1 A Letter from the Butler

Dear Osiris,

I hope this letter finds you well. It is quite dark in here, since the maids fail to ameliorate the lighting into more than the window light outside. Yet, the castle is quite magnificent. Its halls are too big for me, and I tend to wonder when I can leave.

Did you know I see little children outside my walls often? They're over the hills, but I can see them smiling, and almost hear their laughter. It reminds me of when we were little. We used to play like those kids, didn't we? Where have the times gone?

Mother has an assignment for me yet again. Tomorrow, I'm going to be a lady! She is quite pretty, I'm sure you have seen her before. Her long wavy hair is the color of the sun, her pretty eyes a glistening green color like the grass those children play on. I wonder if I can pull it off?

Perhaps you have seen her before. No need to tell you her name, you'll know when you see her.

(Maybe she'll remind you of the way you grip your knife, while you look down at the blood stained grass.)

Anyway, unlike the children, the maids here are rather cold. I wonder if Mother planted them as spies? Well, I am her lapdog, so, frankly, I see no point in spying on me. Yet, my side of the castle is always cold and sad, while yours is bright and cheerful. I suppose it makes sense that my servants are the same way.

Perhaps I have rambled long enough, it seems past midnight now. I wonder if the butler will be so kind as to deliver my letter to you.

Good night,


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