2 Chapter 2

Scarlet POV~

A whack on my driver's side window startled me and I looked out to see the dark eyes of my friend, Selena. I swivelled my eyes playfully at her as she rolled her right index finger at me as a gesture for me to come out of the car. I opened my car door to and stood right in her face.

"Hey," I said as I slammed the car door shut and locked it. "Are you okay? You seem a bit tensed" She looked at me with suspicious eyes.

"Hey, do you recall what happened during our last year in middle school?" I muttered, saying it at once. She thought for a while and shrugged. I frowned at her and nudged her to stop walking. " Do you not care at all about what we did" my voice getting louder as anger and frustration started rising inside me. She was still playing dump and I knew she couldn't have forgotten so soon when a say doesn't go by and I think of it. Just as I was about to say more I heard her voice flare-up.

"What happened back then was shitty okay! I admit but we have got to move on, we can't keep bringing the past into the future! You know why...., because it's not gonna change

anything!!!! and besides, we did nothing wrong" Selena yelled.

I looked at her still in a daze as to what just happened. Selena is not one to yell or get angry about anything since grade school. She was the coolest person I had ever met. She always kept her emotions bottled up, so seeing her get all railed up meant something.

"RAWR" we shrieked and jumped back in fear just to hear Ian laughing at the success of the prank he had just pulled on us.

" Holy crap! you scared the shit out of us" Selena and I both rolled our eyes at him, forgetting the tension of the conversation we were having just before Ian showed up.

"oh God, I miss these faces," Ian said in between his laughter. I looked at him with a forced smile plastered on my face remembering what spoilt our friendship.

We were all friends back in middle school till our last year in middle school and it wasn't just the three of us.

I wasn't looking forward to seeing the rest tho since a lot of crap happened during our last year of middle school exactly a year ago which caused great tension among us.


"where is Heather?" I asked Selena when I noticed her and a few other students weren't in the class.

"Eva took her to the back of the school "Selena shrugged like it was no big deal. Heather was the typical outcast in the classroom, so when she was being bullied people didn't pay much attention to it since it was a daily routine.

"hey let's go check out what's happening" I pleaded with Selena since it felt like they took forever to end their bullying today.

"Why would I? it's not even the first time this is happening to her" she rolled her eyes.

"Please...for me. I think Eva and the rest are taking it too far with her" I begged her.

"Arghh! fine...!" She rolled her eyes at me and stood up. I tugged her arm into mine and bolted out of the class with her to the back of the school where Heather was always taken to whenever they felt like making her miserable.

"Shut up bi$#t!" I could hear Eva's scandalous laugh as we neared them.

"Oh...My...God..!!" I screamed when the sight of what was there hit me in my face.

My eyes widened as I stared at Heather who was on the ground. She was bathed in blood with bruises all over her face. She was lying flat on the ground in her uniform as she squeezed out little breathes from her respiratory organs. I could hear her gasping for breath.

"Why are you here, it is our problem to take care of since we were the ones she messed with?" Eva said scornfully. And I knew she was referring to me in particular since she and I never hit on well after she insinuated that I had stolen Ian from her which of course I had no idea where she had that ridiculous idea from.

We were all ones a clique till she split the group up.

I came back to my senses when I saw that she had just hit Heather again.

"what the hell do you think you are doing" I yelled with my whole body shaking.

I looked around to see all eyes on me as if I had just blabbered the worst sentence they had ever heard of.

"Oh look who is talking" I looked up to see Dilan's cocky face smirking at me as if he had just known of my presence.

"I'm taking her to the infirmary and just so you know I will be reporting you guys" I stated as a matter of fact.

Eva cocked a brow at me as if daring me to. I looked at the rest and saw the same look on their faces.

"Hey, lend me a hand" I looked up at Selena.

"I'm sorry Sky..." she also denied me. I understood she didn't want anything to do with Eva and her group but for pity's sake, life is at stake here!!!

I tried sitting Heather up on my own since no one was ready to help me.

"Damn it!!!!" I yelled in frustration as she slipped from my back for the hundredth time. I could still hear Heather trying soo hard to breathe.

I heard giggles coming from some of them, whose voices I didn't recognize. And I swore to God after everything is over, they are gonna pay for what they had done.

We have been there for a long time and I didn't even notice that a lot of time was far spent.

Finally and luckily Selena scrambled down to help me and I knew the only reason she was willing to lend me a hand was because she saw me struggling which she soo much dislikes.

Before we could even get Heather on my back, we were pushed right to the ground again by Britney, Eva's right arm and minion.

We gave it another try disregarding what Brit had just done and yet again we were pushed for the second time to the ground and it was Eric this time around, the devil's(Dilan) right arm.

"What the fuck are you girls doing!?" Dilan probed angrily at Selena and me while the rest of the minions looked at us as if disgusted by us. Ian had a blank look on his face so you couldn't tell what his thoughts were.

"I think Scarlet is right, we have to send her to the infirmary before anything bad happens her. I mean look at her.. she can't even breathe properly...."

I heard Ian's voice for the first time since I got there.

"No way!!, you guys should just leave..!" Eva's angry voice came in again. "I don't even know why you are trying so hard to protect this loser anyways"

"Help...he_lp..." We all looked down to see Heather's arm stretched reaching out for help in my direction.

"Shit" we had all forgotten all about her while arguing with each other.

Before Ian, Selena and I could carry her...

her stretched arm fell lifeless to the ground and her eyes shut themselves closed.

Everyone had a look of horror on their face.

The air around us suddenly became uncomfortable and thrilling...

*end of flashback *

"Are you even listening?" Ian's voice brought me back to the present. I was just about to answer him when we heard the sound of the bell signalling the start of our first class.

Unfortunately for me Ian and Selena had their first class together so I had to part ways with them. I walked straight to my locker and entered my codes. The locker clicked open and I took the book I will be needing for my first class.

"Long time, no see" I gaped for a moment when I saw the face looking at me.

He grinned when he noticed the look on my face. I tried to open my mouth to at least say something but annoyingly not even the letter "A" came out from my damn mouth, felt like my vocals were shut!"arghhh!!! I hate myself for this".

"Hey, Dilan, what's up? what are you doing there?" I turned to look behind me where the voice was coming from and I wasn't surprised at all who it was. Eric and Dilan have been friends since they were born, just like Selena and I. Nothing came between them, not even after what happened back in middle school which made all of us go our separate ways.

"Hey look who I found," Dilan said with a smirk on his face which God knows what I will do to get it off his face.

"Well, isn't this sweet" I heard him say when he recognised me.

"What are you students doing still doing here" The principal approached us with a stern face.

"Shit!" I heard one of the boys behind me cuss.

"Not on my first-day please...." I could practically hear my thoughts as my heart throbbed faster and faster as her footsteps got closer.

Rumour has it, she was the worst principal to deal it and that freaked me out. I felt sweat forming on my forehead as she got closer.

Out of nowhere, her left heel crooked and she almost tripped, she took of the hell to examine it, providing the perfect opportunity for me to make my disappearance. Without even checking to see what the other two boys were up to, I bolted straight to my first class, English.

I was was out of breath when I got there and thankfully there was an empty seat right closer to the door. I took my seat without even turning to see the looks people might be giving me. I was grateful when the teacher continued his lesson without asking me anything.

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