7 Otherworldly Paradise

As he was getting ready to sleep, Arthur checked his email out of habit. He then found a transaction made to his bank account, the one he shared with his family. Confused, Arthur opened the email and found that a transaction has been made earlier today. 

As he read the number transferred to his account, he was even more confused as it was 3000 dollars.

"Just what is this?"

Arthur tried to mull over it for a while before suspecting Yuran. He went and called Alan, but his phone was out of service. Arthur didn't know how to contact Yuran to give him the money. He saved Yuran's life to repay the debt of the gunman saving him. 

He didn't want to be further indebted to him, nor anyone. As he had no contact information, he decided to leave it for now until he saw Yuran in the future.

"For now, I should just sleep."


Early the following day, Arthur awoke feeling more refreshed than ever. He slept for 11 hours straight since he didn't get much sleep the day prior. He took a bath and started using his phone after he got out. What he wanted to do today was simple. He has planned to register in the Union. He sent an application before starting to test his Legacy.

[Scholar Guardian's Legacy]

[Level: 2 (3%)]

[Strength: 14]

[Agility: 13]

[Stamina: 14]

[Perception: 10]

[Mana: 1/1]

[Abilities: Beginner Runes Wordsmith (1%), Useable Runes: 4]

[Skills: None]

[Stats Points: 1]

He still hasn't used his available stats point. Since yesterday, he thought about what direction to take, and he came out with an obvious answer. It was mana. The only reason he waited until now is in case adding points made him vulnerable in the process. As he asked the Legacy to increase his mana, a warm current spread in his body. His head ached a little, but it was bearable. Then, a few words appeared.

[Your mana has been increased by 1. Mana: 2/2]

It was easy, fast, and harmless. Furthermore, Arthur enjoyed the feeling of growing stronger. As his mana doubled, he felt even more refreshed and energized than earlier. As he was about to try the runes, his phone rang with a notification.

He received an email from the Union for a test to verify his license. As the Union gave awakeners special care, they scheduled him to take their tests this afternoon. He cleaned the house and wore his best clothes before heading out.

The Union's branch was downtown, so he needed to take a ride. He arrived at the station fifteen minutes later and paid for a runic train, although it was more expensive than a normal one. He boarded the train and sat down.

There were still two minutes before they set off, so Arthur opened some articles about the Union's tests. As he was reading, he heard the doors closing, so he powered off his phone. He looked through the window and saw a myriad of colors starting to appear as the runes on the train began to lit up one by one. He tried to study them, but they disappeared too quickly.

[Ability level is insufficient.]

Arthur was amazed as he read these words. It seems that he can try and study some runes, hopefully acquiring them. He made a mental note to go to the library later.

The next moment, he was at his destination. 

He didn't know if it was teleportation or high-speed magic attraction, but this mechanism allowed everyone to travel from one place to the other instantaneously.

A bustling crowd greeted him after he left the station. 

It was always like this downtown. Skyscraper's filled his view with their multicolored billboards and cloud-reaching architecture. Flying mounts like giant ravens, draconic eagles, and mystical serpents danced in-between, filling Arthur with awe. 

Only then did he remember his dream as a kid of exploring everything. Now, however, it seemed he had too grand of a dream. With his Legacy, maybe, just maybe, he had a chance.

The Union also sent him the branch's location, so he didn't need directions. He tapped the link they sent and waited until it showed him the way. The test was at 3 PM, so he had three more hours left. 

Walking there would probably take him half an hour, so he decided to spend some time at the arcade first before going there. He wasn't used to these kinds of expenditures, but he decided to treat himself to lessen his nervousness.

He wasn't worried about passing the test. He was sure that he would pass the first test. Unless the scanning arrays were broken, him being an awakener was undisputable. What worried him was his Legacy. He didn't know if the Union would register his ability as Rune Wordsmith or they would discover his Legacy. Either way, he felt like he couldn't trust the Union. Not after what happened to his father years ago.

The red neon sign of the arcade broke his train of thoughts. It was called Otherworldly Paradise, and it was a famous attraction of Kera city. He followed a group of students inside and imitated them by buying a credit card and charging it.

The last time he came here, they used cash, but he wasn't that ignorant about things like these. He took his card and found a virtual combat game called The Last Survivor. 'The test can't be worse than fighting someone, so let's play this one.'

He felt his head touch the seat's headrest, which had inscribed runes to allow his consciousness to enter the virtual game. He scanned his card with the machine by the armrest and felt the runes energy tickle the back of his head. On the screen in front of him, there was a countdown. Arthur rested his eyes and allowed his consciousness to be transported into the game.

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