16 Skill: Eternal Learning

"Brother, the Earth's evolution hasn't completed yet right?" Li Xin asked as they headed back to Valeria City together.

"Yes, it isn't yet. There will be more to it. We should earn money as soon as possible. With the Earth almost being ruined, the other world's cities are the only places to live. People will also notice this and will try to buy houses or land here, but it won't be that easy as long as you don't know the nobles from the Kingdom," Li Wei answered while pondering about the Nobel's.

He could earn money, but it would still be hard to form connections with the Kingdom.

Li Xin nodded and gazed at the city.

"It's really the otherworld city. Even the lights on the road are illuminated by magic," she observed, looking at the luminous stone lamps used to light up the area.

"Yeah, you're right. It's reality but still feels like fantasy. We were too tired yesterday to notice it," he murmured, looking at the otherworldly city shining in the night with people walking and joking around.

"Let's go. It's already dinner time, and tomorrow we have to upgrade our ranks and take a quest," he stated, heading towards the inn marking the end of the day.

The night passed away in the shining lights of the otherworldly city. When morning came, they both headed towards the Adventurers Guild.

"it's lively today," Li Wei muttered, looking at the adventurers inside the guild.

But soon, his eyes fixed on Sophia, who was looking at him with a smile.

'Damn,' he cursed in his mind because she was the person responsible for registering and upgrading the ranks of adventurers.

"Let's go; we should upgrade our ranks first," nevertheless, he headed towards her with Li Xin.

Sophia looked at them with a smile. "You came to upgrade your ranks, right?" she asked.

"Yes," he nodded, keeping a little distance from the table.

'She is really beautiful, but why the hell do I have to deal with it,' he thought bitterly.

He didn't pay any attention to her that day because of her scary aura. But today was different, as she didn't reveal her aura.

She appeared even prettier with her long brown hair and dark green eyes.

"Hehe, why are you so scared of me? I'm not going to eat you. Just give me your guild cards, and I'll upgrade them," Sophia remarked with a chuckle when she saw him keeping distance from her table.

"Don't we have to confirm our levels and class?" Li Wei asked with doubt.

"There's no need. I can see what class and levels you are," Sophia smiled, looking at him with narrowed eyes.

Li Wei knew she was high level, but still he felt puzzled especially when he saw that someone strong like her in receptionist uniform.

"Here are our guild cards," he stated, giving their guild cards to her.

Sophia took their guild cards, and upgraded it to the rank E with magic tools.

"Here, it's done. But if you're going to take a quest or try to hunt high-level monsters, you should better join or create a party because most of the monsters you'll encounter will be in groups," she reminded them while looking around.

Confirming there was no one around, she leaned closer to them.

"Also, you chose the Jack-of-all-Trades class, right? Then do you know you can learn the special skills of other classes, even the hero class?" she asked in a hushed voice.

"What!" Li Wei exclaimed loudly, attracting the attention of other adventurers around them.

"Hey, look, Sophia is talking to that boy with a smile."

"Damn, she never smiled at me."

"Ahh, did our Goddess getting stolen? Who is that guy?"

Some adventurers just looked at Li Wei and ignored it, while some showed jealousy.

Li Wei ignored them and looked at Sophia. "One can learn the special skills really?" he asked, unsure.

"Of course, one can learn it, as long as you have the special learning skill, and by luck, I have the skill crystal that can grant that skill," Sophia replied in a low voice.

"I can give it to you, what do you think?" she added.

"Why didn't you use it if you can learn any skills?" Li Wei asked, feeling something was wrong.

"You can't learn the same skill two times, don't you know," Sophia pouted, looking at him like a fool.

"What, you also possess that skill?" Li Wei asked. He felt like an idiot. Did everyone possess such skills? Why didn't he know anything about it?

"Hehe, just say if you want it or not," Sophia smiled, not explaining further.

"What do you want?" Li Wei frowned.

He didn't know if she was telling the truth or not, but if she really has that kind of skill crystal, then he wouldn't have to change his class, more so he get to learn the special class skills.

"I only need one condition from you. Of course, if you think I asked you to do something outrageous, you can reject it. How?" Sophia stated her condition.

Li Wei thought for a moment because there were magic contracts in this world.

Once made, no one could go back on their words. But he still felt that something was not right.

"Why me?" he asked feeling puzzled.

"Because you are special," Sophia shrugged not interested in explaining.

Li Wei looked at her with a doubt.

'She must have used Analyze Eye on me. But still, the goddess edition skills will show as normal, and one can still buy the SP with money and upgrade the skills. There is no concrete reason that says I am special, until she is very sure, but how,' he thought, and looked at Li Xin, who was beside him.

"What do you think, XinXin?" he asked. If she said yes, he would accept it; if no, then not.

"Hmm," Li Xin tilted her head cutely. She, too, knew that Sophia wasn't a simple person.

"Isn't it great that you can learn the special skills? You should get it. As for the condition, I don't think she will ask anything outrageous," she replied with a shrug.

She didn't care about anything as long as he was alright and she could stay with him.

Li Wei nodded and turned towards Sophia. "Okay, I will take it," he decided.

"That's good. You will definitely not lose this deal. Here, just press your thumb on this contract paper, and it will be all right," Sophia nodded, taking out a magical contract paper with a seal on it.

Li Wei looked at the contract and read it. Only after being sure there was nothing wrong with it did he press his thumb on it.

The contract paper glowed a little, and Sophia did the same after him.

"Okay, here is the copy of the contract and the skill crystal," Sophia said, giving it to him.

"Okay, we will take our leave now," Li Wei didn't hesitate and directly stored it inside the item box after confirming it.

"Don't forget to make a party, okay, and goodbye," Sophia reminded him with a smile while waving her hands to say goodbye.

Li Wei and Li Xin didn't exit the guild immediately but headed towards the E-rank quest board.

"Brother, what kind of quest should we choose?" Li Xin asked, looking at the different quests.

"There is a Goblin subjugation quest; let's take that one," he answered, taking it from the board and registering it at the nearby counter.

[Ding, Congratulations on taking the following quest

Goblin Subjugation Quest: Kill all goblins in the designated area

Difficulty: E+

Time: 2 days

Rewards: 50000 coins

Failure: penalty of 10000 coins]

'Well, the system really didn't disappoint me,' Li Wei thought with a relief.

The normal system also accepted the quest, but he was not sure because his system was changed, and he was doubtful if he would get the 10× rewards on the guild quest or not, but there didn't seem to be any problem.

"Let's go, XinXin," he declared, heading towards the quest location.

As they both came out of the city, Li Wei took out the skill crystal.

**Analyze Panel/Start**

Item: Skill Crystal | Skill: Eternal Learning

Class: ??? | Rank: ???

Use: learn any skills and knowledge just by looking at them.

**Analyze Panel/End**

He looked at the skill crystal in his hands, scanning it with Analyze Eye, which he upgraded to level 10. "It looks suspicious," he murmured.

"Brother, why don't you use it?" Li Xin asked, seeing that he hasn't used the skill even after they came out of the city.

"I am waiting for the Goddess of Death to see if I should really learn it or not," he explained, waiting for the message.

As long as he didn't use the skill, he could still return to her and dissolve the contract between them. But if he used it, then there was no choice but to follow the contract.


Goddess of Death: I can't help you with that; you have to make your choice. The skill crystal is all right without any problems.

'So the crystal doesn't have any problems, but what did she mean by she can't help me with the choice,' he thought, looking at the skill crystal in his hands.

"Anyway, let's use the skill crystal," he murmured. To use the skill crystal, one just had to break it.

With a cracking sound, he broke the crystal, a white light came out from it entering his body, merging with him.

[Ding, Congratulations for learning the Eternal Learning skill(???)]

***????: Eternal Learning skill Level max

- You can learn any skills and knowledge just by looking but you must activate the skill.

- Warning: Higher level skills and knowledge will drain more mana than normal, it will depend on how much mana you have to learn the high level skills.

- Note: You must look at the skill or knowledge that is ongoing to learn it or you can learn it through the books. You can also learn unfinished knowledge and skills.

- The level will be the same as what you are watching, and you can increase it further with SP or by watching more advanced levels and practicing the skill itself.

"What the hell is this?" Li Wei looked shocked after seeing the description.


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