95 Chapter 93. Come sit on me (5)

Chapter 93. Come sit on me (5)

"Let's start from the basics."

Lee Hyun said as he stared at Harin who was sitting in front of him. She nodded her head slightly hearing that and he continued by opening his mouth to ask.

"Do you know what is the basic of singing? The thing which singing depends on?"

"Um... Isn't it breath?"

Harin said after thinking for a bit. Yeah, the basic of singing was breath. It pushes out your voice and vibrates the vocal chords. 

If your breath management is bad, then you can never sing a song perfectly. 

"Yeah, it's breath. It's the basics of the basic and even the reason your singing sounds bad is because of the lack of breath. There were many times you took breath earlier and you also can't make high notes because your lungs can't exert much breath."

Making high notes is connected to breath as it helps push out the notes. The better your breath, the more high notes you can make.


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