Kim Seungmin and Hwang Hyunjin is the definition of perfect relationship. Nobody can ruin their perfect relation ship for the whole 2 years, not until one of their ex came back and tried to ruin it.

Ajax_Heart · LGBT+
Not enough ratings
55 Chs


Never wanted anything as much as you

Never crossed my mind that I could ever lose

I had this picture in my head

Of all the promises you've made

But you turned them into dust

Empty-handed, now I'm lost

I know I gotta let go

With no regrets, you're already gone

The closer I got, the more I lost

My soul, it was slowly fading

I'm like the autumn leaves, don't know which way I'm blowing

But it don't matter if it's raining or it's snowing

Afraid to let you go

But in my heart, I know

Got to move on, I think it's time

It's all good now

Stray Kids - Levanter(바람)


Just a little warning.

You can encounter some curses and some scene that maybe not suitable for you but no BS. I'm still minor but not that minor.

That's it. I hope you can enjoy my story. Love y'all.

And sorry about the errors that you can encounter. And sorry if I have wrong grammars because English is not my mother tongue and I'm not professional or good at it. I just want to try writing English story, I just to explore more and get out of my comfort zone so yeah. Hope y'all will like my story. Enjoy reading.