87 Chapter 85. The end of Jihun (3)

Chapter 85. The end of Jihun (3)

"Shut up!!"

CEO Jo, who was shouting and cursing at Jihun's manager suddenly became silent at that sudden angey voice.

Both his and Jihun's eyes became round as they looked at the manager who had never dared to oppose them till now. It was more surprising for Jihun as he was more familiar with his manager. 

'W-what's with him?'

Jihun knows well that his manager was like a puppy. He never dared to bark at him and just nodded his head every time, but today, the puppy had suddenly transformed into a dragon.

A dragon that was ready to devour them!

At least that's how Jihun felt as he looked at the angry face of his manager. 

"What did you just say? Do you know who I am? Or you have lost your mind?"

The veins on CEO Jo's face bulged as he glared at Jihun's manager. A mere manager had screamed at him and told him to 'Shut up!', he can't let this go.


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