119 Chapter 117. Counter attack (3)

Chapter 117. Counter attack (3)

"I was expecting you to come sooner or later, but it seems like you found out about me really quickly. I was quite surprised when I got to know that you were here!"

President Cho said as he glanced at the faces of both Lee Hyun and Minyuk. 

He had heard that the President of Mango Entertainment was young, but he had never expected that he was this young.

Disdain flashed on his face realising that.

'He's so young! That's why he fell into my trap so easily. Well, it would be easier for me anyway!'

President Cho thought and laughed inwardly.

At that moment, Lee Hyun who was just calmly observing President Cho opened his mouth. His voice was not angry, but calm. Too calm.

"President Cho, I don't want to beat around the bushes, so I will directly ask. What do you want?"

"What do you mean by that?"


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