24 Upgrading Gears

Li Wei, with his Order of the Abyss party, headed towards to 'Adventures All in One' shop, which belongs to Emily's family. When they arrived, both Alice and Elva were surprised.

"It's much bigger than we thought," Alice said, looking at the shop. It was a whole three-story building with glass in front to showcase the weapons and armors. With a big door that was open wide, giving a view of spacious interior.

Li Wei smiled at their response because he too, was surprised when he came first time. "Let's go inside; there are many things here," he said, heading inside the shop.

The inside of the shop was divided into different areas. All items below level 30 were on the lower floor, while the highest-level items were on the second one, and the third was a custom-made area, the custom-made items costs more than the normal ones and were higher grades.

"Brother Li, Sister Li, you're here again," Emily, who was behind the front counter, exclaimed with a smile and hurriedly came out from behind the counter when she noticed two more figures with them Elva and Alice.

"Huh?" she let out a surprised voice and asked, "Brother Li, did you create a party? Why didn't you tell me first? I also want to join and level up," she said with a pitiful voice and tears in her eyes.

Li Wei just shook his head at her reaction with a smile. "Yes, I created a party, and they are the new party members, Elva and Alice," he said, introducing them to her and when he was about to introduce her to them, Emily stopped him with a gesture.

She then looked at Elva and Alice with a smile. "Hi, I'm Emily, the little princess of this shop, and your future party member," she said shamelessly, introducing herself.

Alice and Elva were a little speechless at her introduction but still nodded, greeting her. "I'm Alice from the fairy race, and she is Elva, an elf," Alice said in introducing again. "It will be good if you grow up fast because we need more party members," she continued with a smile.

"Mhm, I will do it definitely," Emily nodded, looking at them with a strange expression, thinking of something else.

'Did Brother Li plan to create a harem? I wonder how big it will be, 100 or 1,000, maybe even in the millions. It will be more fun to watch him create his harem,' she thought rudely her imagination running in other worlds.

Li Wei who was standing there felt a sudden shiver down his spine.

'Damn, is someone cursing me?' he thought, and looked at Emily, who was still staring at Alice and Elva, making both of them feel weird.

Emily also noticed his gaze and hurriedly snapped back to reality.

"Brother Li, you must have come to upgrade your gear, right? Which level do you want? Just tell me, and I'll show it to you," Emily said with an excited expression. She was still thinking about how big the harem he might create and how much of fun will it be.

Li Wei felt weird about her exited expression nevertheless he still answered.

"It will be good if you show something that is above level 20," he said and looked at Elva and Alice. He didn't know if they had money or not.

"What about you two?" he asked. If they didn't have money, he would pay for it.

"We will also take a look at items above level 20," both Alice and Elva nodded as they both had enough money to buy the normal gear.

"Okay, then follow me. I will show you the equipment above level 20," Emily said, taking them inside the shop and showing all kinds of equipment.

There were clothes, knives, daggers, armors, swords, and all sorts of things that adventurers might need.

Li Wei looked at the items with a disappointed expression.

"All of these are normal-rank equipment. What about the higher ranks?" he asked.

Now that he had money, he was interested in purchasing higher-ranked weapons, which were known for their durability, sharpness, and increased attributes.

Emily gave him a look. "Don't you know that higher rank weapons can only be created specially, and even if there is one, it will be sold without a sound," she said.

To forge a higher rank weapon, one needed to be a high level, and very few would be willing to craft low-level weapons unless they could get money.

"I know, but I am just asking. Who knows if my luck becomes a little better," he said with a sigh.

He wasn't going to ask someone to specially craft a weapon because it would be useless at the speed he levels up, only wasting money. The best way was to get from the dungeon or find the luck in some shop.

"Then there isn't any. You have to choose from what's available," Emily said with a shrug.

Li Wei nodded and started to look for the things he needed. "Okay, I will take all these items," he said, giving her a list.

Normal Attire (Level 25) ×4: 16000

Leather Armour (Level 25) ×2: 12000

Sword (Level 30) ×1: 35000

IntrusionGuard Amulet (Level 10) ×1: 100000

Emily took the list and gave it to the servant beside her, asking her to bring out the equipment. "When are you going to take me to level up?" she asked abruptly with a pout.

Li Wei shrugged. "When your father says I can take you to level up," he replied. If not for she was a little girl he would've directly rejected.

"Ummm," Emily didn't give up and continued to stare at him with a pout.

Li Wei, too, didn't back down and stared at her silently. They both continued to glare at each other.

Li Xin looked at both of them, who were fighting like kids, with a speechless expression.

Alice and Elva, who were done choosing their equipment, came over to see Li Wei and Emily glaring at each other.

"Just what happened? Is she asking him to marry her?" Alice whispered in a low voice to Elva with a hint of amusement in her eyes.

Li Xin, who was just beside them, also heard it her mouth twitching slightly.

Elva looked at her with a glare.

"Why are you so interested in this kind of thing? It's definitely not the case, idiot," she said in a scolding tone.

The servant girl, who had been standing nearby, finally couldn't bear it any longer.

"Ahem, I think we should let them go, miss," she intervened, noticing that they had no intentions of stopping their glaring.

Emily made a dissatisfied face.

"You have to take me to level up," she said again, looking at Li Wei.

Li Wei shook his head again. "Not until your father says. You're just 12 years old, and your father is doing this for your own good."

"Mhmm," Emily pouted but didn't say anything.

Seeing they finally stopped, the servant girl let out a sigh of relief.

"Here is your equipment, sir; the total is 163,000 coins," she said, placing the equipment they had chosen on the table.

Li Wei nodded and paid for their equipment, while Alice and Elva also did the same. But before leaving the shop, he stopped and looked at Emily with a sigh.

"Just listen to your father and don't run outside because it's more dangerous now. And as long as your father agrees, I will take you to level up," he said.

With the people from Earth, this place was definitely not suitable because on Earth, there is no system to detect the bad and evil people, unlike here.

"Um," Emily nodded with a pout because her father said the same thing. It was her luck that she encountered Li Wei and Li Xin.

After reminding her, Li Wei left the shop with his party and headed towards the inn. They needed to change as they bought high-level clothes and leather armors that were hidden beneath their clothes.

They soon changed getting ready, the outfit wasn't different from what they bought before, but it was high level.

Li Wei looked at everyone with a nod.

"Okay, we should go now," he said and suddenly thought of something.

"Alice, Elva, your attributes are too low. I will give you 100,000 coins to increase your AP," he said and without hesitation transferred the coins.

"Huh?" Both Alice and Elva were stunned. They never thought that he had this much money, more so that he was giving it to them as if it was nothing.

"Is it really okay to give us?" Alice asked. Coins were like a necessary thing for everyone, and no one was willing to give them away easily because they were hard to earn and needed for spending.

"It's okay, and it will be good for dealing with higher-level enemies, and you can pay me back little by little," he said.

He was getting ten times bonus, so he would receive 1 million coins again, but he was going to upgrade his Goddess Edition skills, which will cost him ten times. This money became little in front the skills.

"Okay, then," Alice shrugged, her impression of him growing higher.

'He's really a good party leader,' she thought.

Elva also thought the same thing.

'He can give coins to others without hesitation, like a hero,' she pondered, not knowing that the guy was just rich and going to become even richer and poor again.

But they didn't waste any more time and upgraded their attributes.


Name: Alice

AP: 0↓133-

Coins: 45250↓140k-

MP: 480/480↑240+


Strength: 93 (39+)↑35+ | Agility: 101 (8-)↑25+

Intelligence: 96↑48+ | Endurance: 55 (35+)↑25+


Name: Elva

AP: 23↓120-

Coins: 65250↓150k-

MP: 625/475 (150+)


Strength: 93↑45+ | Agility: 90 (8-)↑25+

Intelligence: 95 (30+) ↑25+ | Endurance: 83 (35+)↑25+

After increasing their attributes, they both nodded to each other.

"We are done," Alice said looking at Li Wei and Li Xin who were waiting for them.

"What about the skills we got from the treasure chest? Did you learn them?" he asked, it was impossible to level them up and use in a one day but he needed to learn those skills with his eternal learning skill.

Elva shook her head.

"No, we didn't. We need a bigger area to learn and try them, but the training arena inside the city costs a lot. So, we'll learn them outside the city in a field area," she explained.

Learning a skill from a skill book was very different from the Skill Crystal; sometimes the skill could go out of control, causing an explosion.

Li Wei nodded.

"Let's go, then. We'll first learn the new skills and then do the quest," he suggested.

No one disagreed because they too wanted to learn the new skills and without hesitation they set off outside the city, arriving at the plain land with few big rocks and trees standing tall.

"It's the best place to practice here," Elva said, looking at the plain land before her the rocks and trees were too few and after a little distance it was only a plain land.

Alice also agreed with her.

"Yes, we can practice here. Since it's just a level 11 area, we can handle any threats if monsters attack us," she said, checking the system map and the area level.

Li Wei nodded and looked at Li Xin.

"XinXin, here, take this Magic Storm skill and learn it. It will be helpful," he said, giving her the skill book.

"Um, okay, brother," Li Xin agreed. She knew he had a learning skill, with it he could learn any skill.

Li Wei smiled at her and looked at his status panel. "I should also raise my skills and attributes so I can learn their skills, or I will have to ask them to wait," he thought.

With how much mana it takes to learn, it wouldn't be safe if he used too much and a sudden monster attack came leaving no choice but . It's always good to be cautious.

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