Level up Zombie

Zain Talen, your average college slacker, was busy skipping class to go play a new video game he had just bought, when a strange woman came running his way. Before he could get out of the way she collided with him. Quickly picking herself up she ran away leaving behind a pendant. Without knowing where she went Zain pocketed it and decided to look for her after his gaming session. During his binge, he heard it. *Bang *Bang *Bang His door was assaulted with the banging of someone who sounded desperate to get in. Rushing to open the door he found himself overpowered by something and not soon after felt a sharp pain on his neck. Vision fading in and out Zain found himself at death's door. "Could this be the end?" [Congratulations!] [You have been turned into a zombie!] [QUEST RECEIVED- Begin your horde!] [infected 0/10] [Level 1]

JKSManga · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
318 Chs

China Town

For a second, Zain's hand hovered over the door handle. He was so close to finally finding another meteorite. It was only a few metres away for him to see what these things were. However, there was also the chance that it could be nothing, and the meteorite was not even active unlike the last one he had seen. 

The most likely case was that the military had already taken all the living and brought them in for testing. Still, there was a small chance, and it was just past that door. 

"Hey Zain, come on, let's get out of here," Kun said. 

In the end, Zain believed that, for some reason, Shark knew more than him in this situation, and as the saying went, curiosity killed the cat; it was better to play it safe and follow what Shark wanted, at least for now.

He stepped back, and soon, everyone was back in the alleyway, having exited from the restaurant's backdoor. Shark was already walking ahead and heading back in the direction they had come from.