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TLDR; A man gets transmigrated as Nie Li in Tales of Demons And Gods and inherited Sung Jin Woo's Leveling System Synopsis: To transmigrate into your favorite novel is like a pie that falls from the sky. An old adage, but not for Jake, unfortunate-fortunately. As an ordinary father with two brats to feed, what great change can he bring in a world full of Demonic Beasts and Demon Spiritualists? This is what he initially thought but then a system screen hovered in the air. [You have unlocked the Leveling System] A grin curved into his mouth. “Man, I inherit Sung Jin Woo's system and now I am ten-year-old Nie Li? Ai, c'mon, stop pulling my leg. Seriously, stop pulling my leg!” [Hero's Preparation] Hehe....it's starting. It can't be helped, though saving the world seems hard, maybe I'll be fine with the system... Ding. [You have been transported to E Rank Instant Dungeon] [Kill the the monsters to survived] ...Fuck. I'll take it back. I'm dead.

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Second Chance

Staring at the system screen, he was somewhat speechless. He rubbed his eyes and looked ahead, but it was still there.

"There's no way. C'mon stop pulling my leg!"

He shook his head in denial.

Being a fool in his paradise was not a good indicator. It would only aggravate his wounded heart.

'Seriously, stop pulling my leg. Me, an ordinary-looking human, to have a system? Pfft, that's the greatest joke I've ever heard."

Although saying that, he could not help giving it a few more glances, but it still floated there.

It was that time the screen suddenly stretched into a lengthy status bar. It seemed to show his characteristic details.


Name: Nie Li

Title: None

Realm: None

Level: 0

MP: 0

Strength: 7 (0-star Common)

Vitality: 7 (0-star Common)

Agility: 8 (0-star Common)

Intelligence: 9 (0-star Common)

Sense: 10 (1-star Common)


"Eh? It's indeed real!"

Nie Li lowered his head as if in deep thought, but down there one could see his mouth moving and twitching. He lifted his head and the moonlight lit up his stupid grin.

"Oi! Oi! I can't believe it. A system?!"

He screamed inwardly like a raging volcano that had erupted.

When he first appeared in this world, he had been incredibly depressed with his situation. He had many things that he wanted to change but because of his lacking capability, he could only stare in the distance as time passed, waiting for the doomsday to arrive.

But now that a system appeared, he finally had that capability he desperately wanted to obtain.

Nie Li suddenly lowered his head and frowned. He sat up on his bed and looked at the bed sheets.

"Having a system is indeed great news, but I should not let my guard down. Being confident is alright, but being overconfident will destroy me someday. So what should I be now is to work hard and understand how this system works..." Nie Lie raised his head and stared at his basic statistics.

His brows squinted.

"Level? This looks like an RPG...But this world is xianxia, so technically what should I get is a sign-in or simulator system... Wait!"

Nie Li shook his head. Then stared at the system. The more he stared, the more his eyes widened.

"Man, isn't this Sung Jin Woo's system?" Nie Li's mouth opened in a wow shape. "I'm a big fan of Solo Leveling, so how can I not remember the design of its system?"

He bit his lips and tears trickled from his eyes. "But damn it. If I haven't died, I could have watched its anime adaptation. Curse you death!"

Nie Li loosened his clenched fist and shook his head.

"Anyway, since this is Leveling System, I already have a basic understanding of it and my general route of growth."

"Now what I only need to do is to hone my combat skills."

"But how should I start this thing?"

Nie Li swept at the system. At that moment, it suddenly sounded like a mechanical voice and a mail appeared.

[You have a new message]


Nie Li reached out and clicked the mail.

— Congratulations on becoming the selected [Player] (Unread)

'As usual'

Nie Li nodded. 'Confirm.'


[Congratulations Earthling, you have been chosen to become the 'player'. This system is a gift that God bestowed upon the Player. God hoped that it could help the Player conquer the objectives. It is designed to support the growth of the 'Player''. There are potential penalties that may be issued when failing to comply with the System's instructions.]

[Additional message]

[Would the 'Player' like to meet God?]

"Do I want to meet God?"

Nie Li's eyes flashed.

"Yes, I'd like to meet God."

After this, Nie Li's vision suddenly distorted and the next time he opened his eyes, he appeared within a white space.

He raised his head. There was a small table ahead. Right beside it sat an old man in white robes with a long, white beard.

Nie Li opened his mouth and muttered. "...Gandalf?"

As if the old man had sensed him, he turned in his direction and smiled as he stroked his beard. "Huhu, come here, little one. Take a seat."

Nie Li looked around him and then walked over. He sat opposite the old man and cleared his throat.

"Are you God?"


Nie Li nodded and spread his hand. "It's a pleasure to meet your Almighty." He said and took a deep breath. "There are a few things I'd like to clarify."

"Uhu..." God stroked his beard. "I presumed you wanted to ask about them."

"Yes. And also the reason for my death." Nie Li added.

"About them...." God swept his gaze around and paused when he looked at the right side. There was a staff sprawled on the ground. He gestured and the staff floated towards him. It then landed in his hand.

Nie Li stared at the staff and then at God. He said seriously. "God, forgave my lack of disrespect, but are you Gandalf?"

"Huhu, I wonder..." God smiled and said. "But weren't you asking about them? Why not look at it yourself?"


Nie Li tilted his head a little but God did not reply. He instead waved the staff gently.

A miracle happened, as a transparent screen appeared in the air.

On that screen played a video of a woman walking about the graveyard with two children. The rain poured heavily and the three were shielded with an umbrella. They halted in front of a grave and tears started streaming out of their eyes. Amidst the deluge, the sounds of sorrow were suppressed.


Sadness poured out of Nie Li's eyes. He lifted his head and softly sighed. "How did I die?"

"It was a heroic death," God responded and waved the staff again.

Nie Li watched the current image disappear as another transpired. It was a man who saved a child that was about to fall from the second floor. And after saving the child, the man ended up falling into the staircase. His neck was broken.

"I see..."

As the image disappeared, Nie Li closed his eyes. A memory that he had forgotten resurfaced in his head.

That day it was his secondborn's birthday. It was supposed to be a joyous day, but because his firstborn was playing mischievously, he tripped and fell down.

But Nie Li who was next to his kid was quick to act and managed to save his child but at the cost of his life.

God looked at the disheartened man and laughed. "Huhu, little one, what if you were given a chance to turn back time...at that very moment?"

"I..." Nie Li raised his head and said. "I'd do anything..."

God looked at the distance as if staring at a remote planet. "They say that there is a second chance in life...And this is yours—Jake, no. Nie Li, this is your second chance. Can you do it?"

"Do what?"

"Can you bring humanity out of that gigantic walls? You leading humanity to the vast land where they are free?"


Nie Li was not confident.

God stared at Nie Li and said. "How about we make a deal?"

"A deal?" Nie Li was confused.

"Yes. Achieve that objective and I'll give you that second chance. The real second chance to turn back to that time prior to the incident. Do you accept?"

Nie Li took a deep breath and clenched his fist.

"If that's what it takes..."

"Then, I wish you good luck. Nie Li. I hope you don't waste it."

God waved his hand and blinding light flashed. The next moment Nie Li opened his eyes, he appeared in a dark underground.


[Hero's Preparation]

[Description: As the chosen hero to live in the Tales of Demons and Gods, your goal is to bring humanity toward the vast land. A future where humans are not threatened by beasts.]

[You have been transported to E Rank Instant Dungeon — Hapjeong Subway Station]

[Kill the monsters and survived]

"Fuck. I'm dead..."

Nie Li stared dumbfoundedly in front of him.

"Isn't this Sung Jin Woo's first insta dungeon?"

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