11 Order of the Abyss and Skill Crystal

"Is that something to ask XinXin? Of course, we are doing it. We need to level up fast," Li Wei replied, scanning the area around him with Analyze Eye, searching for the dungeon.

"Found it. Let's go," he urged, looking at the seemingly ordinary cave that was a little away from them.


"They are just treating it like a game," Luna remarked with a disapproving expression.

"Well, what can they do besides that? It's already good that they can at least live like this, unlike those humans who are despairing and plotting against each other," Sera shrugged, defending them.

"But they were able to adapt to this situation early because they are both together. If you separate them, they will end up in a worse state than those humans," Luna pointed out their weakness.

"Then it will be good as long as they don't separate, right?" Sera replied with a smile.

"You, what are you planning? If you interfere again, other Gods will not just watch you," Luna warned her, thinking she is going to interfere again.

"Hehe, who said I am going to interfere?" Sera smiled at her and focused her attention to Li Wei on the screen.


"Brother, is it really a dungeon? Why does it look like a normal cave?" Li Xin asked with doubt, looking at the cave in front of her.

"Well, it's just a low-level dungeon. Don't expect too much. Let's go in," Li Wei shrugged. He too doubted it at first, but he saw the information with his Analyze Eye.

Taking out his sword he proceeded inside the cave with caution when suddenly a notification rang out as soon as he stepped inside.

[Ding, You have entered the level 5 dungeon (F).]

"So it's really the dungeon," Li Wei murmured, looking at the notification he received.

"Brother, look, there are stairs," Li Xin pointed to the stairs leading down to a unknown floor.

Li Wei turned towards the stairs. "Stay alert for attacks; we have already entered the dungeon, and the monsters will be attacking us," he warned, proceeding downward with caution.

Li Xin also followed behind him closely. The cave was lit up with luminous stones, so it wasn't much of a problem, safely arriving at the bottom floor.

*Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew!* Suddenly, a few cute voices rang out, attracting their attention.

"Brother, is this really a dungeon?" Li Xin questioned, with an unsure expression, as she watched the cute little slimes playing with each other.

"I don't know. These slimes are much smaller than what we encountered, but still, they are strong," Li Wei replied with caution and scanned their status with Analyze Eye.

'Even though they look cute, once they get out of the dungeon, they will definitely create chaos,' he thought, examining their status.

**Analyze Panel/Start**

Name: Slime | Type: Normal

Rank: F | Level: 4

HP: 500/500 | MP: 60/60

Strength: 24 | Agility: 13

Intelligence: 12 | Endurance: 18

Spirit: 30 | Luck: 9

Skills: None

Special Abilities: None

**Note:- There are three types of monsters.

-Normal Monsters

-Dark Monster

-Abyssal Monster

**Analyze Panel/End**

'Damn, even a slime's luck is greater than mine,' Li Wei cursed after seeing its luck attribute.

"Brother, should I buy Analyze Eye too?" Li Xin asked. She too wanted to know how the monsters status looks.

"Yeah, you can buy it. Look, there is Language Mastery skill too; buy both of them," Li Wei nodded, agreeing and buying the Language Mastery for himself at 900 coins.

[Ding, Congratulations on learning the Language Mastery skill.]

**Language Mastery (Max): You can speak, understand, read, and write all the languages in the world.

"So that's it, But I don't feel any new information in my head. Is this skill fake?" Li Wei murmured with a doubt, not gaining any information from it.

"Brother, let's party up before clearing the dungeon, and I got a chat option now," Li Xin mentioned after buying the skills, and looked at her panel to find a chat option.

"Don't worry about it, I will explain to you later. Let me create a party first," Li Wei replied, as he created a party.

[Ding, Congratulations for creating the party "Order of the Abyss."]


1. As a party leader, you can decide how much XP you want to share with members. Party members can receive the XP even if they didn't do anything.

2. You can invite others to join via the scan function, which will scan nearby players within a 2-meter radius around you.

3. If a player has already joined the party, it will not show on the scan.

4. A maximum of 30 players can join your party.

"Heh, what a good option," Li Wei chuckled at the experience points sharing settings but left it at 50 percent.

"XinXin, look, I have sent you a request to join the party," he informed, inviting her using the scan function.

[Ding, Player Li Xin has joined Order of the Abyss.]

"Brother, why did you choose such an evil name? Are we going to destroy this world?" Li Xin inquired, looking at him with a strange expression.

"Cough," Li Wei coughed with embarrassment.

"XinXin, we should focus on clearing the dungeons," he changed the topic, diverting her attention.

"Yes, but brother, what kind of monster did we fight with in the city?" Li Xin asked looking at the types of monsters.

"Well, they were dark monsters. Anyway, we should clear the dungeon quickly and search for a nearby city. I really wonder if the magical cities like in novels exist in this worlds," Li Wei muttered, a little excited.

"Yeah, it will be fun," Li Xin agreed with him, thinking about the magical cities.

But she hurriedly shook her head as it was not the time to ponder and headed toward the nearest slime.

"Tell me if you don't feel alright, okay?" Li Wei expressed, a little concerned, knowing that she has to get used to this.

"Unm," Li Xin nodded and directly slashed at the slime.

Because they were only slimes without blood, she was not affected too much.

"I should also start," Li Wei murmured and used his pure strength through the sword to kill the slime.

Now he didn't worry too much about leveling Li Xin up because every time he killed, he shared 50 percent of the experience with her.

[Ding, Congratulations for killing a Level 4 Slime. You gained 175 XP]

'I am really getting the 50 percent XP,' Li Wei thought and continued killing slimes.

[Ding,..] [Ding,..]

'The normal monsters may be strong, but they are still weak compared to the dark ones we encountered, not to mention the abyssal one,' Li Wei ponderd as he continued to kill them for XP.

They both killed until no more slimes were seen, with Li Wei leveling up in the process.

"Brother, there is a door. Is this the boss room?" Li Xin asked curiously, looking at the end of the floor where a massive wooden door stood.

"Yeah, it is. Let's go. The boss will definitely be level 5. Leave it to me," Li Wei stated, pushing the door. He was already level 5 and felt more confident.

"Okay," Li Xin nodded, knowing he was stronger and could handle this situation.

She didn't worry too much this time since the normal monsters were relatively weak. Even she felt easy killing them.

As the door opened, it revealed a mass of blue bubble in the middle of the room. Li Wei didn't hesitate and scanned with Analyze Eye.

**Analyze Panel/Start**

Name: Water Slime (Dungeon Boss) | Type: Normal

Rank: F | Level: 5

HP: 600/600 | MP: 60/60

Strength: 45 | Agility: 22

Intelligence: 18 | Endurance: 19

Spirit: 40 | Luck: 16

Skills: Acid Spray-4, Toxic Slap-5

(the numbers are skill levels)

Special Abilities: None

**Analyze Panel/End**

"It has a name, Water Slime, unlike those outside, they were just slimes," Li Xin observed, having also upgraded her Analyze Eye to level 5.

Unlike Li Wei, who needed 10 times the XP, she could do it more easily.

"Yeah, XinXin, just stay here in stealth. I will take care of it," Li Wei replied, eyeing the large Water Slime.

It hadn't attacked them yet, probably because they were not within its attack range.

"Be careful, brother," Li Xin expressed, still concerned for his safety, and entered stealth to avoid drawing the slime's attention.

Seeing her in stealth, Li Wei felt relieved, and without hesitation, he attacked.

"Fireball, Frost Nova," he shouted, directly using his skills on the slime boss without giving it a chance to react.

*Bang! Boom! Sizzle!*

"Guoguoguo," the slime let out a weird noise after being hit by the fireball. It turned towards him, initiating the skill to attack.

"Stealth," Li Wei chanted, disappearing from his position, knowing it was launching a skill.

"Pitsuu–" The slime used "Acid Spray" where he was standing, only to find Li Wei disappring.

"Slash." Li Wei, having repositioned himself behind the slime, attacked with a sword covered by a faint blue light.

"Gou–" The slime attempted to dodge, but it was too late. The sword directly hit its core, killing it.

[Ding, Congratulations for killing a Level 5 Slime. You gained 250 XP]

[Ding, Congratulations to the party Order of the Abyss for clearing the quest and gaining the rewards.]

[Ding, Congratulations, your level has increased to Level 6. You have received 100 SP, 100 AP, and 1000 coins.]

'It really feels good to overpower it,' Li Wei thought with satisfaction.

He attacked the slime boss with all he could while keeping enough MP in reserve for unexpected situation.

"Brother, look," Li Xin pointed at the ground, trying to get his attention while he was occupied with the notifications.

"Huh, it's a skill crystal," Li Wei murmured, looking at the crystal she was pointing to. It was inside the slime's remains, which had melted, leaving only its core and a crystal.

**Analyze Panel/Start**

Item: Skill Crystal | Skill: Glow Magic

Class: Mage | Rank: Basic

Use: Can use to light up the dark areas.

**Analyze Panel/End**

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