Level-Up in the Cultivation World

He, who was once fragile and weak, now is holding sun and moon in both his hand. With a Level-up System aiding him, onwards to forge an undying legend of his own. Over coming myriad tribulations, here he stands with a sword in hand. An unknown soul of a distant world ends up travelling to a world of bloodshed and war. A world where heads start rolling for face and dignity. But where did all the start? Who was he before he became what he is now? Join us in this journey to find out about the one, 'He Who Transcends Nirvana'. Hello, dear Readers. I am Formless19, the author of the book - Level-Up in the Cultivation World. I hope you will enjoy reading my book because as the story progresses it will one get more fun. The initial chapters might be boring but give this novel a try, at 20 chapters, I am sure, you won't regret it. Also, check out my other book - The Cultivator's Odyssey. ----- Disclaimer: The image used as the book cover is not mine I fount it on Pinterest and if the creator of the image wants me to remove it, I will. Thank you.

Formless19 · Eastern
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20 Chs

A Conversation

The attack, however, was loud enough to wake up the Evil-eyes Azure Tiger.

The Azure Tiger's ears stood straight up and its evil eyes twitched open.


Its azure eyes glowed as its vertical pupils narrowed and locked onto Zhao Han. A white aura leaked out from its humungous body.

Evil-eyes Azure Tiger roared at Zhao Han. 



The Spirit Qi contained within the roar blew Zhao Han back. His fate unknown.

Azure Tiger, then, glanced at the unconscious and injured Di Tianming. It stood up and walked towards him, revealing a huge purple mark that ran throughout its abdomen.

It slowly bent down and picked up Di Tianming with its teeth and started walking back towards the cave, outside of which its was resting earlier.


Far, far away from the Xi'An town was located a place where experts from all walks of life visited.

It was a city of tradition and strength. A place full of joy and happiness. A home to countless powerful experts and families, and a region of dominance to the most powerful family of the Great Yan Dynasty.

This was the Yan Capital City.

Inside the tallest and most majestic palace of the Great Yan - the Imperial Palace, in a dimly lit room.

"How are the preparations going?", a blurry figure, sitting on his desk, asked. Due to the lack of light his figure remained vastly unknown.

"Your Majesty, we are already half way through and in a few years, all the preparation will be complete.", a figure dressed in black replied respectfully. The figure face was hidden in the cloak.

"Hmm.", the blurry figure nodded and waved its hand.

The other figure hurriedly cupped his hands and bowed before leaving.


Back to the forest. Inside the Evil-eyes Azure Tiger's cave, Di Tianming could be seen lying on his stomach. His back exposed. 

This wound caused by Zhao Han's last attack, a clear, straight slash wound could be seen on his back. Blood oozing out non-stop from it.

The Evil-eyes Azure Tiger looked at Di Tianming for a long time before it closed its eyes as if it had made a decision. 

Spirit Qi started to ooze out of the tiger's body and started moving towards the Di Tianming.

The white coloured qi was ethereal and beautiful, it was like an Aurora which could be commonly seen at the north and south poles of planet Earth.

Di Tianming's body twitched slightly when the spirit qi entered his body. The open slash wound slowly started to close, it was healing.

The process was slow yet fascinating and time, it was like a river, never going backwards.

Di Tianming had a dream.

A dream where he was sitting with his parents, from Earth, and was having a dinner. Everyone was laughing and smiling when, suddenly, everything turned dark in his vision and a figure appeared in front of him.

Seeing the figure, killing intent flashed in Di Tianming's eyes.

The figure was Zhao Han.

Di Tianming wanted nothing more but kill him. This fellow chased after him for hours and if it wasn't for encountering that beast-.

"Wait, beast?"

His thoughts came to halt when he realized something.

Suddenly, 'Zhao Han' jumped forward and slashed his sword at Tianming.


Unable to react in time, he could only use his hand to try blocking the sword and shouted.

"Hah! Hah! Hah!"

The unconscious Di Tianming jolted awake and looked at the scene in front of him.

It was a cave that was lightened by the moonlight.

"Where am I?"

He wondered as he stood up.

Suddenly, he felt like someone was staring at him and turned his head to the left.

It was then he saw a pair of azure coloured eyes staring at him intently.


Di Tianming screamed and jumped backwards in fright . His heart trembled in fear when he saw those pair of eyes.

However, what he saw next froze his entire body in one place.

The azure eyes came closer to him, revealing a black-stripped azure tiger. Its body as tall as a Maple tree, around ten feet tall.

"You owe me one, human."

A voice sounded in Di Tianming's head. It was a feminine voice, soft and gentle.

Di Tianming was startled, he looked at the azure tiger in front of him in surprise and asked, hesitantly, "A-Are you talking to me in my head?"

He had read about extremely powerful beasts who could speak but seeing it with his own eyes was fascinating and wonderful. 

He simply had no words to describe how he was feeling right now. It was a dream come true.

The Evil-eyes Azure Tiger nodded after hearing Di Tianming's question.

"Yes, human."


"With the help of Spirit Qi. Don't you know, human?"

Di Tianming shook his head.

"Well, your are an early-stage Blood Qi Realm warrior. So, its understandable that you don't know about Sound Transmission."

"Early-stage Blood Qi Realm? Isn't my cultivation Level-9 Mortal Realm? Is there a difference or is it just a name?"

Numerous questions popped up in Di Tianming's head, he also remembered Zhao Han talking about being a 'Blood Warrior' but at that time he didn't pay much attention to it.

However, now something similar was being mentioned again. He couldn't ignore it now but first, he needed to get the gist of the situation he was in.

"It doesn't seem to want to harm me. After all, I should have been dead by now after getting hit by that bastard's attack and be inside this tiger's stomach at the moment."

After getting the beast's confirmation, Di Tianming asked calmly, "What do you mean by me owing you? Can you please explain."

"I saved your life human. The other human, who was attacking you, was killed by me. I also healed your life threatening wounds."

The gentle voice once again sounded in Di Tianming's head.

Hearing how the Azure tiger in front of him had saved his life, Di Tianming felt grateful and was shocked to hear about Zhao Han's death.

"Just how strong is this Tiger?"

Having experienced Zhao Han's strength personally, he knew how powerful Zhao Han was. 

He, then, cupped both his hand and bowed deeply before saying, "Thank you, Senior for saving my life. If the opportunity arises, I will do anything to repay you for your grace."

The dignified manner in which Di Tianming expressed his gratitude impressed Evil-eyes Azure Tiger. It said,

"Human, the opportunity to repay me is in front of you."

The Azure tiger moved aside, revealing a small, round azure-coloured fur ball.

It continued, 

"This is my baby and I want you to raise it."

Hearing her, Di Tianming tilted his head in confusion and looked at the Evil-eyed Azure Tiger intently.

Understanding his confusion, Azure Tiger explained as she revealed the severe purple wound on her abdomen.

"I have been severely injured by an enemy and my life is nearing its end. So, I don't want to leave my baby here and let it become food for other beasts, I want you to protect it and raise it."

Saying this, she walked to the cub and licked it gently.

"If I may ask, who is this enemy of yours? How powerful is he?", Di Tianming asked curiously.

"Its a human cultivator. As for how strong he was, you don't need to worry about it. My enemy won't come after you as he doesn't know about the existence of my baby."

"Your enemy was a human yet, you want me, a human, to raise your cub?", he asked in bewilderment.

"You are different, human. We, of the Evil-eyes Tiger tribe, are especially sensitive to malice, evil, wrath and killing intent. I can easily determine if a living being is good at heart or not and I don't sense any ill intentions from you. So, yes, I am fine with you raising my child."

"Is that so? But I won't be able to protect your cub as I am not even able to defend myself currently.", Di Tianming said in a disappointed tone.

"You will be once you absorb this."

Evil-eyes Azure Tiger spat out a small ball like object after saying that.

"What is this?", he asked looking at the fist-sized golden metal ball with exquisite pattern all over it.

"Its my beast core. Once you absorb it, your strength will grow exponentially."

However, despite the Azure Tiger's explanation , Di Tianming looked at the metal ball in daze. He simply had no idea how he would absorb it.

Evil-eyes Azure Tiger looked at Di Tianming's absent minded expression and asked with uncertainty. 

"Do you...perhaps don't know about Beast Cores?"

Di Tianming nodded slowly.

"What about Cultivation? Cultivation Realms? Techniques? Martial Arts?"

The beast was doubtful but still asked him.

Di Tianming, once again, nodded helplessly. It was finally time he asked questions he had been holding in from the start of this conversation.


The Evil-eyes Azure Tiger signed. She wondered how unfortunate one must be to come across an idiot who didn't know a thing about cultivation yet was somehow a cultivator.