Level Up Legacy

[You Leveled Up!] [You have learned a new rune.] Arthur Silvera's world just glitched. His mysterious new 'Legacy' is transforming him – a nobody – into the ultimate stat-absorbing, rune-crafting powerhouse. But is this power a gift... or an unmanageable bug? In a world of magic-infused tech, Arthur must master his abilities to survive. Monstrous dungeons, mech-powered guilds, and realms beyond imagining await… but with a Legacy this broken, the whole system might just come crashing down around him. *** Discord Server: https://discord.gg/GFD6p9sByS

MellowGuy · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1302 Chs

Stealing a Mecha

After the speech by General Ro, they were guided toward the storage rooms where each squad made another line waiting. As words circulated, they heard that The Runes Association had provided artificial artifacts to combat the Calamity Spider. 

Arthur had no plans to take any, and it wasn't mandatory. So, he left his squad after the leader reminded him that he needs to be at the gate in three hours. Although there was a lot of time left, they were afraid some would desert at the last seconds. 

Too bad that it was Mistletoe's plan all along. That's why he wanted to meet with Ivy and the rest to see how their plan would unfold. As he walking through the fortress, a hand grabbed him from the shadows and pulled him into a corner hidden from view. 

It was Ivy, a few inches away from him, holding his mouth so he wouldn't scream. Seeing he wasn't startled; she removed her hand and grinned.