Let's play Minecraft in a world of Swords and Spells (Rewritten)

Dying from a heart attack when playing Minecraft was definitely not the way I thought I would die. Being reincarnated afterward was also not what I thought would happen. But I guess having another chance at life is a great thing! Now, how am I going to live in this world of Swords and Spells? __________________________________ IMPORTANT - IMPORTANT - IMPORTANT I, Zaztra_Vandesh, hold no credit over this fanfiction except the fact that I am its translator and the publisher who is introducing this fiction into Webnovel This story was posted on the Taiwanese/HongKong gamer community website "Bahamut" in Chinese.

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Author Note

Hello everyone, this is Hoga (The original Author).

Erm... The review section seems a little heated, so I accidentally wrote too much for an Author's Note.

...If I was the reader, seeing the story so far(Walson and Grace's conflict ending without a proper reason), I would also angrily demand an explanation from the author.

If I don't clear this up, it seems that a lot of people will drop this story Σ(´∀`;)

S-so just give me a chance to explain! Don't be so angry ε≡≡ヘ( ´Д`)ノ

Let's start with the "dumb" Walson.

When I first designed his character, I mixed in a lot of my own personalities and experience. In a way, he is a self-insert as well as an original character.

He has his own emotions, his own thoughts, but after getting hurt, his actions became desperate.

After the incident, he feels regret and self-doubt, seeming weak and indecisive, and wanting to mend the relationship between him and Grace.

Just like you guys said, it was stupid, but can you really just give up a relationship which has lasted for so long?

A companion who grew up with (or brought up by) you suddenly betrays you one day, not to mention being caught red-handed (even though it was a misunderstanding).

This is enough for Walson to develop self-doubt and anger serious enough to cloud his judgment, even though he wants to ask Grace about it face to face, he doesn't have the strength of will to do so.

All characters need to grow - everything and everyone eventually grows from experience. And this kind of "dumb" character needs to grow, especially Walson's mentality about Grace.

He and Grace (also Melon) while seemingly inseparable, have the barrier of reincarnation between them. Leading Walson to be slightly arrogant in front of Grace from time to time, as he feels that he knows everything, and is more experienced.

As for Grace, she is already grown up, a brilliant and pretty girl who also has thoughts and personalities of her own.

She admires her childhood friend Walson, but is also dissatisfied with Walson's attitude.

After their misunderstanding, Walson never gave her a chance to explain (Grace also has difficulties with communication, she isn't good at talking, as everyone has witnessed), so she also got angry, saying things that make him mad on purpose.

So... It's basically like a couple's fight, but Walson's feelings towards Grace is a bit complicated as of now.

The "childhood" passage of the story is set in a town and a forest, but it's only a small part of the world in the novel.

The Village of Saddin is just a small town in a country, and this country is just one of the many countries on a continent.

Yes, I don't want to make this minecraft story a simple minecraft story, I'm in pursuit of a larger plot.

After the "childhood" passage is the "capital" passage where the characters live in the capital city and spend time there, leading into the world-building stage of the story.

This also makes the translation harder as the story goes on, there's also a certain level of difference between the grammar structures of English and Chinese, and some of the nouns aren't easy to translate.

Every single chapter presented before you are actually produced after a lot of discussion...

Some people think the quality of the translation has gone down, and we will do our best to fix that, but we (the author and the translators) are only students, not professionals, so our efforts may be limited.

We are only students who keeps on writing/translating out of a passion for the work.

We take every suggestion in the comments with great value, but... please don't be too harsh on us (つд⊂)エーン

Anyways, entering the "capital" passage, the plot will become more interesting, which many readers can vouch for me. In the Chinese version, it wasn't until the "capital" passage that more readers started to gather, and it was also said by many readers to be wonderful.

Thank you all for reading and the support, we will keep working hard.

If it's isn't obvious already (Considering i wrote it in the story description) this story is a translation of a chinese fanfiction from the website Bahamut.

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