Bear with It When You Must, Be Harsh When You Need To

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Like stars surrounding the moon, Cheng Yanmo arrived beside Old CEO Cheng's bed. Lowering his eyes, he looked at his father, who was sitting on the sickbed, struggling to catch his breath. Cheng Yanmo's expression remained calm and composed.


Hearing his eldest son's voice, Cheng Zhanxiong widened his eyes.

Cheng Zhanxiong realized that his eldest son was the only one by the bed, but his youngest son Cheng Ziang was nowhere to be seen. His eyes dimmed slightly. "Where… where is Ziang?" In his weak state, Cheng Zhanxiong couldn't even say Cheng Ziang's name clearly.

Cheng Yanmo didn't answer his question. Instead, he glanced sideways at the directors and shareholders standing in the ward.

Seeing Cheng Yanmo look over, everyone knew that this father-son duo had private matters to discuss and left the ward in unison. Cheng Yanmo's subordinates guarded the door of the ward, not allowing anyone to get close.