323 Fulfilled purpose

Melanie's mouth fell open on seeing Simon slip the ring on her finger. But on a closer look, she realized it wasn't a ring, but it was the ring of the coke can that Simon was drinking earlier in the lunchroom. 

She turned even more speechless by seeing the ring of the can fit her ring finger. She looked up from her finger when Simon said to Nylah,

"The only person I would like to have near me is Melanie and no one else. You were my neighbor and out of that respect, I have been polite, forgive me if it came out wrongly."

Nylah, who couldn't see the kind of ring that Simon had slipped on the human's finger, felt her heart break. All these years, she had made sure to discard all the pests who had tried to get closer to him. She had hoped that one day he would accept her feelings.


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