17 Learning New Skills

Luna looked at Li Wei on the screen with a difficult face.

"Why does someone still have that skill crystal? Weren't they all destroyed?" she asked feeling something wrong.

Sera shrugged. "Someone must have hiding the crystal secretly and is now taking it out for fun," she replied, not caring too much.

Luna's expression became even more difficult after hearing her.

"But there was a reason why those skill crystals were destroyed," she explained, unsure of what to do next.

"We can't do anything, and the crystal doesn't break any rules because it was made for the people to use. So, it's not a problem as long as he doesn't do something stupid," Sera calmly replied, glancing at Li Wei on the screen.

"Do you really think he won't do something stupid?" Luna inquired with doubt.

"Hmm, let's see. He might not do it, but the problem is under what conditions he got that skill crystal. If that person asked him to do something like that, then I am not sure," Sera answered, shaking her head, but her expression remained calm.

"Just who is that person that can block our screen and can even get their hands on a skill crystal like that?" Luna questioned, her face puzzled, as they weren't able to watch what happened inside the adventurers' guild because the person intervened, blocking their screen.

Sera chuckled at her. "Hehe, just watch. It will be more fun now. I wonder how those gods would feel after learning that someone possesses that kind of skill," she replied, a hint of a smile flashing in her eyes.


Li Wei looked at the description of the eternal learning skill, with a difficult face. The skill was too overpowered if it can really let him learn the skills with levels.

'Did I make a stupid decision?' he asked himself. He felt like he was getting dragged into some horrible plot.

'Ah, anyway, there's no use in thinking. I should brainwash some heroes first so they can do the work for me,' he thought and turned towards Li Xin..

"XinXin, let's go to a nearby open area. We will try our new skills first," he suggested, now that he has the skill he wanted to try.

"Un," Li Xin nodded and followed him with an eager expression. She too wanted to try her new skills.

As they proceeded towards the open area, Li Wei pondered about the skill system.

The skills were divided into different tiers, from 'Basic tier' to 'SSS tier.' However, each has a level limit, and for basic skills, it is Level 10.

If they wanted to level up the skill further, they have to upgrade the 'basic tier skill' to an 'advanced tier skill.' and further if they want to level up more.

But the system only provided 5 skills for each main class to upgrade, and they could upgrade these skills to the highest tier as long as they have money to buy them.

As for the other skills, they couldn't be upgraded through the system, but it was possible to upgrade them using a skill crystal with a higher-tier skill.

They could also upgrade through other means as long as they held a higher-tier skill that they wanted to upgrade.

However, they can't upgrade any Special Class Skills because they don't have any tiers, but they do have a certain level cap that will be unlocked after their class upgrades.

Arranging the information in his head, Li Wei contemplated about his situation.

'With my Jack-of-all-Trades class, I can't buy skills above 'Advance,' which means I can't upgrade further. But now, with this 'Eternal Learning' skill, I can do it,' he thought.

With the Eternal Learning skill, he can just learn the skills and didn't have to search or purchase them.

As he pondered, they both arrived in an open green land.

Li Wei retracted his thoughts and turned towards Li Xin.

"XinXin, let's try your special skill, Swordsmanship first," he suggested. He can't use the Eternal Learning skill until there is someone using a skill.

"Un, Okay brother," Li Xin replied and took out the sword from her item box.

Li Wei didn't let the chance go and raised his intelligence attributes to avoid any accidents.


AP: 400↓200-

MP: 1935/1935 ↑1000+

Intelligence: 387 ↑200+


Looking at the increased attributes, he didn't hesitate and chanted, "Eternal Learning."

Suddenly, a warm current flowed through his eyes, but it didn't affect him.

'There is no problem except my eyes feels a little warm,' he thought and turned towards Li Xin. He nodded at her, asking to use the skill.

Li Xin saw him nodding and didn't hesitate.

"Swordsmanship," she chanted with focus.


With a faint hum, her sword glowed blue.

She didn't hesitate and swung the sword like a practiced soldier, coming to a stop after a few moves.

The skill wasn't a high level and has only a few moves in her mind, so she couldn't do any further.

[Ding, Congratulations on learning the Special Class Skill Swordsmanship.]

A system prompt suddenly sounded in Li Wei's mind.

"So that's how it works. But still, it took 1000 MP just to learn a level 1 Swordsmanship that has only a few moves. However, the moves are implemented in our minds, so there is no problem using them," he muttered and looked at his remaining MP.

MP: 935/1935 → -1000

'My spirit is 50, which means I will recover 500 mana in a minute,' he thought.

"XinXin, let's wait for two minutes," he suggested, looking at her, to which Li Xin nodded and waited.

'The spirit attribute only increases by 5 points with each level; it's still low, especially when you have money. You buy the AP from the system, increasing your attributes,' he pondered, waiting for his MP to recover.

MP: 1935/1935 → +1000

After recovering his MP, Li Wei didn't wait anymore.

"XinXin, use the Shadow Clone skill," he instructed.

"Un," Li Xin nodded, activating her next skill.

"Shadow Clone." She chanted, focusing on the skill.

Suddenly, in front of her, a black shadow appeared and slowly materialized, taking the form of her.

It looked exactly the same; not even a single difference was seen between both of them, except it looked emotionless.

[Ding, Congratulations on learning the Special Class Skill Shadow Clone.]

Li Wei once again received a prompt.

"The Shadow Clone will create a clone of the owner, and it will only possess 10 percent of power. But it's because the skill is still low level. If leveled up, then things will become different," he murmured and waited to recover his mana again before trying the next skill.

Li Xin who was going to use the skill was excited.

"Brother, what kind of familiar will I summon?" She asked with a curious expression, knowing it was time to use summon skill.

Li Wei let out a smile after watching her eager look.

"It depends on one's luck, but it will probably be as cute as you because you are summoning it, so don't worry and just summon it," he replied, teasing her a little.

"Um," Li Xin nodded, ignoring his teasing and focused on using the skill.

"Summon," she chanted, pointing her hand at the ground in front of her.


With a sound, a magic circle appeared with a flash that stayed for a while before starting to fade slowly.


A cry came from inside the flash that was fading slowly. When it finally faded, it revealed a cute white kitten in its place.

"Wow, it's really cute, brother," Li Xin exclaimed, taking the cat in her arms with a loving expression.

*Meow Meow* The kitten meowed again looking at her curiously.

[Ding, Congratulations on learning the Special Class Skill Summoning.]

Li Wei, who was watching, heard the system prompt again, but he ignored it and used Analyze Eye on the kitten to see if it's special.

Unfortunately, he was disappointed as it turned out to be a normal cat.

"XinXin, it's just a normal cat. Looks like you will have to level up your Summoning skill to summon higher-level monsters, but forming a contract with them isn't easy," he explained, arranging the information he got from the skill after learning it.

"Um, brother, what should I do with this kitten?" Li Xin asked with a reluctant expression, not wanting to part with it.

Li Wei looked at her reluctant expression with a sigh.

"You should know that you can only have a limited number of contracts. So, no, if it's a high level that can protect and support you, I wouldn't mind. But this little cat can't do that, and it's more suitable for them to live in their world," he explained, softly rubbing her head.

The summoned familiar comes from another world where they live, and it is safer for them to remain in their own world.

"Umm," Li Xin felt dejected, but she knew he was right.

"Okay, I will listen to you, brother," she agreed and looked at the cat in her hands with a dejected face.

*Meow* The little cat mewed cutely, not understanding their talk.

"Return," Li Xin murmured softly with a reluctant expression.


With a sound, the kitten became surrounded by a white flash and disappeared, returning to where it came from.

Li Xin looked at her empty hands with a dejected expression when she felt a warm hand patting on her head.

"Let's go; it's time to kill the goblins and complete the quest," Li Wei said as he ruffled her hair with a smile.

"Un," Li Xin nodded, agreeing, and they both headed towards the quest destination.

After an unknown time, they both arrived and looked at the goblins in front of them.

"Brother, there are only 5 goblins, but they are all level 11," Li Xin mentioned, looking at the goblins in front of them.

"Yes, that's why I took this quest, but I will take care of them. You just stay in stealth, okay," Li Wei stated, looking at her.

"Um, okay, brother. I will stay in stealth," Li Xin nodded, knowing it will be useless if she goes with her weak status.

Watching her listening to him, Li Wei felt relieved and turned towards the goblins, waiting for them to separate.

'I should level up first and raise my stats,' he thought and changed the experience share to him only while raising his attributes.

AP: 100↓ -300

Strength: 283 ↑100+ | Agility: 284 ↑100+ (8-)

Intelligence: 387 | Endurance: 256 ↑100+ (36+)

"Now I don't have to worry about raising my stats while fighting," he murmured as he looked at the goblin who was going alone somewhere.

"XinXin, follow me closely," he instructed, and they both followed the goblin who was heading alone somewhere.

"I will attack now. Just stay here," he reminded her again and scanned the goblin with Analyze Eye.

**Analyze Panel/Start**

Name: Goblin | Type: Normal

Rank: E | Level: 11

HP: 2000/2000 | MP: 90/90

Strength: 75 | Agility: 63

Intelligence: 58 | Endurance: 69

Spirit: 60 | Luck: 17

Skills: Toxic Blade-6, Ambusher-5, Dodge-7

Special Abilities: None

**Analyze Panel/End**

After confirming its strength, Li Wei didn't hesitate and chanted, "Shadow Clone."

Soon, a clone of him was formed, and he instructed it to go towards the goblin.

The clone didn't hesitate and followed his instructions, heading towards the goblin without hiding itself.

*Grr* The lone goblin felt something and turned back to see Li Wei's Clone coming towards him.

*Grwaaa* It roared and directly attacked with the rusty sword that he was holding, failing to recognize that it was just a clone.

*Swish* His attack hit the clone, passing through its body.

*Grr* The goblin let out a surprised voice when it saw the sword slashing through it very easily, but he didn't feel anything like cutting flesh.

He looked at the clone with doubt, with vigilance, when it started to dissipate without warning.

The goblin noticed something amiss and wanted to run, but it was too late.

"Shadow Step," Li Wei suddenly appeared behind him.

Without hesitation, he slashed his sword using the "Slash" skill with full force and extra mana, not holding back at all.


The goblin's head directly separated from its body, not even letting it scream.

*Thud* With a sound, the head fell on the ground, red blood flowing from it.

[Ding, Congratulations for killing a Level 11 goblin. You gained 1100 XP]

[Ding, Congratulations, your level has increased to Level 11. You have received 100 SP, 100 AP, and 1000 coins.]

"It feels good to level up," Li Wei murmured, looking at the system panel.

He stored the goblin's body inside the item box and headed back to the quest location with Li Xin.

This time he didn't hesitate anymore and directly sprinted towards four goblins.

*Grwaaa* The goblins roared in anger and charged towards Li Wei.

"Fireball," "Frost Nova," "Charge," "Divine Protection," Li Wei shouted loudly, activating skills one by one.

*Boom! Swoosh! Sizzle!*

The fireball and frost nova hit the four goblins, damaging them.


All goblins roared in pain, slowing their advance towards him.

"Slash," Li Wei once again used the skill, attacking them as a holy light barrier surrounded him.


The goblins also attacked, seeing the incoming attack on them. However, Li Wei didn't defend against it and let it hit the barrier.

*Clang! Hum!*

A metallic sound rang as the goblins' swords failed to penetrate his holy barrier.

"Die," Li Wei shouted, slashing his sword with force and beheading one of them.


Watching one of them dying, they charged towards him with all their power.

"Hmph," Li Wei snorted coldly at them.

"Divine Smite," "Footwork," "Slash," he once again used the skills one by one, attacking them.

*Gwaa* All three goblins roared loudly, and they continued fighting.

*Boom! Clang! Thud! Bang!* Their battle sound echoed around as Li Wei continued to behead them one by one.

Finally, after a few minutes, Li Wei beheaded all of them.

"It's really hard to kill them. If it's not for my attribute limit, it would've been easier," he murmured.

His attribute limit was making things difficult for him. If not for this time he reserved his strength, he would have no choice but to run.

"Brother, are you all right?" Li Xin asked with concern. After all, the fight lasted longer than she thought.

"I am all right. Let's go. We should go back and get rewards for completing the quest. Also, we have to make our party bigger," Li Wei expressed his thoughts.

There was no way he could go on like this, especially since he needed others to use skills in front of him.

He started thinking about how he should get party members as he headed back to the city to submit the quest.

[Ding, Congratulations to the party Order of the Abyss for clearing the quest and receiving the rewards]

Li Wei looked at the notification after he submitted his quest and proceeded back to the inn with Li Xin.

"The quest was worth a total of 10,000 coins, with profit sharing, It became 5,000 coins each, while I received 50,000 coins. It would have been better if I could accept the quest alone, but it's a pity they rejected me, saying you must have 2 or more people with party," Li Wei sighed a little, thinking of his first day as an adventurer.

"Brother, what should we do about the party?" Li Xin asked because many quests needed 3 or more people.

Li Wei looked at a certain shop, thinking of something.

"Well, there are no slaves here, but there is a servant system. Let's go. We should first eat and then head there later," he suggested, heading back to the inn first.

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