Let Go of That Pokemon!

Chen Yue entered the world of Infinite Pokemon, and his first mission was to go undercover in Team Rocket. With his handsome face, he happily embarked on his daily life of rising in rank and raising Pokemon within the villainous organization. After some time, the current Champion of the Kanto League, Lance, remembered that he had once sent a young investigator to infiltrate Team Rocket. Then, he saw a familiar name on the list of Team Rocket executives reported by another undercover agent. Lance: ??? I sent you to be an undercover agent, how did you end up becoming an executive there?

Glariosa · Anime & Comics
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52 Chs


In the afternoon, when Chen Yue was casually attending a Pokemon battle practice class, Steven Stone arrived with the Swords Dance move manual.

The Main Quest of this instance didn't have strict requirements, so he could take it easy.

Steven Stone handed over the move manual and a Pokemon League bank card to Chen Yue. After some thought, he asked, "You seem to be from Rustboro Town too, right?"

Why did he say "too"?

Chen Yue was momentarily surprised but nodded.

Steven Stone smiled and said, "I heard from the Gym Leaders of Rustboro City and Petalburg City that a formidable individual has emerged from Rustboro Town."

"That person trained this year's batch of rookie Trainers for half a month, causing these two Gym Leaders to suffer losses at their hands."

"It's really impressive. In just half a month, a single person managed to train over twenty rookie Trainers to such a high level. If there's a chance, I'd love to meet them..."

Steven Stone contemplated silently.

Chen Yue: ...

He was momentarily at a loss for words.

Steven Stone was busy, busy digging for fossils.

With the matter settled, he waved to Chen Yue and said, "I'll be going now. We'll see each other again sometime!"

After that, he left the Pokemon School.

Once Steven Stone left, several girls from Class 103 gathered around Chen Yue.

"Chen Yue-sama, can you tell us about your relationship with Lord Steven Stone?" These girls' eyes sparkled with curiosity.

Chen Yue picked up a twig from the ground and held it in front of himself. "No, I have no relationship with him."

Steven Stone? Just a silver-haired man running around digging for rocks.

One of the girls with short hair changed the topic. "Chen Yue-sama, it's been a while, and we haven't seen your Pokemon yet. Can you release them for us to see?"

Chen Yue: "Of course, would you like to have a Pokemon battle with me?"

"Sure, battling Chen Yue-sama will be a lot of fun!" The girl took out her Poke Ball from her pocket.

With a flash of white light, a petite Kirlia appeared before Chen Yue.

Kirlia, evolved from Ralts, further evolves into Gardevoir, known as the Psychic Queen.

Chen Yue didn't want to bully the kids, so he chose to send out Mimikyu, which hadn't yet learned Swords Dance.

These girls, who had never left the Verdanturf area, had never seen a Mimikyu before, and their eyes were filled with curiosity.

"What Pokemon is this?"

"It looks like Pikachu!"

"Is it wearing some kind of cloth?"

"Kirlia, use Confusion!" the girl commanded.

The Kirlia's eyes emitted a faint blue light, and its Psychic attack materialized, heading towards Mimikyu like a solid entity.

Chen Yue's voice remained steady. "Mimikyu, use Double Team to charge and then use Shadow Sneak!"

Mimikyu's small body split into dozens of duplicates, all moving in an organized manner, charging towards Kirlia.

Suddenly faced with a greater number of opponents, the poorly trained Kirlia became unsure of what to do. It launched its Confusion attack, but only managed to hit one of the Mimikyu duplicates.

In contrast, Mimikyu, using the interference caused by Double Team, reached Kirlia.

"Quick, dodge!" the girl shouted.

However, Kirlia was already flustered and was directly hit by Mimikyu. Its small body flew backward and crashed onto the ground, knocked out cold.

Wow, a one-hit KO!

Chen Yue discreetly used his scanning ability to check the Level of the Kirlia.


With nearly a forty-level difference and the Psychic-type Pokemon's double weakness to Ghost, it was quite normal for Kirlia to be knocked out in one hit by Mimikyu.

"So... impressive!"

"Wow, Chen Yue-sama's Pokemon is so strong!"

There were screams of excitement from the girls nearby.

Chen Yue seriously advised the girl who had just lost, "In that situation just now, you could have actually ordered Kirlia to use Teleport to avoid the opponent's attack."

The girl blushed and said, "I'm... I'm sorry! I was too nervous to battle with Chen Yue-sama, and I forgot!"

Chen Yue: ...

Why are you blushing when you speak?

Not far away, Renpei sighed as he watched this scene.

Ah, the troubles caused by beautiful girls! Wait, should it be handsome boys?

Chen Yue looked up and asked, "Does anyone else want to have a Pokemon battle with me?"

Images of Mimikyu defeating Kirlia in one move flashed through the minds of everyone, and they shook their heads one after another.

Although Chen Yue felt a bit disappointed, he didn't say anything and took a book to a corner to read.

Renpei approached and asked with curiosity, "With so many girls in our class confessing to you, don't you have a single one you like?"

Sorry, he has no interest in twelve or thirteen-year-old girls.

Chen Yue asked in surprise, "Isn't this age supposed to be focused on studying?"

Renpei shrugged, "I've heard that from my mom countless times. Are you going to say next that if you don't study well, you won't even be able to catch up to eating sh*t in the future?"

"Well, I want to study well, but I'm just not cut out for it. I'm not even qualified to be a Trainer. Right now, I can't even beat the basic Gym Challenges."

Chen Yue had nothing to say. He hadn't expected students in this world to have such thoughts.

Renpei waved his hand and ran off.

Soon, it was time to finish school.

Chen Yue used the move learning machine to teach Swords Dance to Mimikyu and then sent it back to the dorm.

After doing all this, it was already dark.

He released Dragonite on the rooftop of the school building, climbed onto Dragonite's back, and pointed to Slateport City, saying, "Let's go."


Dragonite unfolded its wings and flew towards the brightly lit Slateport City at a leisurely pace.

The night breeze in Slateport City was very comfortable.

Chen Yue recalled Dragonite into its Poke Ball, walked along the streets for a few laps, and finally stopped in front of a private detective agency.

He pushed open the door and saw a young man with messy brown hair, wearing a suit, and eating instant noodles.

"It's still a week away from the rent deadline, right? Don't worry! I'll definitely pay on time this time!" The young man said without looking back.

Chen Yue walked around to face him and said, "Help me investigate something."

Only then did the young man see who it was, his eyes lighting up. He put down the instant noodles, "Hey, you're alive! So, what do you want to investigate? The Champion's private life, or the phone number of Slateport City's number one beauty?"

Chen Yue shook his head, "I need to investigate something in Kanto, can you do that?"

The young man frowned, "Sorry, this detective agency doesn't offer cross-region services..."

Chen Yue didn't say anything, and he directly slapped a stack of Poke Dollars on the table, looking into the young man's eyes, he said, "Fifty thousand."

"Okay, boss, I'll set off tomorrow. What do you want to know?" The young man immediately changed his tone.

Chen Yue said, "Help me check if there is a person named Chen Yue among the League investigators in Kanto, and the current situation of the local villainous organization Team Rocket. After it's done, I'll add extra payment based on the information you find."