Level-Up in the Cultivation World

He, who was once fragile and weak, now is holding sun and moon in both his hand. With a Level-up System aiding him, onwards to forge an undying legend of his own. Over coming myriad tribulations, here he stands with a sword in hand. An unknown soul of a distant world ends up travelling to a world of bloodshed and war. A world where heads start rolling for face and dignity. But where did all the start? Who was he before he became what he is now? Join us in this journey to find out about the one, 'He Who Transcends Nirvana'. Hello, dear Readers. I am Formless19, the author of the book - Level-Up in the Cultivation World. I hope you will enjoy reading my book because as the story progresses it will one get more fun. The initial chapters might be boring but give this novel a try, at 20 chapters, I am sure, you won't regret it. Also, check out my other book - The Cultivator's Odyssey. ----- Disclaimer: The image used as the book cover is not mine I fount it on Pinterest and if the creator of the image wants me to remove it, I will. Thank you.

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20 Chs

Eve before Sect Entrance Exam

Di Tianming finally decided to tell Su Lanyue the whole story behind his severe injuries.

Su Lanyue sucked in a cold breathe and gasped in shock while her eyes went wide when she heard how her Master almost killed him and threatened him leave her.

"T-Tianming...I should leave.", she decisively wanted to leave while thinking, "I can't let him get hurt anymore because of me. My master will definitely kill him the next time if I still am by his side."

She truly cared about him. However, before she could leave, a hand grabbed hers from behind, followed by a cold voice, "Where do you think you are going?", and pulled her back.

Caught off guard she couldn't react in time and fell into his arms.

"Let go!", she responded coldly as she struggled to break free, or at least pretended to put on resistance. Obviously, as a ninth-stage Spirit Body Realm cultivator, she could easily break free from his constrains but was afraid to hurt him.

"Is that so? Well, I can't live another second without you.", saying this, he decisively put his lips on hers.


Su Lanyue, too, stopped struggling when she felt the softness on her lips.

Passion erupted in the broad daylight. The Sun fell and the moon rose.

A couple could be seen sleeping soundly in their room under the moonlight. Suddenly, the woman's eyes fluttered open and her gaze fell on the azure haired youth in front of her.

Her tender gaze full of love.

She got off the bed and quickly put on her clothes before departing on her sword.

The azure haired youth eyes snapped opened as soon as she left and looked outside at the disappearing figure of the woman through his window.

He could clearly feel her sadness and helplessness due to his bloodline and muttered softly, "Just wait for me."

Sighing at his own weakness, he sat crossed legs and started comprehending the memories he had received of the Claws of Vengeful Tiger Sword Art.

This Sword Art utilized the blood qi of a Blood Warrior to bring out the full potential of the realm. It had four sword moves - One Slash, Two Slash, Three Slash and the Vengeful Tiger Slash.

The moves seemed quite easy to comprehend and practice. Thus, he decided to go to the outskirts of the city, into the Orchid forests to practice it tomorrow.

Then, he took out the Saber Art - the Wood Cleaving Saber Art and started reading it.

Very soon, he finished reading it and as expected, a notification screen popped up in front of his face.

[Ding! The new Martial Art has been recorded. Please go to the Status Window to upgrade it.]


[Name: Di Tianming]

[Age: 17]

[Bloodline: Evil-eyes Azure Tiger Bloodline (Spirit Grade) (+)]

[Cultivation: Peak-stage Blood Qi Realm (500/500) (+)]

[Cultivation technique: N/A]

[Martial Arts: Claws of Vengeful Tiger Sword Art(+), Wood Cleaving Saber Art(+)]

[Points: 10,156 ]


He quickly clicked on the '+' sign beside the Saber Art and another screen popped up in front of his eyes.

[Ding! Do you want to upgrade the Wood Cleaving Saber Art to:

1. High-grade Mortal Rank Martial Arts - 500 points

2. Peak-grade Mortal Rank Martial Arts - 1,000 points

3. Low-grade Spirit Rank Martial Arts - 10,000 points?]

Without even batting an eye to other options, he decisively chose the second one.


Once again, he entered a mysterious state of trance and memories about the brand new Saber Art began etching in his head.

Stone Cleaving Saber Art.

This was the name of the new Saber Art. It was much stronger than the Wood Cleaving Saber Art as it was much harder to cleave a rock than wood. However, it didn't have any special moves, only the utilization and output of blood qi used was increased by several folds.

"Tsk. What a waste!"

Di Tianming felt like he had wasted the 1,000 points and clicked his tongue in annoyance.

With only four days remaining, he invested all his time in practicing Sword Art in the Orchid Forest, not even eating meals, which was fine, for he was a Peak-stage Blood Qi Realm cultivator or what people commonly called, a Blood Warrior.

He had chosen not to practice the Stone Cleaving Saber Art because it didn't have any moves in it and he didn't even know the basics of Saber mastery.

Thus, completely focusing on the Claws of Vengeful Tiger.

Three days passed in a blink of an eye and today was the eve before the Sect Entrance Exam.

In the Orchid forest, strong winds were blowing as Di Tianming swung his sword and three blood-coloured light flashed and sped towards a boulder in the front.


Followed by the explosion, dust scattered all around. However, because the strong gale, it was quickly swept away, revealing a huge, deep mark on the boulder which looked like a claw mark.

This was the advantage of the Claws of Vengeful Tiger Sword art. Each slash was equivalent to three slashes. However, the consumption of the qi, too, was likewise huge.

Seeing the damage his attack had caused, he looked indifferently, saying, "Finally, I have mastered it."

Then, he looked at the darkening sky and decided to return to the Cloud Inn.

Heading back, on his way, he noticed that the streets were much quieter and desolate, barely any one could be seen.

"Seems like everyone is preparing for tomorrow."

He thought and increased his pace, for the silent nights were more dangerous.


In the courtyard of the Crown Prince Huang.

The Crown Prince was sitting in the garden as he gazed at the Moon and sipped on his tea. In front of him, Jiang Hao was standing.

"Has everything been arranged?", he asked coldly while his gaze shifted on Jiang Hao.

Jiang Hao hurriedly nodded before saying, "Yes, Senior Brother. I have already instructed several people to target that brat and eliminate him completely."

"Hm.", Crown Prince nodded lightly and his eyes flashed in cold light before closing.


A red figure hovered above the city and looked at it coldly. It was the red-robbed old daoist who had visited the Evil-eyes Azure Tiger's grave.

"I have been looking around the city for past three days! Yet, I have found nothing. However, I am still able to sense its aura here.", he said gloomily in his hoarse voice.

He continued speaking coldly, "Whosoever you are, you won't be able to escape me after ruining my effort." before disappearing.


Outside the Orchid Mountain City, deep within the Orchid Forest.

Ten black figures emerged out of darkness, their bodies emitting an eerie and sinister aura. However, their faces weren't visible due their hoods.

"Have they reported back?", one of them asked.

"Yes. Its tomorrow and apparently their are quite a lot of promising candidates this time."

"Hmm. Keep an eye on those promising once and have the spies report on their every movement."

"Tomorrow will be a big surprise for those bastards. Hahaha!"


All of them laughed sinisterly in unison.

"However, even though they don't know what we are planning, we must not let our guards down.", a figure spoke suddenly.

"Yeah, we shouldn't get relaxed due to our advantage lest we make a mistake.", another one spoke in agreement.

"Hey! Who is the most promising youth his time?", another one asked in curiosity.

"Well, the most popular and likely the most talented one is Huo Jian."

"The Huo Clan brat? That's unexpected."

"It sure is. The declining clan finally gave birth to a ray of hope."

"However, we will soon taint that ray in darkness!", a figure spoke with sinister sneer.


Once again, all ten of them burst into laughter. 


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