107 Chapter 105. Eunha (5)

Chapter 105. Eunha (5)

After getting in the car, Lee Hyun quickly drove to the nearest public hospital. 

He was worried that it would be big, but the doctor just said that it was a minor sprain that would heal in some days. 

'It's fortunate that there's nothing major. Huuh!'

Lee Hyun took a deep breath hearing that.

By the time, they were leaving the hospital, it was already late at night. Feeling that Eunha's parents would feel worried, he turned towards her and asked. 

"Do you want to call your parents? It's already late night and they would be worried about you."

"N-no, it's fine... they don't worry about me..."


Lee Hyun tilted his head hearing that, but Eunha just lowered her head wordlessly. It seemed like he asked something sensitive.

'Do she not get along with her parents?'

He thought slightly regretting that he asked such a question, but he had no idea about her relationship with her parents.


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