Level Up Legacy

[You Leveled Up!] [You have learned a new rune.] Arthur Silvera's world just glitched. His mysterious new 'Legacy' is transforming him – a nobody – into the ultimate stat-absorbing, rune-crafting powerhouse. But is this power a gift... or an unmanageable bug? In a world of magic-infused tech, Arthur must master his abilities to survive. Monstrous dungeons, mech-powered guilds, and realms beyond imagining await… but with a Legacy this broken, the whole system might just come crashing down around him. *** Discord Server: https://discord.gg/GFD6p9sByS

MellowGuy · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1302 Chs


When the world realigned itself in front of him, Arthur found himself in a dimly-lit room. Shimmering and swarming lights, rune lines as Arthur perceived them, covered the walls from all directions. 

As if it was a giant jigsaw puzzle, the runes were there but incomplete. Gears linked to other gears made up the walls while leaving gaps of iron plates that the runes were inscribed upon. 

The air was damp and slightly shallow, but it wasn't anything Arthur couldn't survive in. His first step was accompanied by a dull metallic and the urgency of finding Tyrin. As he got closer to the wall, a question popped into his head. 

'Did Si know about this? Did he make a mistake? Maybe he never wanted me to stop the weapon. But why?'