26 Bandits

"Here's the information you need, young master," a woman with striking purple hair purred, her voice a seductive whisper as she went towards him.

Dressed in an alluring black nightdress, her vibrant purple hair cascaded like a waterfall. Her regular-sized eyes held a captivating hint of mystery in their black hue.

Her lips, rosy as freshly bloomed rose petals, complemented her fair, snow-like complexion. Her slender figure highlighted her slim waist, long supple legs, and perfect height, adding to her elegant presence.

Approaching Lu Zhen with a deliberate sway of her hips, she leaned down to hand him the paper, her loose gown inadvertently revealing a mouth watering scene of her ample curves. The sight exuded an unmistakable air of mature allure, a captivating magnetism that could only be attributed to the realm of a MILF.

Maintaining a poker face, Lu Zhen accepted the paper, his gaze fixed on the information before him, seemingly ignoring the captivating presence beside him.

As his eyes scanned the contents of the paper, a subtle furrow formed on his brow. "Hmm, this is strange. The bandits that targeted the twins have only recently become more active. They shouldn't have the audacity to attack a member of the Lu family..."

The attacks on the twins had commenced a mere two months ago, specifically targeting their caravans.

According to the information presented, the leader of the bandits was a third stage martial artist, and the stronghold housed around 1000 individuals, most of whom were ordinary people. However, there were 20 individuals among them who were in the martial trainee realm excluding the leader. They were called as the silent vipers.

"It looks like the twins are being targeted by someone," Lu Zhen mused to himself, his mind working to piece together the puzzle.

He didn't want to get into a fight yet, but when he had previously fought the assassin, he felt like he was levelling up faster and had acquired a skill quite easily. So, he wanted to test this theory of his to see if it was true or not. However, he didn't have a hobby of seeking trouble.

As a result, he had decided to help the twins, not only because of the monkey wine, but also because he wanted to put his theory to the test.

"I will take my leave, Miss Li Jiao," Lu Zhen respectfully addressed the woman, his expression unwavering as he disregarded her alluring gestures and turned to depart.

Observing Lu Zhen's departure, Li Jiao was momentarily taken aback. However, a self-assured chuckle escaped her lips. "I can't believe I didn't manage to stir even a hint of desire..."

Arrogance flickered in her thoughts as she revelled in her own beauty. Yet, an underlying unease simmered beneath the surface, ignited by the cold detachment she had witnessed in Lu Zhen's demeanour.

Although lu zhen felt a little aroused by the woman he wasn't a person who only thought with his dick. His main priority was to get stronger, he could have some fun when he had free time.

As Lu Zhen exited the opulent chamber, he found Lu Zhi and Lu Qian awaiting him, their expressions marked by a visible anxiety.

"I've obtained the necessary information. Let's proceed," Lu Zhen stated, his words carrying an air of determination.


Lu Zhen interjected, offering reassurance. "Don't worry, Old Bai is a peak third stage martial artist. We have the advantage."

With his calm assurance, they left the grand palace behind, its walls adorned with erotic paintings. As they walked towards the exit, a cacophony of music and laughter reached their ears, accompanied by unmistakable sounds of pleasure.

"Ahh! Ahh!"

While Lu Zhen maintained his composure, the twins' expressions betrayed their discomfort. Lu Zhi and Lu Qian, being older, still felt a little discomfort after all they have never been to a brothel before.

In contrast, Lu Zhen's demeanour remained unchanged. After all, he had watched some porns in his previous life. The sound in the porn was even more intense than the sound that were coming so he didn't care much about it.

The trio left the brothel. Yes, a brothel – the most useful place to collect information.

Every man and even some women come here to relieve their stress. Some of them have quite high status too.

In their moments of pleasure, they would undoubtedly share important matters. Over time, the gathered information would become extensive. Concerned about information being fake? By comparing overlapping details, they could easily discern the truth.

So, Lu Zhen took them both to the Lu family's brothel to gather information, overseen by an external elder of the Lu family.

Although the Lu family wasn't prominent in this type of business, they had shops in almost every sector, including this one.

The fact that an external elder headed the brothel indicates its lesser importance.

External elders were 'external', lacking the family bloodline. They were recruited based on their talent. While most elders were at least third stage martial artists, external elders held a slightly lower status than the direct line.

"Start the carriage, Old Bai," Lu Zhen commanded as he took a seat, with the twins seated opposite him.

"Seems like today I didn't encounter any trouble," Lu Zhen thought with a sigh. Unlike the last time he went out with Jiang Xue and encountered assassins, today he had managed to avoid any trouble. He didn't want to become a trouble magnet, stirring up chaos everywhere like those protagonists in the novels he had read.

Gradually, the carriage made its way through the bustling streets. People would hush and step aside as the carriage passed by, creating a clear path.

After a while, they arrived at the city gate, an enormous and impressive structure, to say the least. Lu Zhen couldn't help but compare its size to the colossal walls from the "Attack on Giants" anime he had watched before. The walls were truly massive, beyond his expectations.

No kidding it was really fucking huge.

He bet that not even a second stage martial artist could come close to breaking through these walls.

As the guards at the gate noticed the carriage adorned with the tree symbol, they silently allowed its passage. The gate was opened, and they respectfully bowed to it.

Even the people who had been waiting in line to enter the city let the carriage pass without any complaints. Some even bowed as a sign of respect.

Observing this, Lu Zhen felt quite content. Unlike the other protagonists he had read about in novels, who often had weak backgrounds or lacked someone to rely on, Lu Zhen had a bed warmer, a great background and a cheat at the start.

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