89 Chapter 87. Moving in the right direction (2)

Chapter 87. Moving in the right direction (2)

"Your girlfriend is asleep..."

Lee Hyun said as he looked at Minyuk's girlfriend who was sleeping while leaning on him. Her small head was on his shoulders and her face was still red.

"Yeah, she really can't take alcohol. That's why I need to handle her when she drinks."

"You are a good boyfriend!"

Lee Hyun praised and Minyuk just bashfully scratched his head. They talked about it for a little while and suddenly, Minyuk glanced at Kim Dongsu who was sitting on the next table.

He has already gotten drunk and was talking with the girls happily.

It was nice as it was the first time those four girls were able to talk with him like that. Kim Dongsu was still the director and it was good for the girls to know him better. 

"He looks like a drunk middle aged man now."

Minyuk said with a smile and Lee Hyun cheekily replied.

"He doesn't look like one. He's already one!"


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