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Chapter 13

These past few days, Krios and I are avoiding each other. Whether it is on the hallway, our bedroom or the dining area, we tried not to step on each other's zone. The preparations for the winter ball are already done and today, we will be travelling to the capital. We can't postpone the day we'll travel any further because it will be hard to travel with the other nobles. I don't want complicated things and it's better to avoid it.

"My Lady, are you ready?" Elen walks in with a small bag on her hand and she looks cute ono the dress I chose for her. I nod my head and say, "Yes, let's go now." We walk towards where the carriages are and there, I saw Krios riding his horse. Oh? So he really wants to avoid me huh, well then, suit yourself. I sit down beside Elen inside the carriage and the other servants are riding the other carriage as well. Even if they are "just merely some servants" in the eyes of other people, for me they are already becomes my family that is under my watch. Messing with them is the same as messing with me.

Our trip to the capital would take at least a few days, we have to do some few stops at the neighboring towns. The capital can be seen at the center of the center of the kingdom while our dukedom can be seen at the northern part. So before we can arrive at the capital, we still need to past by the town of Rashville, where the most mining companies can be found, they are known for having rich minerals. Next is the City of Novern Isle, where they are known for their "day-night" attraction. It's like the red district of Japan. After passing the City Novern Isle, we can see a small town called kanénas town, which means none. Kanénas town has arounf 10 families and it's a very small town. Lastly, we need to past by the Luxe City, which means fancy city. This is where most nobles that has small tittle lives or this is where some nobles buy house for their mistress, to hide from their wives.

From our Dukedom to the town of Rashville, it will only take 30 minutes until we arrive there. As we travel, I can see Krios outside the carriage, he looks handsome wearing his knight uniform. When I saw Krios look my way, I hurriedly avert my eyes, gosh that was embarrassing. When I averted my eyes, I saw Elen looking at me, maybe she noticed how Krios and I would avoid each other these past few days. Elen stand up and pull down the curtain at the window to block the view from outside. I smile at her action; she's being considerate of me when she saw how I panicked by the sight of Krios.

"Thank you Elen." I said while smiling sweetly. She just nods her hair and continue to read the book I bought for her. Elen is such a kind girl, she would always help me out whenever I'm in a tight situation. I sigh deeply and close my eyes. I will try to remember what Krios told me last time, even if it's painful, I need to. I need to analyze what happened, because it is so suspicious for me. These past few months, Krios and I started to warm up towards each other and now before the winter ball, which is the crucial part of the story, something unexpected happened. Krios accused me of having an affair with the King. I know that before Krios and the real Liliana got married, Liliana was head over heels towards the King. Krios said that he saw the 'supposed-to-be-me' with the King, but what if that was not me? but someone else? Is there someone else in the kingdom that has the same silver hair as mine? Mhh…. I don't know.

Well, we'll know that at the winter ball where everyone is required to attend. But this feeling so being aware that something bad is about to happen won't disappear. I still feel uneasy about the upcoming winter ball, what if Krios misunderstood the relationship between the King and I? and what if the situation I'm trying to avoid will happen? I don't know what to do anymore if that will happen. I sway the curtain and there, I saw Krios riding his horse, looking so mighty. He looks at my direction and I didn't avoid his eyes. I look at him like as if I'm looking at a piece of art. His golden hair sways as the wind plays it and also, his hair looks like made of gold under the sun. His wearing some brooch at the chest part of his uniform to show that he is a knight of a high rank. My eyes widen when I saw that he is wearing the cufflinks that I bought for him. I smile at him before putting down the window.

I can feel Elen shaking me lightly as she calls my name. "Wake up My Lady, we are here at the town of Rashville." Elen said softly and I immediately open my eyes. I stretch my arms first before jumping out from the carriage. When I got down, I saw how this town is. It has so many flowers in every corner! Even this town is known for their minerals, they still make sure to make their town pretty. We walk towards an inn and I was immediately welcome by the sounds of people talking to each other. I can see a lot of people in each corner of the inn. I can also see some noble looking people; I think they are also travelling towards the capital. Krios check us in and a woman in her mid-thirties guide us towards our own perspective room.

I arrive at a not that so small room and I immediately lay down when I saw the bed. Krios enter the room and start to take off each of his armor. We both don't speak anything at all, all we can heard is the clanking sound of his armor. Well, I know that avoiding the death flag is important but I won't talk to him unless he talks first. If he is prideful, well I'm much more prideful than him!

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