I Will Serve Justice On Behalf of Heaven!

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Jiang Bi understood what Han Wangwang meant.

After walking out of the bar, Jiang Bi suddenly stopped and called out to Su Weiyin. "I am going to meet a friend. Su Weiyin, send Han Wangwang back to school."

"Okay." Su Weiyin couldn't wait for the troublemaker Jiang Bi to get lost.

Han Wangwang, who was drunk in Su Weiyin's arms, saw that Jiang Bi was so sensible and instantly felt that this person had a meticulous heart. She decided to be good friends with her in future.

After Jiang Bi left, she turned a corner and hid herself. She watched as Su Weiyin shoved Han Wangwang into a cab and hailed a cab, following behind them at a steady pace.


Han Wangwang got even more 'drunk' in the car.