9 I have fiance now??

As Lu Zhen made his way to the palace, he couldn't help but overhear some murmurs among the servants.

"Looks like the young master's fiancée has arrived..."

"Madam and master are welcoming them personally..."

"I heard she is from the Jiang family... but they are just a second-rate family..."

A frown appeared on Lu Zhen's face as he heard the distant voices of the servants' gossip. Ever since he reached the divine physique level in his constitution, all his senses had been enhanced to a superhuman level. He could now hear and perceive things that were previously beyond his grasp.

After all the constitution is all rounded stats of Lu Zhen's body he is probably past being the strongest man in his previous world by now.

Not only did it grant lu zhen insane body strength it also enhanced lu zhens five senses.

The guards of the palace were stunned when they saw Lu Zhen, but they maintained their composure.

"We greet the young master," the guards said respectfully as they opened the door of the palace.

As Lu Zhen stepped inside, he was greeted by a simple yet spacious room with a brown marble-like object on the floor. The room had minimal furnishing, with only a few chairs placed around.

In those chairs, two men were seated. One had a muscular build and emitted a terrifying aura, but his aged face lacked vigor, bearing some resemblance to Lu Zhen. The other man had a leaner build and a weaker aura, but he appeared somewhat younger, displaying a hint of vitality despite his aged appearance.

Seated beside the muscular man was Lu Zhen's mother, indicating that he was his cheap father in this world.

On the other side, next to the lean man, sat a girl with an ethereal beauty. She exuded an aura of coldness, like an immortal princess untouched by the dirt of this world. Her skin was fair, with beautiful facial features, and she possessed dark, shiny, long hair. Similar to lu zhen's black hair. She had an indifferent expression on her face.

"Greetings, mother and father," Lu Zhen said, bowing slightly in respect.

The lean man, Jiang Lao, was taken aback when he sensed Lu Zhen's powerful aura. He couldn't help but express his surprise, "Brother lu, judging by Lu Zhen's aura, he must have definitely practised martial arts and his achievements shouldn't be small. It seems we should never believe in rumours, as they are often baseless. You have truly opened my eyes today."

Even Lu Huang and Mother Lu aka lu ying were astonished by Lu Zhen's newfound strength, but they accepted the compliment happily. "Thank you, Brother Jiang," Lu Huang replied, with a smile on his face.

Although they were unaware of the changes Lu Zhen had undergone, they were delighted to see their son's progress. After all, what parents wouldn't wish the best for their child?

The woman with the cold aura aka Jiang Xue was also surprised for an instance before assuming her indifferent expression again.

"Father, what is happening here?" Lu Zhen asked, his tone filled with curiosity. After spending a few days in this world, Lu Zhen had fully adapted to his new identity and could imitate the behaviours of the previous host effortlessly.

After all, sudden strength can be explained but different behaviour would be suspicious. As it normally takes years to change anyone's habit. If habits can be changed quickly they can't be called habits.

Lu Zhen's question hung in the air as he awaited his father's response. His eyes shifted from his father to the woman with the cold aura, as if trying to gauge the situation.

He had an idea of what was happening from the murmurs he heard from the servants outside but he still kept an ignorant expression. After all, sometimes being ignorant is advantageous.

His father, Lu Huang, let out a hearty laugh, seemingly impressed by Lu Zhen's directness. "Well, my boy, it seems that you've undergone quite a transformation. Judging from your aura, you must have at least entered the martial trainee realm already. I must admit, I underestimated you."

"We have arranged this marriage, and if nothing goes wrong and you both are okay with it, you will be married together, strengthening our family bonds," Lu Huang said without keeping any suspense.

"Father, I..." Lu Zhen began to speak, but his mother, Lu, interjected.

"Son, we know you are not interested in marriage right now, but you should give it a try," she said, addressing Lu Zhen's apparent disinterest in romantic relationships. The previous host, known for his indulgent lifestyle, had shown little interest in women. Even until now, Lu Zhen was still a virgin, a fact that highlighted his lack of interest in the opposite sex.

Lu Zhen couldn't help but wonder about the previous host's sexual preferences. However, he knew from his memories that an accident during his childhood had left the previous host with little interest in women. This explained his current disposition.

"You should both spend time together; it will strengthen your bond, my son-in-law," Jiang Lao said, causing a frown to appear on Jiang Xue's face.

Lu Zhen didn't expect the old man to be so shameless, practically giving his daughter away on a silver platter. Nevertheless, he found himself slightly intrigued by this cold woman. Her beauty surpassed even that of Little Lily, with well-defined curves in all the right places and a slim, graceful physique. It suited Lu Zhen's taste.

However, it was clear that Jiang Xue wasn't happy with the arrangement, and Lu Zhen didn't blame her. His infamous reputation in the city made it a natural reaction for anyone to be hesitant about marrying him. Or it might be some other reason. Still, he was not one to be discouraged easily.

Lu Zhen believed that feelings could be cultivated over time, and he had never tried courting a girl in his previous life. So he wanted to experience courting in this life. Despite being power-hungry, he still wanted to fulfil the regrets he had in his past life.

With a little hesitation, Lu Zhen responded, "Of course, father-in-law."

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