1310 Joining the Zhang Family Again

Translator: CKtalon

Zhou Wen quickly took out his phone and checked the map to confirm his memory.

The Zhang family is within the area! Zhou Wen opened his contact list and sent a message to Zhang Yuzhi: "I happen to be nearby. Do you have the time to meet?"

"What's the matter?" Zhang Yuzhi quickly replied, surprising Zhou Wen.

The Zhang family had protected Zhang Yuzhi too well. It was rare for Zhang Yuzhi to communicate with others.

"Did something happen to the Fiend Tomb?" Zhou Wen asked directly.

"Yes, something did happen," Zhang Yuzhi replied.

"Do you need help?" Zhou Wen felt uncomfortable. Although Zhang Yuzhi sounded relaxed, Zhou Wen knew that once something happened to the Fiend Tomb, it wouldn't be a small problem.

The person inside was likely the legendary Drought Demon. If she were to be born, there was a high chance that she would be accompanied by a calamity.


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