Level-Up in the Cultivation World

He, who was once fragile and weak, now is holding sun and moon in both his hand. With a Level-up System aiding him, onwards to forge an undying legend of his own. Over coming myriad tribulations, here he stands with a sword in hand. An unknown soul of a distant world ends up travelling to a world of bloodshed and war. A world where heads start rolling for face and dignity. But where did all the start? Who was he before he became what he is now? Join us in this journey to find out about the one, 'He Who Transcends Nirvana'. Hello, dear Readers. I am Formless19, the author of the book - Level-Up in the Cultivation World. I hope you will enjoy reading my book because as the story progresses it will one get more fun. The initial chapters might be boring but give this novel a try, at 20 chapters, I am sure, you won't regret it. Also, check out my other book - The Cultivator's Odyssey. ----- Disclaimer: The image used as the book cover is not mine I fount it on Pinterest and if the creator of the image wants me to remove it, I will. Thank you.

Formless19 · Eastern
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20 Chs

Bloodline Assimilation

"You can even do that?"

The more Di Tianming got know about the system, the more amazing he felt.

However, he was sure of one thing - as long as their were enough level-up points anything was possible.

He calculated in his mind that even if give chose to use 20,000 level-up point assimilate with the blood essence of the Evil-eyes Azure Tiger, he will be left with 10,000 points which he was okay with.

Besides, he had a feeling that it will be beneficial for him.

"Yes.", Di Tianming said after analyzing everything.

[Ding! Commencing bloodline assimilation!]

After hearing the notification of the system, his vision went dark as his body automatically sat in lotus position.

Red, star-like twinkling fragments, slowly started to flow out of the Evil-eyes Azure Tiger's body, entering Di Tianming's body.

His body began shivering, the moment the blood essence started entering his body and a wave of energy burst forth, turning his already tattered clothes into dust

It seemed to be it...but a fascinating process was happening inside his body.

Slowly, his veins began glowing in azure light as his body quivered in ecstasy. 

Then, his dirty, yellowish brown hairs and eyebrows started to fall and after a few minutes, he looked like a monk.

Through his pores black liquid started to ooze out, slowly forming a layer of that black substance.

If someone looked at him right now, they would probably run away shrieking, "Ghost!"

His body was slowly undergoing a qualitative change as he started to bulk up.

Time passed and an hour went by. Nothing happen.

Two hours...Three hours passed but Di Tianming didn't move an inch.

Four hours passed.

Suddenly, Di Tianming's body shivered for the second time, shaking the black layer off his body, revealing his smooth, pale white skin. His muscles bulkier and more well-defined than ever.

Slowly, azure coloured hair started to grow on his bald head and merely in a few minutes, it grew to his shoulder length. They looked smooth and silky.

The current Di Tianming looked completely different from his previous self. The difference was like heaven and earth.

[Ding! Bloodline Assimilation successful.]

He slowly open his eyes and just like his hair they too have turned azure in colour.

One could even guarantee that Di Tianming would turn heads of countless women and break countless couples just relying on his looks and body alone.

Taking a deep breathe, Di Tianming cried out, "F*ck! What is this foul smell!?" and noticed that the smell was coming off his body.

He sprinted out of the cave into the direction of a pond nearby. Soon, he spotted one and...


He directly jumped into the pond.


However, even before he could come on the surface, a feminine shriek entered his ears.


He quickly swum to the surface of the pond and saw maybe the most beautiful woman he had ever come across.

In front of him was a woman so beautiful that it felt like God, himself, had made her by his own hand.

Black hair, golden eyes and a symmetrical face along with symmetrical bo-. Ahem!

He had no words so, he just stared at her.


Su Lanyue had come across this beautiful pond when she was hunting beast in the forest and had an urge to take bath in it.

While she was enjoying her time her, suddenly, a naked man came running and jumped into the pond.

"Kyaa!!", she screamed, covering her bosom and immediately made the decision to kill whosoever that pervert was.

For a moment killing intent flashed in her eyes.

At this moment, the pervert came onto the surface of the pond. Su Lanyue was prepared to kill the man before he could violate her body through his eyes.

However, she stopped the moment she laid her eyes on him.

In front of her was a man with a beast-like muscles and abs. 

In her eyes, the man slowly ran his hand through his azure hair, revealing his face.

The chiseled jawline, those azure eyes and soft pink lips, and that beastly body were truly an eye candy for her.

"Oh, look at those big arms! Those azure eyes are so enchanting! Argh, isn't the water of this pond clean? Why is it blocking the view downwards? I wonder if he has azure hair there too-! Aiyo! Su Lanyue! Oh, Lanyue! Control yourself!"

At this point, she had already given up on her thoughts to kill him and just admired the view in front of her.

If only he knew what she was thinking, he would have burn incense and thanked his ancestors.

Unknowingly, a brief amount of time had passed.

Di Tianming was the first one to snap out of his dazed state and noticed the awkwardly silent atmosphere.

He said, "Ahem! Miss, I think you should cover yourself", as he tried his best to not look at her bosom.

"Huh? Ah! Yes, yes.", Su Lanyue, noticing her free-minded behaviour, quickly turned around while covering herself with her hand. Fortunately, the water was up to their waist.

"I-I will get out of the water.", Di Tianming hurriedly said as he got out of the pond.

"Turn around and don't look." Su Lanyue said loudly. 

"Although I won't mind you looking. Ah! Lanyue, stop being a pervert."

Her heart and mind doesn't seem to have the same thoughts. However, as she turned around, she saw the butt naked back of Di Tianming.

"Ah! Look at the body. How can I stop myself? His cultivation seems to be only at peak-stage of the Blood Qi Realm. I am much stronger than him, maybe I should force my-! Ah! Lanyue, you big pervert! Evil thoughts go away! Evil thoughts go away! ...."

However, her mind said something else, "Ah! Why are you naked!? Quickly, wear some clothes."

She quickly covered her eyes. Too busy to checkout those butt cheeks, she completely ignored the slave seal on his back. 

Di Tianming didn't know what to say, his mind was completely blank at the moment so, he lied in a flattering way, "Beautiful Miss, I have been hunting in the forest for days and as such, my clothes have been tattered all over and have nothing to wear right now. I-It might be shameful to ask but could you lend me some clothes."

"Clothes? What are those, can you eat them? How I wish to watch you like this all the time!"

She thought, however, still lend him some clothes from her spatial ring.

He received the clothes and was speechless. The clothe she had given him was a pink robe with butterfly embroidery.

However, he didn't ask for another set of clothes because he didn't want to seem too demanding. 

"Wait a minute. She is still in the pond so, how did she give me clothes?"

Di Tianming quickly realized that something was wrong. 

"Miss, how did you give me clothes while still being in water?"

"Oh! I am still wearing my Spatial ring.", she replied.

"Spatial ring?", he asked in confusion. "Those rings which had the ability to store items in them? Wow~"

"Oh, silly me. How can I forget that you are merely at Peak-stage Blood Qi Realm cultivator! You are also not from any sect, right? Its quite normal to not know about these stuff as only talented disciple of the sect are given these rings.", Su Lanyue said with a hint of pride in her tone.

"Wait. Peak-Stage Blood Qi Realm?" , Di Tianming was surprised as muttered softly, "Status."


[Name: Di Tianming]

[Age: 17]

[Bloodline: Evil-eyes Azure Tiger Bloodline (Spirit Grade) (+)]

[Cultivation: Peak-stage Blood Qi Realm (500/500) (+)]

[Cultivation technique: N/A]

[Martial Arts: N/A]

[Points: 10,156 ]


He was surprised to see that his cultivation has automatically increased after assimilating with the bloodline of the Evil-eyes Azure Tiger.

"Why are you not wearing clothes now?", Su Lanyue frowned a bit after seeing the man in front ignoring her.

"Ah! Yes.", Di Tianming heard the woman behind her and snapped out of his thoughts and quickly wore the robe given to him.

"I will be coming out of the pond now. So, close your eyes and don't try to peek otherwise I will gawk your eyes. Understood?", she said in a threatening tone. However, he heart was saying something else. 

"Please peek! Please peek! Please peek! Please peek!....."

Di Tianming stood in attention, like in military and replied, "Yes, ma'am!"

However, if he knew what this woman was thinking he would gladly comply.

As Su Lanyue was wearing her clothes, she asked, "Oh, I still don't know your name."

"Di Tianming.", he replied calmly.

"Di Tianming? Wow, your name sure is domineering just like your body.", she said sweetly.

"What?", Di Tianming thought he heard something wrong at the end.


"Oh! What is yours?", he asked.

"Su Lanyue."

"Your name is beautiful."

"Thank you.", she smiled, revealing her white teeth.

"Just like you bosom.", he muttered softly.



Strangely enough, they both had started to flirt back and forth.