86 Chapter 84. The end of Jihun (2)

Chapter 84. The end of Jihun (2)

<The increase in sales of Minyuk's album is really too much. It will surely cross 250k total easily this way.>

<I listened to 'Second chance' and the songs were awesome. I'm learning guitar after seeing Kang Minyuk's performance in Music nights.>

<Everyone knows Jihun is best. You all haters should leave my oppa!!>

<My? Girl, you don't know, but there were rumours about him frequenting prostitutes. Don't tell are one of them? Moreover, his album is shit.>

<Objectively speaking, I only liked Get myself with you in Jihun's album, but it was like every other hit catchy song while Second chance has some emotional songs.>

<I loved Dreams and Yours in Second chance became a fan of Kang Minyuk. I am now even going to one his shows.>

<I heard there would be show in K-mart tomorrow.>


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