bigger ship. He was too used to this small piece of junk that he called home for more than three consecutive missions.

Alice, at first, wasn't all too pleased with the idea of staying on such a piece of wreckage welded together to form the tiniest sanctuary the procedures allowed. And yet, after only a few days, she grew not only used but also attached to the tiny insides of the ship.


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