51 Learning New Skills

After breakfast, Li Wei looked at his party members.

"The first thing we will do is raise your skill levels. Please show me your character panel so I can see more freely," he instructed.

The girls nodded, not rejecting him, and Li Xin took the first turn because Elva, Alice, and Olivia wouldn't go first.

"Here is mine, brother," she mumbled softly, showing her character panel to him.

Li Wei nodded and observed her character panel.

'The money is still not enough,' he thought after watching the number of skills.

"We still need a lot of money to level up your skills, so first, I will transfer 2 million coins to you all, and it will become 4 million coins with the previous ones. Don't worry too much and directly buy the 400 SP with it," he explained to them and directly transferred 2 million coins.

All girls nodded, and with the newly received coins, they directly bought 400 SP.

Watching that they were done, Li Wei looked at Li Xin.


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