4 Constitution (2)

As Lu Zhen entered the bathroom, he was greeted by a spacious room with a bathtub that resembled a swimming pool. Little Lily was diligently adding cold water to the tub.

Slowly, Lu Zhen undressed, revealing his toned physique with defined muscles and a visible six-pack. Little Lily couldn't help but be astonished at the transformation in his body. In just a day, he had gone from being relatively thin to becoming muscular.

Although she was a little suspicious however she attributed this to Lu Zhen being a late talented person besides she was too distracted by Lu Zhen physique that she didn't think much about it.

As Lu Zhen undressed and stepped into the cold water, a refreshing sensation enveloped his body. The cool temperature stimulated his blood cells, leaving him feeling more alert and rejuvenated.

"A cold shower in the winter is the best…."

Lu Zhen thought as he relaxed completely.

After his bath, Lu Zhen returned to his room, leaving a slightly dazed Little Lily behind. While he had some thoughts about her, he knew that he needed to prioritize his strength in this dangerous world. Fun could come later, especially since he was still a virgin. But for now, his focus was on gaining more power.

As he entered his room, Lu Zhen first checked his status.



[Name: Lu Zhen]


[Race: Human]

[Bloodline: Human/ Unawaken]

[Lifespan left: 62 years]



[Constitution: Mortal(level 6)]

[Charm: Mortal(level 4)]

[Qi: Uninitiated (level 0)]



[Cultivation manuals]

[Cultivation technique: Not learned]



[Gluttony: level 1]

He felt satisfied seeing that he has levelled up his constitution and gained a new skill and even gained a year of lifespan.

As he was going to train again, a sudden realization struck him. If reaching his limit was the condition for improving his constitution, then there were other ways to achieve it beyond just doing push-ups. He could incorporate exercises like squats, lunges, pull-ups, and burpees to push his body to its limits.

As he thought to that point, he felt stupid as if the day of his hard work was just for show. Though he felt the urge to hit his head against a wall in frustration, he managed to control his impulses. After all, only his training will be hindered If he did that.

At that moment, a saying from his previous world came to mind: "Work smart, not hard." He now realized the true meaning of these words after he experienced it himself.

With the lesson he learned, Lu Zhen diligently carried on with his intense training regimen. He incorporated various exercises to challenge his body to its fullest potential.

Engrossed in his training, time seemed to slip away as he focused solely on honing his physical abilities. Each repetition, each movement was executed with precision and determination. He pushed himself beyond his comfort zone, striving to unlock the true potential of his body.

Lost in the rhythm of his training, Lu Zhen forgot about the passage of time. The world around him faded into the background as he immersed himself in the pursuit of physical excellence. Nothing else mattered in that moment except for the burning desire to push his body to its limits.

[You have reached your body limits.]

[Constitution has levelled up from level 6 to level 7.]

The system notification woke him up for his rhythm as the warm energy flooded his body tempering his body. Lu Zhen was still not satisfied with his progress and continued training like a mad man.

[You have reached your body limit.]

[Constitution has levelled up from level 7 to level 8.]

Again a warm sensation flooded in his body although his rhythm was broken it wasn't unpleasant as he started to feel the changes occurring in his body. It was as if he was going to his most perfect state in his body.

The strengthening he gained from level up has also increased. Which made Lu Zhen feel good but he still was not satisfied. So he continued his bitter training.

As he persisted in his grueling training, the level up took longer than usual to appear. Exhausted, Lu Zhen could barely rely on his trembling hands to continue.

Suddenly, a tremendous surge of energy engulfed Lu Zhen's body, coursing through his veins and permeating every cell. It felt as if his entire being was being forged and tempered in the fires of transformation. Waves of pleasure washed over him, surpassing any sensation he had ever experienced before. In that moment, he felt as if he had achieved a state of perfect harmony, where mind, body, and spirit aligned in perfect synchronization. It was a feeling of complete and utter fulfilment, as if he had unlocked the pinnacle of his potential. Lu Zhen felt invincible, as if he could conquer any challenge that lay before him.

[You have reached your body limit.]

[Constitution has levelled up from level 8 to level 9.]

As Lu Zhen saw the notification, his mind was too consumed by the overwhelming pleasure he had experienced. It took him a full hour to regain control of his senses. However, he soon noticed a repugnant smell emanating from his body, causing him to feel disgusted.

Realizing that the sticky and dirty smell came from his own body, Lu Zhen wasted no time and quickly left his room, heading straight to the bath. The moment he immersed himself in the refreshing cold water, a soothing sensation washed over him, relieving his senses. As he diligently cleansed himself, he could feel the grime and impurities being washed away, replaced by a renewed sense of cleanliness.

After the refreshing bath and a change of clothes, he finally felt comfortable and ready to test his newfound strength.

He found a dead wood piece about 20 inches thick wood in his room so he decided to test his strength on this. The wood in this world was many times harder than the wood that was in his previous life.

Taking a deep breath to focus his energy, he positioned himself in front of the wooden target. The muscles in his arm tensed, ready to unleash the force within him.

In one swift motion, he launched his fist forward, channeling all his strength into the punch. The impact echoed through the air as his fist collided with the wood, causing splinters to explode in all directions. The force of his blow was so immense that the wood shattered into countless pieces, scattering across the ground.

Curiosity piqued, Lu Zhen decided to test his jumping ability. With a light and effortless leap, he soared into the air, reaching a height of 8 feet. He could have gone higher, but the low ceiling imposed a limitation on his vertical reach.

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