Level up Zombie

Zain Talen, your average college slacker, was busy skipping class to go play a new video game he had just bought, when a strange woman came running his way. Before he could get out of the way she collided with him. Quickly picking herself up she ran away leaving behind a pendant. Without knowing where she went Zain pocketed it and decided to look for her after his gaming session. During his binge, he heard it. *Bang *Bang *Bang His door was assaulted with the banging of someone who sounded desperate to get in. Rushing to open the door he found himself overpowered by something and not soon after felt a sharp pain on his neck. Vision fading in and out Zain found himself at death's door. "Could this be the end?" [Congratulations!] [You have been turned into a zombie!] [QUEST RECEIVED- Begin your horde!] [infected 0/10] [Level 1]

JKSManga · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
318 Chs

The Reborn

It was rare for Zain to feel anything, but at the moment, his hands were a bit shaky, and he could only imagine it was due to nerves. If it were people or zombies he was up against, he wouldn't mind, but there was something about meeting others similar to him that created a strange feeling within him.

Kun walked forward while Zain and Skittle followed with Jelly at the very back. Although his size was large, his footsteps weren't heavy like the Titan they had gone up against.

Then, three people walked around the corner and looked up to see Kun. Although three 'people' wouldn't be the right term to describe them because they were, without a doubt, Zombies.

Just like Kun, all of them had wounds somewhere on their bodies. It now made sense why Kun was so surprised when he saw Zain and why he also remarked that the latter was one of the lucky ones.